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Bajan In Britain | MEET COMEDIAN NICO YEARWOOD | Wuh Yuh Podcast


Join Myself, Nico Yearwood aka Neeks, a comedian from Barbados living and performing in Britain. Have a look with the links below and check them out and support them as much as possible. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!
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I guys ar welcome back to Yeu anotherway. A podcast video thes surrounlesis is are a bit different as because, ifyou have in Payn Ettention, if you are in barbaous listing that is befind someash for from the Lasto, far wellcanos Vincean ar doing cross to us and inllsay thit's temporarily not able to be used where you would usually shoot. Yousee me Ou theside on my partio, but I' still going to try a get a video to youguys. So, if you do to me also by the wayjust wip my face or find myself is because he is really really hot I'musing, a fine would be too low tojust ignore that. But today my cotpacial guest, I'm going to have hishis name, is Nikoer with kaniqs man he's a major comedian. Hes Now resitingin UK England, specifically ank The formes art top comedy club, W whices, I think, isin London. I think I happen to loak that, but when we talk to him to find out moreabout him, what Madin venture into conpin into comedy and hope you guys doenjoy and subscribe it does. A crabl bur, numbelo, Tuo, posvication, Bellicon as well and hoping you guys just Inteestin, enjoy this video. I mean Iit has been a while so Havin Habbi Bo and to bring another episode to youguys enjoy well. First things: ferse welcome to yeah Ye Starte gestrait. I welcome to Wai O, say podcast first of the as he dcided introd I Iwel just just done. Your name is Nikoi or wood, Akhe Nicks Min right, you perferm ad, the top comedy club. Actually, let me hit record on this aswell. Not many people recognize you at least around my ears category as andknow you as a comedian. So, firstly, I was just Gott sust tostart off what what got you into comedy? Who are the role models? Wer anybody inbarbadoes overseas or TV, anything IKUP? Well what got mean to comedy? Well, I was always kind of funny Ithink, coming up in school. I think so at least I hope so, but so friends usedto tell me that was funny back into ter growin up and I the main thing was that when I went toget a job when I graduated from university and Whatnot, it's that Ialways used to struggle the office work. You know working in a office and stufflike that. I found it kind of hard and I would always kind of get like not depressed but I'll, be like thergotto, be something else bet out there for me to be doing. I te go. I got acreative spirit, so I always felt they need to do something creative. I wasn't surewhat it was, but then I had like a friend's voice in the back of my head.He always uses the Sam, my Youshoup, you should be a comedian, you should bea comedian, but I didn't know how to Bo about doing that at the time. So Iguess being not being good at office. Work is whatgot me is a comedy really, but in terms of influence, I would say like Mac, fingl Dont know if you know Ma, think allmhim yeah yeah. So you know he's my uncle really o him te Yeah Yeh. So himseeing him doing jokes in like when they Yousi have the collipseof tense. He would tell jokes an...

...between, so I guess and I used see heused to put out like albums back in the day, so I will listen to thoses, I'mfrong to find it hilarious. So he would be him and traver Isman. You know ahilarious guys, so thoses were the people who I would see anbarbidas doingcomedy, but I wouldn't know I didn't know how to get into it or I didn'tknow Atey time. If something I wanted to get into, I just used to watch itand enjoy or listen to it and enjoy it mean mean you know, you're not into it.You know, perform atne top comedy club, which is his top secret topsi topsecret COMAO. I do I that's not the only one. I do. That's the moger one,I'm out most of the time. So it's like a circuit, you know different places.You hop a wrong, but it's just a I'm there. Quite often it's the bestReallya, so I mean yeah, definitely t at that'swhere I saw a lot of your stuff or instagram. I fol you on Li, not yesterday myself, when you putout the forty eight minute long set special, but you you just recentlyinstagram posted Abo as well. I mean one thing that you that you always seewithin all your material is that you're always referring to not only your homebarbadoes but you're, also very engaging with with the audience. So I mean most people growing up andwhatever they havethey have struggles h with presenting and in front of crodesand stuff like that. So how did you get over that and were able to communicate with the audience and getover that hurdle? Really, Oh boy! I like the spontaneity of I am someone who, if I have at because you can have ascript for your jokes, you can have like you can sit at home.I rittal ten minutes of jokes, but for me that would be boring if Iperformed it like, let's say five times in a roll just doing those jokes. Somepeople do that. You see some people go on stage and E, just stick to theirjokes and don't talk the growt. You can do that and that's fine and for somepeople that suits their persona more, but I get kind of bored quickly, Biwritten material. I get really bored with it. I'm like sometimes hiy go. Igo t tell these jokes again tonight and I'm like. I don't want to do them, so Iprefer thes spontanety Ond the interaction but getting over it is. I guess it's just something that, like anything else, you try it. You try a small bit to start with solate. You don't go straight in and just I'm going to talk to the audience forthe full ten minutes that I'm up here. You know I mean so it's like anything.You Tra a bit. First, you know dip yourtoin the water, and then you go back the next day, see if youlike it and you know Il, try and improve. So it's just about it's likethe first time you do a presidentation at school. You know the first time youdo it you're, really scared and you you know you don't want to do it. But afteryou do like five or six of them, you kind of get the hang of it. It gets abit easier, is wha it', saying yeah, but you just going to tellyourself it's like just gointo tell yourself that you know.What's the worst, that I could happen really. You know like yeah, H, Yo, no one's going to kill you.You know I mean like it might not work and you just brush it off and and the thing is like it Wen you doingcomedy and it doesn't go well. You just call it out and you just say that youju you just let them know well that...

