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Episode 16 · 9 months ago

Bajan In Britain | MEET COMEDIAN NICO YEARWOOD | Wuh Yuh Podcast


Join Myself, Nico Yearwood aka Neeks, a comedian from Barbados living and performing in Britain. Have a look with the links below and check them out and support them as much as possible. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!
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I guys, are welcome back toyou another way. It's a podcast video. These surroundings is are a bit different. That's because if you haven't pay attention, if you are in Barbulous, listen. That is we find some ash fall from the last two fairof all count in Saint Vincent other doing across to us, and I'll sayit's temporarily not able to be used where he would usually shoot. You seeme outside on my patio, but I'm still going to try to get thisvideo to you, guys. So if you do see me, also,by the way, just whipping my face or find myself, it's because itis really, really hard. I'm using a fine. Would be too loudto just ignore that. But today my scoppecial guests that I'm going to haveis call. His name is Nio Year with, AKA niecks man. He'sa major comedian. He's now resting in UK, England specifically, and heperforms at the top comedy club with, which is, I think is inLondon. I think I have to do check that, but I'm going totalk to him today find out more about him, what made him venture intoco into comedy, and hope you guys, do enjoy and subscribe it. That'sa great brandonwb below turn on post nification bell icons as well, andhope you do. Guys, just just enjoy this video, I mean ashis has been a while, so I'm obviously by and to bring another episodeto you. Guys. Enjoy well. First things first, welcome to yeah, you start to get straights. Welcome to ways a podcast. Firstly,as I said, any introd I would just just done. Your name isNicoyar with Aka Nique. Smile Right, you perform at the top comedy club. Actually in a hit record on this as well. Not many people recognizeyou, at least around my age category, as I know you as a comedian. So firstly, I was just catch, just to start off,what what got you into comedy and who are the role models or the anybodyin Barbados or seas on TV? Anything I up? Well, we'll gotme in the comedy Um. Well, I was always kind of funny,I think, coming up in school. I think so, at least Ihope so, but so friends used to tell me that was funny back inthe day growing up, and I the main thing was that when I wentto get a job but I graduated from university and Whatnot, is that Ialways used to struggle the office work, you know, working in the officeand stuff like that. I found it kind of hard and I would allthis kind of get like, not depressed, but I'll be like they got tobe something else better out there for me to be doing. I gotI got a creative spirit. So I always felt the need to do somethingcreative. I wasn't sure what it was, but then I had like a friend'svoice in the back of my head. He always used to say, myyou should, you should be a comedian, you should be a comedian, but I didn't know how to go about doing that at the time.So I guess being not being good at office work is what got a comedy really, but in terms of influence, I would say likeMak fingle, if you know Matt Fingal Him, yeah, so, youknow, he's my uncle, really him tell yeah, yeah, so him, seeing him doing jokes in like when they used to have the calypso tense, he would tell jokes and between so...

I guess, and I usedee,he used to put out like albums back in the day, so I wouldlisten to those I from find it hilarious. So he would be him and TrevorEastman, you know, hilarious guys. So those would the people who Iwould see in Barbados doing comedy. But I wouldn't know, I didn'tknow how to get into it, or I didn't know at the time ifsomething I wanted to get into. I just used to watch it and enjoyit or listen to it and enjoy it. M mean me, you know you'renot into it. You know, perform at the top comedy club,which is top secret, topsy top secret comedy clubs, but I do.I that's not the only one I do. That's the major one. I'm outmost of the time. So it's like a circuit, you know,different places, you hop around, but it's just that I'm there quite often. It's the best release. I mean yeah, definitely. That's where Isaw a lot of your stuff, your instagram, if all you on,and I not yesterday myself when you put out the for the eight minute longset special that you that you just recently instagram posted about as well. Imean one thing that you you always see within all your material is that you'realways referring to not only your home Barbados, but you're also very engaging with withthe audience. So I mean most people growing up and whatever they have, they have struggles with with presenting and in front of crowds and stuff likethat. So how did you get over that and we're able to communicate withthe audience and get over that hurdle ready? Oh boy. Um, I likethe spontaneity of I am some one who if I have us, becauseyou can have a script for your jokes, you can have let you can sitat home out right out ten minutes of jokes, but for me thatwould be boring if I performed it like, let's say, five times in arow just doing those jokes. Some people do that. You see somepeople go on stage and it just stick to their jokes and don't talk tothe crowd. You can do that and that's fine and for some people thatsuits their persona more, but I get kind of bored quickly with written material. I get really bored with it. I'm like sometimes they go to Igot tell these jokes again tonight and I'm like, I don't want to dothem. So I prefer the spontaneity and the interaction. But getting over itis. I guess it's just something that, like anything else, you try it. You try a small bit to start with, so, like youdon't go straight in and just I'm going to talk to the audience for thefull ten minutes that I'm up here. You know I mean. So it'slike anything. You try a bit first, you know, dip your toe inthe water, and then you go back the next day see if youlike it and, you know, try and improve it. So it's justabout slightly first time you do a presentation at school. You know, thefirst time you do it you're really scared and you you know you don't wantto do it, but after you do like five or six of them,you kind of get the hang of it. It gets a bit easier. It'sone saying yeah, but you just gotta Tell Yourself. It's like justgotta tell yourself that, you know, what's the worst that I could happen? Really it's like yeah, yeah, you no one's gonna kill you.You know. I mean, like it might not work and you just brushit off. And and the thing is left it when you're doing comedy andit doesn't go well, you just call it out and you just say thatyou do, you just let them know.

