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Get to Know Nikhil Uttamchandani | Wuh Yuh Say Podcast


Join myself and commentator, analyst and host, Nikhil Uttamchandani in my podcast (but not really one). I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

Hey, guys, are welcome backto another podcast and they have a special guest. You know him as ahost, commentator and analyst, and I don't know us. You aren't recentlya host now on his IG lives. As with sports, not with manyfamous sports, course, players, athletes, of etc. This is nique termjourney and front of my teammate, I don't know what's got, colleagueas well, because we work together commentating and doing video. So just wantto say special, special good morning to nick. You. So a speciallythe morning to you, Nikuil, and thank you. Thank you for comingon to this, this podcast. A lot of people know you, asyou know, and analyst hosts now, recently for Nick tough and recently withyou with your sports talk on on instagram lives. But what do people reallywhat don't people really know about Nikil, who Tam Shane Danny, who wasinterested in cricket, playing cricket from such a young age and even growing upthrough wanderers with me as well and being a DJ, even a IM mygraduation. So this this typical about yourself and you'll get to get up ruling. Yeah, good mornings, you Christian. It great to be here thanks alot for having me on and I think some of the things that maybepeople don't know about me. Well, first of me introduce myself. Iam, you know, a sports commentator, as you said, an analyst,or an aspiring one. Let me just say that. And you know, I think some things that people may not know about me. You saidup mentioned about the Djing. That's a one, a hobby of mine that, you know, I started enjoy doing on the side, you know,for some private parties and some friends and stuff, as well as I thinkpeople, many people like at me I would say, oh, he's acricket analysts, a creer commented, but I think you know, because ofmy passion, I love the sports. I am really, you know,watch a really several sports of variance the sports, some basketball, but forAmerican football, volleyball, I play and yes, you mentioned playing cricket aswell. I do play a lot of sports. Maybe I would put mycommentary above my, you know, skill in terms of playing, but Ilove the game and I love learning about the game and think cricket helps melearn a lot. So just those small things I think not everyone may knowabout me, but I'm sure, as thing goes on, you know,they'll be able to learn more about yeah, and you suppose you use you sayyou put commentary and analyst about different sports in what in who you arereally and truly. But where this passion really come from? Because there seemsto always have been a passion for sports, in terms of basketball, because youdo play basketball, don't, boddy Jim as well, and even playedat Carson College as well. So yeah, well, I think passion probably camefrom, you know, just growing up being a rom my uncle.I think you used watch a lot of her hair stuff because, funny enough, my parents, they don't really have much interest in sports, so Iwasn't ready from them, but it was more, you know, I thinkone day I just saw her hit on on TV and I watched a reallyenjoyed it. And then, for having friends who watch other sports, hewas able for me to, you know, diverse by and watch other sports andI don't know, I just love the feeling, you know, youget in terms of competitiveness, always like when see what happens next in termsof sports. I think that's something that I really like and enjoy. Sothat's why I, you know, love all these different sports and I stillcontinue to get into many different sports. That's actually really interesting to hear.But you mentioned to me, well, when we were actually working at therecent Western's and Ireland series, that,...