...intern ot, how I expected it to, and Iwould get a laugh because they would that would put them at ease. As welland put you out EAS sor, it will get a little chuckle. You know I mean yeah,that's at Tis tatable, but I did just write round mentionabout in terms of being presenting school and I, when you present a school- and youknow, there's thot negative Bo Lafe, sometimes where somebody would belaughing on making a joke the person that's on stage or being n the front ofthe class surrounding you mean you just said thatmy fingo and ou your friend there were not those with some people that were pushing you on like quietly in your ear.Just mentioning that you know you should be a comedian and whatever it is,but yeah that was my friend who was saying. Yeah friends was right thatYoare you right right, but you know how it is in barbadoes where we are. Youknow, stick to the doctors, lawyers as such and such and more people, then are you have that sat that you canchase your dreams or the child, but you essentially, you ended upchasing and going overseas to venture out off and do somemikg overseas, but a. How did you yourself deal with Coim sure you 'v Haw to deal with somenegative people telling you? Oh No. You can't dothat you that you, you shouldn't, go overseas and do that and that'ssomething that you tain with a lot of children who get at infent from theirparents. So was there any doubts from your parentsabout what you were going to do, because I mean you do mention Ellolyour family, within your material as well. Yeah people thought that I had lost mymind en I say when I give up my job and started the comedy stuff, but yeahyou always going to get that. You know what mean, but so yes from some family members, some friends, youknow they were like what a you doing. You got a degree, you know. Stick weoff this job kind of thing. So, yes, I did get that, but you know you just gotta, ecause iy don't mean no sense, doingsomething. All your life that you' going to be unhappy with an youstruggling with you know. I hear the Song Cle Shit but yeah atthe end of the day, you gotta you got Ta, follow your heart. You know I meanso like I think, deep insight of all of us. Wekind of know what we want to do. You know I mean you, you might not know exactly what it is or how you goingna how it's going to like, manifest orwhatever, but you kind of know like I in the office I kind of knew. I have to be doing something creative,because this whole number is unaccoutin this. This isn't fulfilling to me right.So I had to take that and I was like okay. What can I do? That's creativeand it was thinking, maybe art- you know, drawing and stuff, but I stillkind of like to draw annoll, but I don't get time to do it. So it's like is it drawing? Is it acting? Is it comedy? You know what I mean so yeah? Okay, so that's it really. You kind ofgot to know what you want to do or feel get feel for it and just yeah just gofor it month. So that's something I mean you knowoverseason you've. How long exactly have you been a comedian in the scense?I guess well, like pro pro, would be Gott, belike five years I four or five years...