Well, that internal how I expectedit and I would get a laugh because they would that would put themat ease as well. I put you as so it would get a littlechuckles, you know. I mean, yeah, that's understandable, but asyou just right around mentioned about in terms of being presenting at school and whenyou present school, and you know, there's that negative battle lash. Sometimeswe are somebody would be laughing on making a joke at the person that's onstage or being defindly class surrounding. You mean, you just said that myfinger and you and your friend they were are those are some people that werepushing you and like quietly in your ear, just mentioning that, you know,you should be a comedian and whatever it is. But yeah, thatwas my friend who was saying, yeah, friends, was great that you are. You right, right, but you know how it is in Barbados, where we are, you know, stick to the doctor's lawyers as suchas such, and most people then are you have that sense that you canchase your dreams as a child, but you essentially you ended up chasing andgoing overseas to venture out off and do something overseas. But a how didyou yourself deal with us? C I'm sure you would have had to dealwith some negative people telling you, oh no, you can't do that,you that you you shouldn't go overseas and do that. And that's something thatyou fine with a lot of children who get that influence from their parents.So was there any doubts from your parents but what you were going to do, because, I mean you do mention a lot of your family within yourmaterial as well. Yeah, people thought that I had lost my mind whenI say when I give up my job and started the comedy stuff. Butyeah, you're always going to get that, you know I mean. But so, yes, from some family members, some friends, you know, therewere like what you doing? You got a degree, you know,stick rer office job kind of thing. So yes, I did get that. But you know, you just gotta because they don't mean no sense doingsomething all your life that you going to be unhappy if I you struggling withyou know. Yeah, I I hate the Song Cliche, but yeah,at the end of the day, you gotta, you gotta fallow your heart, you know, I mean so, like I think deep inside of allof us we kind of know what we want to do. You know,I mean you, you, you might not know exactly what it is orhow you gonna how it's gonna like manifest or whatever, but you kind ofknow. Like I in the office, I kind of knew I have tobe doing something creative because this whole number is done a counkeding this. Thisisn't fulfilling to me, right. So I had to take that and Iwas like, okay, what can I do that's creative? And I wasthinking maybe art, you know, drawing and stuff, but it's I stillkind of like to draw now, but I don't get time to do it. So it's like is it drawing? Is it acting? Is it comedy? You know, I mean so, yeah, okay, so that's itreally you. You kind of gotta know what you want to do or feelget feel for it and just, yeah, just go for it, man.So that's something. I mean, you know overseason. You how longis that? Can have you been a comedian in sense, I guess.Well, like pro pro would be,...