...and even to the photographer came moreby now, that you were going to get a scholarship one and that youwant they want to go over see the study. So is that still putgoing to be relating to your commentating passion and your end goal? A ready. Yeah, actually, I'm going to I'm lucking to go to wires universityin Canada and I they're the only school in Canada has a full sports mediaprogram so I'm lucky to you know, enhancement skills. Basically what we're doinghere is in front the camera, but I'll learn a bit of what youdo, you know, behind the camera as well, because I think that'sso extremely important, and just, you know, try to grow my craftand grow my skill so that when your opportunity does come for me, I'llbe ready, you know, to take it. For anyone who haven't maybeas good as even better to hear from you actually. But I mean thereis all this one talk about sports media and this or whatever, but whoyou? Even if your parents weren't that involved and interested, per se,in sports and even commentary. I know they do support you a hundred tenpercent. And who, in terms of looking up to role models as andespecially some persons like Ganga die that you do know, for for one,name per se, but who else really would have set the bar that youwant to get towards in the end? Well, first to let me justsell on my parents. Yes, they may not be never so, youknow, have me in terms of sport, but I think you know the rolethat they've played in terms of, you know, even something smart,some as small as you know, transported me before I have my license,to to and from perfect matches and, you know, two jobs and stufflike that. I think they play a huge row. Even today, mymom always encouraging me, you know, my mom and died, always tellingme, you know, if a video is good, if they like it, what they like, what they don't like about it. So it's reallygreat to have that sort of support. In terms of the industry. Now, yes, you mentioned that, Ganga. I'm really privileged, you know,to have someone like him, you know, in my corner, backin me. And then I haven't had a chance to communicate with in yet, but a major, one of the major, you know, people thatI look up to in the industry is a guy named harshaball glad, becausehe's one of the only few commentators who haven't actually played international cricket and tosee the, you know, level he's reached in terms of, you know, his career and all the things he's been able to achieve, and hehas his own block at quick buzz and stuff. It's people like that thatI always you know, look to another guy who's really helped me come up, who's actually local, as Joel money. You know, he does this instagramstuff and he does a lot of marketing work and stuff, but he'sbeen a huge mentor, you know, to me in Christian. You know, Susan Bell as well. She's also been a really good mentor, youknow, teaching me more about not only the industry itself, but she's veryexperienced in create as a whole. So she, you know, teaches methe INS and notes of cricket and I don't know what we're would be reallywithout her. So I have to thank all those people and you know guysit, Tony Cozier. Well, I'm really watching videos or videos, MichaelHolding, the real legends of commetary. It's people that I really look upto when any other sports steven a Smith on the ESPN analyst. I lovethe you know how aggressive he can be and you know because his full personalityinto it, and I think that's the key. You know, you haveto give it a hundred percent. So guys think that I really look upto and you know what, as farred to be a fraction of what theyhave achieved, you know, one day. Yeah, that's so as actually really, really inspiring for some other person because they do believe that you havekind of set the bar for some other persons around your age and maybe younger. Know that are called gonna come up, because now they're going to really looktowards you and see what you have really and truly accomplished and maybe mightwant even get into it, because there's some persons that do that may havetay cricket late at yourself and may not have the will already drive. There'ssome like some persons that would have gone... do something, some stuff likethey legane Cherry and William, William Gordon, who went into umpiring. So theguys that are like y'all are really setting that standard for some of theyounger persons, even though you, you yourselves are young, like you allalready kind of setting and really setting down these stones for other young person thatare going to come up to even want to aspire and get into commentary andumpiring or what's not, because there is a fallback. You can get intosports, even though you may not have been successful in that sport. Sothat's really inspiring. But I just want to take you back to the playingaspect because, I mean in myself and yourself, we would have had ourlast game for her some college BCC, and I mean I'll have to saythank you to you because, I mean they was actually a really memorable,memorable game, because we did end up winning the game and beat them inthe end. But when we were on that last day and I only hada little bit to to really and truly win, all baby kits were comingdown and you came in with me, I only really ask you to juststand up on bat. So I mean for you to do that, Ireally, I really do have to say time cute for that and it wasactually really me memorable game. But four persons that may not really be thatknown. Nick Nicky was a keeper and as well we Q and Box onefor per se. He wasn't too Bible behind his stumps. You know,everybody has their thoughts on what's not, but he was pretty, pretty goodfor the most part. He did some good jobs for us in a nineteencricket. I mean that has sometimes, when the key was even younger andlike what fourth and fifth form, that he would just be skipping left andright from quarry's drills. And I mean that even my have set the barand to keep him going and all that focus right. So I mean doesreally, really good and like even on the wonders tour late it was goodto have the cues in the back of the bus and a playing you totunes and what's not. So I think all that was was really good.But even for that toor like you, how the O