...yeah, but where I'mjoying it full timeand nothing else, cofight yeah, probably five Isi, okay and you wouldhave oo keep time of it and you would have bee. You would havemoved out to England hol long go because I mean that that ISO know I started so. I came out here to study its cameout here to study. So I didn't. I didn't leave barbanous in mind wey. OhI'm going to be a comedian in England. No! I was out here studying and working,so I completed the degree and I went and got a job and yeah in the job. Iwas like yeah. I can't be doing this. I git so yeah. Okay, so then exactly isThi Sayig. We, you N, when you made that call b home a because you meanyeuven mentioned that you made that joke to the audience inthat special saying that Oh there's, no bidges any crowd, not even my mother,my father Haeacome, to come to see me so when you first made that call Bahome to let them know. This is what I'm going to be doing, and this is my fulltime job. What was what was their aspects, your expression, yourexpressions and thoughts of everything that yeah they were concerned. Ther werelike this, this guy, you know you got twodegrees. We spent all this money sentiems toschool and all this kind of thing, and here he is throwing it all away. Sothat was kind of. Luckily, though, I would say that my mom my mom, she, I think the whole sense ofhumor and creativity might have come from her side as she was more kind of like understanding. In a sense,I think she was more like well. If that's what you want to do, go and doit and you know just give it your best, but I guess you would have still prefer meto be doing an office job at the time, because you know it looks risky and it is risky and I fact doinganything is risky to be honest, but it looks for a scar to us coming up inthat. You know you come up in Barbitis andyou hear all your parents saying yeah go school, get a degree, get job and that's it.You know get murried hat kind of thing, so yeah it there were kind of like still,but she was my mom was like well. If that's what you want to do, go for it.You know, so she was kind of like very supportive, and you know in terms of telling me to pursue it.Okay and just quickly. We, I didn't mess mision at the beginning, that Imean it's Nicoyear wit AK INIS man. So where did Nicks man come from and Werdid that originate? Oh, that's! Justwhat my boys call me growing up t! That's! That's just like! Rather ThanSea, it's just laziness rather that sane ecul there would rather UN say neCo, ter Wer just saniques, and then it became nak smile so that just just tome neats we doing were you going, you know so then it just became neat manrather than Neco. So that's just Ay. I came from okay and I mean you know in Borbetiss wehave like laugh it off and other ther Ashal, some other soundup comicscomedti comedian sory in Barbidos. Have you actually come back here andperformed here for audience, or is that so farm there but yeah I haven'tperformed? I no not yet no was a agoal or desire at least yeah. Eventually, when I can travelagain and whatnot, but okay, you can't... a lot in moments so yeaheventually but yeah. I know some of Tho guys bact there fron and I see some oftheir stuff on Instagram, so yeah. So like W. I know Lord Fen yeah he's a Manwuanda. I first startedseeing like his sketches, are everywhere yeah. I know Dibron yeah, yeah and Rumancote and I' Yeah Yeah. Soyou know, I see their stuff onlife- okay, hopefully when I I don't know when Icome in home for Barbalos, but I was to go last year, but the whole corona thingyeah, so that just mash up everything so hopefully either late this year or Inext year for sure yeah I mean some of the sports yeah andespecially I mean you just mentioned the whole thing wit, Crona, Kiy,kicking off and everything Oli that affect you as a comedian and othercomedians that you may know that perform on the same top secret comedyclub like was it very, very, very hurtate, hurtful on your your shows andetc? Or did it cause you to be even morecreative and produce even more sketches at home yeah? Well, I yeah it completely shutdown. You know the live kiks and what not so then you had to do stuff online. Iwasn't really a sketch. I put ou a few sketches because of corona yeah becauseof the lot downg, because you know you didn't have the life audiencesanymore, so yeah, it kind of forced me to try sometiny different. I know like some people they were into sketchesbefore an know. Then it started doing comedy, but I was the UN opposite this,so I was doing this standup. I know I'm doing some sketches, but yeah so yeah.The Lot don was helpful. In that sense, it forced you to tray something new, but no I mean also. I also recently younot have you also on doing your own podcast with I'm guessing two year. OneMats as well as call three speech: Podcast we're the whole idea and thoughtprocess come from to even become begin a podcast. I mean you guys just talkabout anything really yeah. It's just Li. Well, to be honest, islike almost everybody got a podcast these days. So so we were like you know. We had planto do that ages ago. It's just that weare all so like disorganize them, we can never match up or schedules andwhatnot, so that was. We were probably meant to start outlike a year and a half ago or two years ago, and its only now we were likelisten, we got ta start no and since we got time and we're lot down and whatnot-and you know- let's start it now, so it was easier to match up the schedulesthen, but yeah. So we GIG A lot together. We all camearound the same time started comedy around the same time so yeah. That's it wore good friends and it's just a way of getting somethoughts. O and you know maybe some of the stuff we discussed onthe PODCAST Woild, be like adays for jokes. You know: Okay, yeah, it's fullyeah, boit's good fun to just do some bantand whatnot yeah, but how I mean you obviously are no Elsay quite accustomed to England and the lifestyle of England. Ou Mean DouInteran mentione that alot o your your material as well,... for anybody that