...that'd be like five years. Forfive years, yeah, but where I'm doing it full time and nothing elsecome to fight. Yeah, probably five fife, okay, and you wouldhave, I don't keep time of it, and you would have been you wouldhave moved out to England. How long ago, because I mean thatthat I know I started. So I came out here to study. Itcame out here to study. So I didn't I didn't leave barbarous in mind, but Oh, I'm going to be a comedian in England. No,I was out here studying and working. So it completed the degree and Iwent and got a job and yeah, in the job I was like,yeah, I can't be doing this. I get so yeah, okay.So then, exactly is always saying when we when you made that call backhome as because you mean you even mentioned it. You made that joke tothe audience in that special saying that Oh, there's no bages, any crowd,not even my my mother my father have come to come to see me. So when you first made that call back home to let him know,this is what I'm going to be doing and this is my fulltime job,what was what was their aspects, your expression, their expressions and thoughts ofeverything? Then I think, yeah, at they were concerned. There werelike this, this guy, you know, you got to degrees and we spentall this money sending him to a school and all this kind of thing, and here he is throwing it all away. so that was kind ofluckily, though, I would say that my mum, my mom, sheI think the whole sense of humor and creativity might have come from her sideand she was more kind of like understanding in a sense. I think shewas more like well, if that's what you want to do, go anddo it and, you know, just give it your best. But Iguess you would have still prefer me to be doing office job at the timebecause you know, it looks risky and it is risky and in fact doinganything is risky to be honest, but it looks riskier to ask coming upin that, you know, you come up in Barbados and you hear allyour parents saying yeah, go school, get a degree, get job andthat's it. You know, get married, that kind of thing. So yeah, if there were kind of like still, but she was, mymum was like well, if that's what you want to, go for it, you know. So she was kind of like very supportive and, youknow, in terms of telling me to pursue it, okay, and justquickly. I mean I didn't mess mention at the beginning that. I meanit's Nico Year with Aka Nisman. So where did nicksman come from and wheredid that originate? Oh, that's just what my boys called me growing up. That's that's just like, rather than say it's just laziness, rather thansay Niqual, they would rather than say nice old they were just a nicksand then it became nick smile. So that just just see me Nicks weredoing? Were you going? You know. So then it just became nick smilerather than me cool. So that's just kind I came from, okay, and I mean you know in Bobby just we have a laugh it offand other your ash will some other stand up comics, comedy comedian. Sorry, in Barbados. Have you actually come back here and performed here for audienceor is that some warm there? But yeah, I haven't performed there.No, not yet. No, ways, a goal or desire at least.Yeah, eventually. Yeah, when I can travel again and whatnot.But okay, you can't travel at the...

...moments. Yeah, eventually, butyeah, I know some of you guys about their front and I see someof their stuff on instagram. So yeah, so, like, I know LordSen. Yeah, he's a main one that I first started seeing.Like his sketches are everywhere. Yeah, I know Um Die Brown. Yeah, yeah, and Roman Colt and I'm yeah, yeah, so I i. You know, I see their stuff online. Okay, hopefully when II don't know when. I coming home to Barbaritis, but I was togo last year, but the whole corona thing is so that's just mash upeverything. So, Um, hopefully either late this year or next year,for sure. Yeah. Well, I mean some of the sports. Yeah, and especially mean you just mentioned the whole thing about corona kick kicking offand everything Hollid. That effect you as a comedian and other comedians that youmay know that perform any same top secret comedy club they was it very,very, very hurt it hurtful on your your shows, etc. Or didit cause you to be even more creative and produce even more sketches at home? Yeah, well, yeah, it completely shut down, you know,the life gigs and what not. So then you had to do stuff online. I wasn't really a sketch I put out a few sketches because of Corona. Yet because of the lockdown, because you know, you didn't have thelive audiences anymore. So, yeah, it kind of forced me to trysomething different. I know, like some people, they were into sketches beforeand know then it started doing comedy, but I was the up opposite this. So I was doing this stand up. I know I'm doing some sketches,but yeah, so, yeah, the lot done was helpful in thatsense. It forced you to try something new. But no, I meanalso I also recently a huge not have you also are doing your own podcastwith, I'm guessing, to year own makes as well. It's called threespeech podcast. We're in the whole idea and thought process come from to evenbe cut beginning a podcast. I mean you guys just talk about anything really. Yeah, it's just well, to be honest, is like almost everybodygot a podcast these days. So so we were like, you know,we had planned to do that ages ago. It's just that we are all solike disorganized them we could never match up or schedules and whatnot. Sothat was we were probably meant to start out like a year and a halfago or two years ago, and it's only now we were like, listen, we gotta start now, and since we got time and we're a lotdown and whatnot. You know, let's start it now. So it waseasier to match up the schedules then. But yeah, so we GIG Alot together. We all came out around the same time, started comedy aroundthe same time. So, yeah, that's it. You're good friends andit's just the way of getting some thoughts out and, you know, maybesome of the stuff we discussed on the podcast would be like ideas for jokes, you know. Ok, yeah, so, yeah, it's good funto just do some bands and whatnot. Yeah, but how I mean?You obviously are, no, I would say quite accustomed to England and thelifestyle of England. I mean you interrupt mentioned a lot in your your materialas well. So for anybody guys coming...