did you find thatthat to would have helped you even in what you were doing? No,really, yeah, I think you know, in terms of cricket on a wholesports, I think you know, it really teaches you the discipline thatyou need in life, not only, you know, for commentary position oranything. It's for life because, as you said Corey Edwards, who's theHarrison College coach and was my many your coach at Harrison College, those drillsand those stuff. You know, I would say he's one of the mainpeople that, more than my future forward because yes, points see, duringmy state at Harrison College I would say, you know, I didn't enjoy goingto practice because up how hard it was. But when you look backon it, those things that he would make you do, you know,that attitude of never said that, that attitude of always wanted to, youknow, work hard and sometimes it may it was really hard. It wasdifficult because when you come into from primary school, you know you're not atthat finish that but you're not that much as you have a book, itmakes you at that very quickly. So I think guys that Corey Edwards alreadyhelped me and help, I'm sure, help you as well, you know, become a better man in terms of maturity. And for the wander store, I think it was great to see going up to wanders start going forwonders to England at such a young age. I think it was good to seehow you know just a bit of how it is to travel around theworld because we know the Western thees userted indied. They travel throughout the yearand professional carheaters on a whole travel to other countries. You have to adapttwo conditions quickly and I thought that was a real eye open up for mebecause you know, it was called. We know I was cold and somegames were very different tips of conditions. And that's not all we're used tohere. We're used to sun and you know our flat pitches, and overthere we got a lot of movement through the year because those all those conditionsare already fast, welling friendly. So...

I think it was really a greateye open and I think all clubs, of course, if you're financially ableto shut try to make an effort to expose to their players to, youknow, other countries in the world, because I think it will do alot for the cricketers in terms of when they become professional cricketers later on theirlife. Yeah, for sure, for sure, yeah, I mean,yeah, sir, really did do a lot and I mean even though I'mcontinuing playing cricket for Wanderers. Yeah, you can see the fitness level thatthat you do go over into the club level and that fitness is needed reallyand truly, and that focus on that will because even in my first season, I mean I did go through a bit of stuff really and truly forwith like a bunch of like fitness and stuff like that, but they thefocus really on the mental ability to just go for it and keep pushing reallyand truly help me and that, I do have to say. Time youto him as well. But speaking about traveling, and you can see anybackground on with the barbaridest traders, you did have an experience to travel acrossthe Caribbean with them and just even were in the finals, at the finalswhere you were able to witness the you that it's not really really asa amatch. So what was that experience really and truly late to really go fromcountry to country, recording different fans made, being different people, etc. Etc. I think the opportunity was great. Let me just say, you know, I'm very grateful to the trader's owners for giving me that opportunity.I started out, you know, just trying to see how it can addvalue to the barbers traders and I felt I just grew into that roll upwho I am now, which is their probably relationships officer. But I alsorun the social media accounts for them and it was really a great experience,you know, to see that sort of cricket. And for me it's crazybecause I grew up, as you said at the top of the show,I grew up as a real super fan of cricket and I would watch theseguys on TV, some of the bats. I don't know if you would remember, but I used to carry my old box to catting Nova during theregional cricket and get them signed by all these players. And when you're,you know, Robbie robbing hands and and, you know, talking to all ofthese cricketers, your shake hands with them and you you know, yourbedding relationships with them. It's a crazy thing when I look back on,you know, my life, because I would have never thought one day Iwould come to you know, this where I'm able to ask the interact withthese cricketers and do a job for them. So I think I have to bereally great for the tridents and the opportunity that they've given such a youngman like me, and I've tried my best not to let them down anddo what I'm supposed to. It was really a great experience last because thatthat season for me hadn't so much adversity and it just showed how all theguys stuck together and things just came together at the right time because coming backto Barbados, we lost our first two games and then, you know,everybody was really there was a lot of talk going around about, you know, a a lot of talk going around, but if the traders are good enough, this ye here the team that was picked and etc. Etc.And I think the the discipline and, you know, desire and strength thatthat team showed last year. It's one of the main reasons why we werechampions because going up against undefeated Guyana team, it was never going to be easyto be them. And I think that final, the atmosphere, everythingwas crazy how the game went and, as Y'all could see on TV,you know, we were really into it. So it was just a great experiencetournament on a whole, and I'm really looking forward to working for thetradents, you know, for several years to come. Yeah, I meanthat will really look that you had some fun in the last and not final, and you really were running out to the feel with them as well,and you did end up lift holding netrol for yourself when they did come backhere, and mean that I must have been a real, real, realexperience, really and truly. But just moving away from sports a bit,tell our little bit more about your Dj Klen know you do love music perse and let you will be playing it through, as I said, evenon you wonders tool with us. But...