is coming out inbarbagoes and may not know exactly how to get into cointo comedy. What's thefirst thing that you tell them to do and how to go about doing it, but I don't know you mean for Englandor in general in general, I guess yeah in general. Well, I don't know how this circuitworks in Barbidous, but what happens is in the clubs over here.You start off for five minutes that give you you got to like open MikeNights. These were would be lately. Amateur Knights, you take like a five minute set there. You know, and these woull normally be during the weeklike week days and then at the weekends they might have. You know longer, showsor, like you know, not professional but a higherstandard. So basically the people who did well during the week with theirfive minute spots, they might get offered a ten minute spot at the weekend yeah. So then you gofrom five minutes up to ten minutes and then probably atte, fifteen and then upto twenty but making a jump from tento. Twenty isa you know: it's it's not as easy as it seems. So. Basically, I would tellanybody you get your five or you get your ten minutes or yeah right time, minutes AF comedybecause it's not going to be good ma first show so that ten minutes going to come downto me, Abe five or even three minutes so yeah start out. WRIGTING ten minutes go to the bars that have the comedynights and you go down there and you test it Olt and record it. You know,recording on your phone or your doesn't have to be video if you don'twant to be putting it out there. Yet you want to get just audio, you knowand go home and listen back to it and you go home and listen back to it. Youlsee which jokes work and which ones didn't work and which ones you got atweak that showe potential and you just edit them getting rid of the once thatdidn't work at all and then keeping I wal kind of works or what worked andjust go from there. INTOT thing that I want to start withmy podcast, which is going to be coue story time, which so was how the e,what's the what's your best experience that you've had during a show whatsolike whats, the Best Clot Inte raction than you've ever had I c N. I can't think off the top of myhead dude, the thing W at I was most pro to do. I guess at the time was there used tobe the show called well this. I guess yeah there used tobe the show called King Gone Yeah and, and it would be at the commedy story,which is probably the most prestigious most famous combic club in the UK. Andwhat would happen is when you're starting out you gotta, do five minutes,but the crowd is kind of like encouraged to heckle you or show stuffot. You Spice, like a beer pit and also the handle cards for the audience. Sothree cards to random people in the audience and if all three cireds go up you got to get off, they kicked you off the stage and theplay thimb like hit the Rol Dra and he bu you off and whatnot. So if somebodyyou Y- U Youtheyre performing and one...

...guy doesn't let you he put up his card.Then the other tool will be like not probably give him a chance, give him achance and see whow. It was then somebody else might put up the cure. Sothen you got two stringkes and if the last person put up the Carradena you'reall to there, so it's kind of and the audience is very impatient and Roady.You know and Ye heckle your lot so and so it's it's sort of a like being like a gladiator typesituation. You H, throwng you to the wolves kind of thing. So I think when I won that that was one ofthe best feelings I eventually want it. Okay and being I mean you win it, they letyou come back and do a set and e actual set at the comdy store, which is likethe big club. You know I mean I's, probably the most famous mostprestigous, so that was one of the things that was my most yeah fulfilling or rewardingexperiences ween in that for me at the time because it wass like I want to play this club, I want toplay the comdy story. I want to get my name outside the cone store, yeah, sotha was. That was big for me. Well, I mean its good that that you were ableto winn it. After all, Andimea know you jump to even higher heights and Youvegot em better and better, and I'm sure you yourself will want to keepimproving and and get better on your material and whatever it is. I want toask you about one image that is on your instagram go and I I'm quite interestedto see how how this holy. This happened reallybecause Yuyou took a picture with with frank lampoard. I don't know if you're a Chelsea Fan- Idon't know, but how did you heard that reallyhappened and how did that? How did you go Bo meeting, frank, oboard? Well, nothat was ve my girl at o Tame Bell. She s. She was my girlout of thing. She know my wife e, but I don't think we were married that but she got she used to her job. She usedto get tickets for clients to take them to premier league matches and they would be like vap tickets, okay,yeah, so you know if there were no clients to take to the matches, shewould just have tickets to sit in there. So I would be like yeah, I'm going yeah, I'm the client now so yeah we just went to sizes sto, the wete vap ticket so bewent and and you'd go into the the box. What you call the box yeah, the executive box and whatnot. Theygive you a three course meal and whatnot, so frank and John Terry. At the time were therehaving yeah, they were they're having their lunchand they were with their celebrity girlfriends as well. So what happenedis basically one person got the balls to go? U To them, Aer and as for apicture, and I just openly flug gets everybodywas like fuckit. You knoweveryone was saying all right, yeah, I wnwan a picture to so yeah. I just wentoverand sad yeah, Frank. I got waneer Terry as well, so Ahappen, okay, but Imean I guessing. You are a football. I like foot ball, but I'm not I'm not.I wasn't I'm not a Chelsea man or Arselal man or O. She. She used to getarsenal tickets as well, so worse them as well, but I'm a I'm ashame to sayI'm a Newcastle Man, O Okaysot, not too wid way. You know yeah in libcause.That's that's where I studied! That's...