...out in Barbados and may not knowexactly how to get into count into comedy, what's the first thing you tell themto do and how to go about doing it? But I don't knowyou mean for England or in general in general? I guess. Yeah,in general. Well, I don't know how the circuit works in Barbados,but what happens is any clubs over here, you start off with a five minutesthat give you you go to like open mic nights. These were wouldbe like the amateur nights. You take like a five minute set there,you know, and these were normally be drained to we like we days,and then at the weekends they might have, you know, longer shows or like, you're not not professional, but a higher standard. So basically,the people who did well during the week with their five minutes spots, theymight get offered a ten minute spot at the weekend. Yeah, so thenyou go from five minutes up to ten minutes and then probably up to fifteenand then up to twenty. But making a jump from ten to twenty isa you know, it's it's not as easy as it seems. So basicallyI would tell anybody you get your five or you get your ten minutes oryeah, right time, minutes of comedy, because it's not going to be good, maybe, for sure. So that ten minutes going to come downto maybe five or even three minutes. So yes, start out writing tenminutes, go to the bars that have the comedy nights and you go downthere and you test at all and record it, you know, record iton your phone or your doesn't have to be video, and you don't wantto be putting it out there yet. You want to get just audio,you know, and go home and listen back to it. And you gohome and listen back to it, you see which jokes worked, which onesdidn't work and which ones you got a tweak that showed potential and you justedit them, get rid of wants that didn't work at all and then keepingwhat kind of works or what worked and just go from there. You thisis really started down. You just mentioned it. That not takes me intothe thing that I want to start with. My podcast, which is going tobe called story time, which so it was had the ere's the what'sn'tyour best experience that you've had during a show? What's play? What's thebest crow interaction then you've ever had? I can't, I can't think ofoff the top of my head, Dude. The thing I was most proud todo, I guess, at the time, was there used to bethe show called the wildest I guess. Yeah, they used to be theshow called King Gong. Yeah, and and it would be at the comedystore, which is probably the most prestigious, most famous comedict club in the UK. And what would happen is when you're starting out, you got todo five minutes, but the crowd is kind of like encouraged to heckle youor show stuff at you space like a beer pit, and also they handlecards to the audience. So three cards to random people in the audience andif all three cards go up, you got to get off. They kickedyou off the stage and they play a tune like hit the road jack andthe bull you off and whatnot. So if somebody you you're there performing andone guy doesn't let you he put up...

...his card, then the other twowill be like not, probably give him a chance. Give him a chanceand see how it was. Then somebody else might put out the curse.So then you got two strikes and if the last person put out the carthen you're out to there. So it's kind of and the audience is veryimpatient and I'm rowdy, you know, and heckle you a lot. Soand so it's it's sort of a like being like a gladiator type situation.You did throw you to the wolves kind of thing. So I think whenI won that that was one of the best feelings. I eventually want itand being I mean you win it, they let you come back and doa set, and actual set at the comedy store, which is like thebig club, you know. I mean it's probably the most famous, mostprestigious. So that was one of the things that was my most, yeah, fulfilling or rewarding experiences winning that for me at the time, because itwas like, I want to play this club, I want to play thecomedy store, I want to get my name outside the comment store. Yeah, so that was that was big for me. Well, I mean it'sgood that that you were able to win it after all, and I meanknow you jump to even higher heights and you got on better and better andI'm sure you yourself will want to keep improving and and get better on yourmaterial or whatever it is. I want to ask you about one image thatis on your instagram, though, and I'm quite interested to see how howthis how you this happened really, because you took a picture with with franklampboard. I don't know if you're a Chelsea Fan, I don't know,but how how did you heard that really happened and how did that? Howwould you go about meeting Frank Lampard? Well, no, that was wemy girl at a time. Well, she was, she was my girlout of time. She's not my wife, but I I don't think we weremarried that. But she got she used to her job. She usedto get tickets for clients to take them to premier league matches and they wouldbe like VIP tickets, okay. Yeah, so, you know, if therewere no clients to take to the matches, she would just have ticketssitting there. So I would be like yeah, I'm going, yeah,I'm the client now. So yeah, we just went. So as Idid it with VIP tickets. So we went and you'd going to the thebox. What you called the box? Yeah, the executive box and whatnot. They give you a three course meal and whatnot. So frank and JohnTerry at the time, we're up there having yeah, they were there havingtheir lunch and they were with their celebrity girlfriends as well. So what happenedis basically one person got the balls to go up to them Manna and askfor a picture, and I just openly floodgates. Everybody was like fuck it, you know, everyone to send all right, yeah, well, Iwant a picture too. So yeah, I just went over and said yeah, Frank I got one er the Terry as well, so that's happened.Okay, but I mean, I guessing you are football. I like football, but I'm not. I'm not. I wouldn't. I'm not a Chelseaman or arsenal man, or she she used to get arsenal tickets as well, so watch them as well. But I'm a I'm a shame to say, I'm a Newcastle Man. Oh, okay, it is not too badway, you know? Yeah, it's not, is it? Cause that'sthat's where I studied, that's how I...