...why I was living. When I came toEngland, I was in Newcastle, so you got support yeah you Oso. We ere you livinga Aria that your from and whatever it is. I mean doesn't mean is much betternow than me supporting my majhestenited, because no way this entire superleaguething that's going on is at lease Yoall woul Hav have a chance of I winin deperrelation tttat. We may have BOT CHAK, not b everybody else going to somewhereelse, yeah, not everybody, Oll Havi, a chance, no just started Wando and rap everything goingto bring it back to Theto the entire comedy thing I mean you just said that when you wone over that ont over thatprestigious club, that was a great feeling for you, but I'Mi' Ame sure that you would have beenheckled, and I mean I don't know if that would bean your worst woment, butexactly what was an experience that you remember that made you really think about. If you regretted itthe decision to become a comedian or have you ever Haveyou, my questionessentially is: Have you ever regretted going into this path or or do not? I think the only thing was I mean. Sometimes you get some shows it.Ou know what like the shows, which are just average. If you get a string ofjust shows that are just like they're, not bad or they're, not good, I thinktoar, certain ite those ones hurt more than bodshoes okay. You know I mean solike a bad showo. You could be like kind of laugh at yourself or be likeyou could possibly Bam something else. You know like Wel. This was never goingto work at all, but I one we're in the MIDDLEWEARE is neither hot or a cool.If you get a string of those, sometimes you could be like Wai. You know why youquestion yourself. Why Aam I doing this, I'm a good enough to be doing this kindof thing. So I guess when I was starting out earlier, if I had like a string of shows likethat, I could I could be like. Should I really be doing this are' myparents rigte that yeah we're there right that I should avtick off his job. You get in kind of yeah that does all disappear. Where you getthe next great show. You know I mean so it's just what you take on board but yeah. I don't think I've ever reallybeen like you know, I'm done with this, I'm I fed up withthis. Like Profer, I mean I get adults sometimes or used to getthose where I was like yo or maybe even then corona started yeah.I was thinking Yo. If I had my office job my Accountin job, I Wald still begetting money yeah that kind of thing out he yo theseoffice. People got it sweet man, yeah so stuff like that, but I don't think Bhen. I was like after three years and I don't think Iwas ever like not I woul want I want to quit this. Idon't think I was ever yeah okay. Well, I mean, like you, hear some people andN. I watchd I documentalry from Kete Kebin heart documentad that he did wathis life and him going doing, shows and...