...was living when I came to England. I was in Newcastle. So you gotta support. Yeah, you atsupport. We were living in here in a year from and whatever it isI mean as I mean, is much better now than me supporting my mychest united, because no way this entire Super League thing that's going on isAle. See y'all, how a chance o wit de Perm really do that? We know we may have about chance. Not everybody else going to somewhere else? Yeah, not everybody. You'll have a chance. No, juststarted window and wrapper everything going to bring it back to the to the entirecomedy thing. I mean you just said that when you worn over that one, over that prestigious club, that that was a great feeling for you.But I'm I'm sure that you would have been heckled and I mean I don'tknow if that would bean your worst moment. But exactly what was an experience thatyou remember that made you really think about if you regretted the decision tobecome a comedian? Or have you ever have you? My question essentially is, have you ever regretted going into this path, or or do you not? I think the only thing was, I mean sometimes you get some showsyou you know what, like the shows which are just average. If youget a string of just shows that are just like they're not bad, arethey're not good, I think to a certain I say those ones hurt morethan bad shows. Okay, you know. I mean so like a bad show, you could be like kind of laugh at yourself or be like youcould possibly blame something else, you know, like Oh, this was never gonnawork at all, but it once we're in the middle, where isneither hot or call. If you get a string of those, sometimes youcould be like why, you know why you question yourself. Why am Idoing this? Am I good enough to be doing this kind of thing.So I guess when I was starting out earlier, if I had like astring of shows like that, I could I could be like, should Ireally be doing this? Are My parents right that you maybe? Yeah,yeah, we're there right, that I should have stick off this job.You get a kind of but yeah, that those all disappear. Where youget the next great show, you know? I mean so it's just what youtake on board. But yeah, I don't think I've ever really beenlike, you know, I'm done with this, I'm fed up with this, like profit. I mean I get dolts sometimes. are used to getthoughts where it's like Yo, or maybe even when corona started it. Yeah, I was thinking, Yo, if I had my office job, myaccountant job, I was still be getting money. Yeah, that kind ofthing out there. Yo, these office people got it sweet man. Yeah, so stuff like that. But I don't think but I was late afterthree years and I don't think I was ever like Nah, I want,I want to quit this. I don't think I was ever. Yeah,okay, well, I mean like you hear some people and I've I watcheda documentary from kept the Kevin Heart documentary that he did, what his lifeand him going doing shows and doing movies...

...and his life. And you know, you hear about footballers, cricketers, assessor e Sucher, they have waysin which they go about to motivate themselves before a game, before a show. So what do you use pris personally, to remove those little extra nerves andprepare you for a crowd that's on a night? I I don't reallygot a strategy. I my my my main thing is that I don't eatbefore I go on stage. If I okay, but before going sted then, you know, you tell me is all over the place, kind ofyeah, but I don't really. That's my main thing. I don't eatbefore. I used to drink before you go on stage, okay, butI that is that's not helpful, you know. I mean so when Iwas first starting out, I would always have to have the drinks of beeror a Guinness or something before you go on stage. But out that wouldbe that's a like false courage, you know. I mean. Yeah,so I was like and that eventually like slows you down, you're not assharp. So the eventually had to get over that. But so, yeah, my main thing would be I don't drink before I go on stage,I don't eat before I go on stage and if it's I don't really getnerves like when I first started out before let I don't really get nerves tothat extent because I more know what I'm doing. Kind of thing. WhatI would say I just do some breathing to get settled. If I'm brushedand I run around, then then it's not a good situation to be in. So I would say, yeah, I do some like breathe into justsettle myself and from so yeah, it'd be breathing. Well, I meandoes some good information, only for Comedians that we want to get into thecomedy and everything, whether it be if barbed us or anybody that's watching,because, I mean this, there's some people that are listen to this fromAmerica and some other places. So if it, then with I does happento listen and they they can use your advice to their your benefit. Butas that's for anything, man, yeah, for any sport, any anything youdoing at all is in allable being in the moment. So it's answeris about like Groan than yourself. So, like, even if you're going toplay football, you're going to play a cricket, you're going to playthe record at anything. If you are, you know, you're not in theright head space and you thinking about this, are your Russian this,you're not going to perform as well as if grounded and whatnot. Still,yeah, and breathing helps bring you back to the moment. Whatever. Yeah, because I used to like runch shows as well. I used to runshort, okay, put on my own shows and you know, you're bepromoting them, you're trying to get people to come, you're chasing up theCOMEDIANS to see if they're coming, and you're setting out the room. Iused to be doing all of that and I would find that whenever I puton my own show, because I'm doing all these extra things, I wouldn'tperform as well. You know I mean, because I got all this, yeah, extra stuff going on in my worry about, yeah, work.Yeah, I worried about if enough people going to come, if the nextcomedian is going to be here on time, you know it. So it gotall this head and I'm not focusing on what I'm supposed to be doing, you know. So it's yeah, it's all about being grounded and beingfocused on in the moment kind of thing.

Well, it also helps to livelike the crowd, the crowd interaction. Yeah, yeah, yeah, thatdoesn't understand the ball. Yeah, yeah, but I mean you've managedto stay grounded and you've got a rid of all those things for, asyou think, for about fighter is five, six years. You, as yousay, you haven't been necessary counting or keeping. Try. But justbefore I rapper everything to say, is it anything that you want to promoteand including, if it is, that for the year special, for theminute special. Yeah, tell everybody go on Youtube, spend my name,Niko. You're with Beijing and Britain, or just type in Beijing in Britainand watch that special. Yeah, I put it out two days ago andI would love with everybody go and watch it and like it and leave acomment. Yeah, the exactly that, guys. But yeah, thank youfor joining me. On the way say forecast. So you want, youwatch the whole thing. II have like twenty minutes left to go. Ihad a stop because they had in the same I go go finish. No, actually myself, because okay, but I try. I I for thelittle small clips that you have. One already IGTV ones. I made sureto watch those. Always make sure to watch the way when they come outand if I have to put mark them and come back to him because Idon't know what it is because, as I was saying, they're not manycomedians that are really in Barbados really so you and even if they are,you don't hear about them unless you're if you're involved with them per se,are in the creative industry. I find that that's happened now a lot whereno me now doing film and find out more about the the film industry,the more artistic and creative side of everything. You kind of know, seem moreon your e spools a lot more people. So now is when Ibe really finding out. Last year are a bit before about day Brown andall these days coming out and speaking. So I mean, yeah, she'syou just have to go both the way and I guess it is different.It's difficult to really say in my my perspective. A lease, if thatmakes sense. You doing a degree in film? Yeah, we're, Yui. Is that you? We are community? Yeah, I you you, butis it? What is it called? What? What's the title is called? Motion Picture Arts is like vision is like creative arts, motion picturearts. But I mean the plan is to actually go to England and furtherthat and get better at least and see where that takes me. Okay,cool, yeah, but yeah, I did say that's good, man.Yeah. Well, the saying thank you for joining me on we say podcastguys. Do going as he said. Go on, go on Youtube,type in equal year with pasion in Britain and watch all for eight minutes.Watch all, every single last second, because it is funny. I havemy last minutes to go and watch right now. I just I'm done thatassignment, so I can not going to watch the rest of it and subscribeto his channel as well, don't. I mean if he's going to releasemore content in the future. So you don't want to miss it. Butyeah, thank you for joining subscribe you. Yeah, thanks for having me on, man, no problem. Shit it, Bro. Yeah, andreal link up when I come come down next year. Yeah, no problem. Is it is here? Yeah, for sure, man. Yeah,all right, man. Yeah, thank you guys again. I subscribe.If you are in new can be by icon and I will see you guys. For another way is a podcast video.

Bro. Thanks. Man. Yeah, PROB.

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