...doing movies an his life. And you knowyou hear about footballers cricketers, Cestre CETR. They have ways an whic.They go about to motivate themselves before a game before a show. So what doyou use perspersonally to remove those little action nerves andprepare you for a cro dust on a night? Ie non really got a strategy. I my main thing is that I don't eatbefore I go on stage. If I eat okay, Bi Eatyou, Fak Onstig, then you know yourtummy is all over the place kind of yeare. But I don't really that's mymain thing. I don't eat before I used to drink before he gon stitge, okay,but I that is that's not helpful. You know I mean so when I was firststarting out. I would always have to have the drinks a beer or againinis orsomething before you goinace, but that would be that's like faulse courage.You know I mean yeah so iwas like and that eventually, like slows you Dongyou're, not as sharp, so the eventually I had to get over that, but so yeah. Mymain thing would be I don't drink before I go on stage. I don't eatbefore I go on stage and if it's, I don't really get nerves like when I first started out before Idon't really get nerves today, accent because I more know what I'm doing kindof thing on. I would say I just do some breathing to get settled. If I'm brushed and I run IND wrong,then then it's not a good situation to be in so I wuld say yeah. I do somelike breaf into just settle myself and Roit, so yeah it'd be brieathing. Well, I mean does some good informationnot only for Comedians that maywe want to get into the comedy and everythingwhether it be ifborwitos or anybody? That's watching, because I mean thistheres, some people that are listen to this from America and some other places,so it he name. Wethe does happen to listen and they they can use your advice to r yourbenefit, but as that's for anything Mon Yeah for any sport, any anything you do inat tall is iallible being in a bomen. So is anse is about like Grung Tanyourself, so like even if Youe going to play football. You're going to play acricket you're going to play to record it anything. If you are, you know you're not in the right headspace. Are you thinking about this or your Russian? This you're not going to perform as well asif been grunded and whatnot, yeah andbriething helps bring you back to the moment or whatever yeah, because I usedto like rent shows as well. I used to run shore put all my own shows and youknow you're be promoting them you're, trying to get people to come.You're chissing up the COMEDIANS to see if they're coming and you're settingout the room I used to be doing. All of that. I would find that whenever I put on my own show, because I'm doing all these extrathings I wouldn't perform as well. You know I mean, because I got all thisyeah it's just stuff went on in my worry about yeah I weren't yeah Iworried about if enough people going to come if the nextcomedian is going to be here on time. You know so o got all this head and I'mnot focusing on what I'm supposed to be doing. You know so it's yeah, it's allabout being, grounded anm being focused...

...on in the moment kind of thing. Elo helps it like the crow, the crowled interaction,yeah, Yeah Yeah. It does understand, table yeah yeah, but I mean you'vemanaged to stay, grounded and you've got ta rid of all those thingsfor, as you taink, for about five to five six years, you, as you said youhave a Bein, a Sady, coating or keeping truck, but just before or erap. Everything toI is there anything that you want to promote andincluding. If it is thatforty year special for the minute special yeah tell everybody, go Ong Youtube IVen my name Nikoer with Bejin and Britain ar just typing Begen in Britainand Wan Stat special yeah put it all two days ago and I wouldlove if everybody Goingna watch it and like in anleve or comment yeah doexactly in that gays, but yeah. Thank you for joining me on Ta Way, sayporcast! You want you watch the whole thing I have like twenty minutes leftto go. I had a stock bcause they having the same one. I go go and finish. No.Actually, myself, Co Wat. I mean I try I for the little small clips that youhave one. So I ready Te IGTV ones. I make sure hat to watch those I alwaysmake sure to watch the way when they come out an if I have to book. Marteman come back to it, because I don't know what it is because, as Iwas saying they're, not many comedians that are really in Barbados. Really soyou, and even if they are, you don't hear about them unless your if you'reinvolved h with them per se, are in the creative industry. I find that thats happened, Nou a lotwhere no me not doing filmand find no more about the the film industry, themore artistic and creaticited of everything. You kind of know, seen moreyour at Sphoolso a lot more people, so now its min to be ready. Fir You nowlast year, I a bit before what about day Brown and all these guys coming op and speaking so I mean yeah she's. You just have to go bot the way I guess is diffeent it's difficult to receay. Imy my my perspective o this. If that makes sense, you doing a degreein film yeah were Oue is Tha. You we are comuny yeah.Are you? Are you but ISI? What is it called? What's thetitle its called Motion Picture Art is like Viso is like creative artist,mostior picture arts, but I mean the plan is to actually go to England andfurther that and get better at least and see where thattakes me. Okay, cool yeah but yeah ijus San, that's good man,yeah Wel, the Sayng! Thank you for Joyng me on Wasa podcast guys do go and,as he said, going Goin Youtube Typing eqa year, word: Vasion in Preto, andwatch all for the ehmint watch. All every single last. Second, because isfunny. I have my last nit to go and watch right now. I just AV't done thatssigmen, so I can not go watch the rest of it and suscribe to his channel aswell. So I mean it's he's going to rease more contentin the future, so you don't want to miss it, but yeah. Thank you for joying. Itascrabe Ye. Thanks for having me on man, Yo,probably ki it bro Yeah, and we link up when I come come down next year, yeah,no problem into Thisyeah, yeah for sure M, yeah or Min Yeah. Thank you guys again. I subscribe. Ifyou are, I you O ye Boicon Ani, wil,...

Seeyou, guys for another way: A porcastElia. I Bro thanks man, yeah.

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