...we're weird. That side of youcome from. Then, really and truly, I would say. You know,growing up around my friend and my dad's friends, they would always carearound their ipads and stuff, iphones and do a little they had. Youknow, they have these acts with Djs, so they would play some music forour parties and stuff, and it's love to hear the transition of thissongs. You know, I'm one person that you can ask many people thatknow me well. They I always they always say change the song. Iwould change some too fast because I don't like to hear the entire song.I like when it's mixed with other songs and I don't know, I thinkI just got into it over the years, you know, interested in mixing musicand, you know, sinking beats and thinking rhythms, and I wouldI say that I'm, you know, alreadio, DJ quality or anything,but I think it's something I enjoy and I'm able to do it for someof my friends, you know, when they have their parties, and Ihad done it over the years and, as you said, I your graduationas well. So I think it's a good way for me to get awaysometimes from, you know, school and as well as work, and it'sit's something that I enjoy. So I think I'm going to keep it up, you know, as far as it contain me. Fair enough, fairenough, so then. So Gray actruly, you want me a part time Djcommentator and, Alice, any other thing that you want to add thatyou are looking to really add to your entire collection? Really and true theywant to do in life? Well, I think you know. Honestly,I just want to be the best version of myself, Christian. I thinkif I can be, you know, someone who is able to provide fora family as well as make my parents happy and may everyone around me happy, that's the most important thing to me. The STDJ is on the side.I want to say a part saying DJ. I think I'll continue to, you know, work on my skills and stuff, but my main goalis, you know to do some well, it was ready to do, youknow, comment it international cricket around the world and I'm sure that Iif I keep working hard, I will get there one day. But,and you know, I'm not going to say it only cricket, because younever know the opportunities that come up, and that's why I'm trying to,you know, diversify myself. I'm really interested in basketball, a tennis.Now getting really interested in the NFL as well. So it's all about,I think, you know, broadening what you know and I'm just trying toyou know, I'm just trying to expand it. Get how can I notmention football and athletics? I both. I commentate both of them here locally. So it's really about the opportunity and whenever it comes and I'm just goingto make sure that it put myself a position to be ready for whenever theopportunity does. Yeah, you did mention football there for a second. Iknow you bought shaky side in arsenal right, right, so, I mean Iwon't already get into that too much because I know they're a bit belowstright now. They do support my energy anymore, but that's that's that's whenit's consist and discussion for another time. But you have no moved away fromher some college. You're not queen's College and you did go back to sortof play a bit with Queens College in there, in there nineteen, butit wasn't really let you ready were focused on it. You did a lotof the aftermatch interviews and stuff like that. So but what what is? Whatwas the change that you already feeling come from Harrison College compared to King'scoin? Environmental exactly, in much better. Is it still a good environment?Yeah, I think you know, for me it is a lot todo with the environment, but it's a lot also through with the person andI think I'm a social person, so I'm able to fit into many environmentsand you know, it's good to communicate with different people. One of themain changes, I would say, is that I'm now bawling, so somethingthat coach Corey at Harrison College then let me do, and it's seem topayoff because I took it because a ninting this year, so it wasn't toobad. But yeah, it's great. You know, of course people werereally surprised when I made that move to schools for two years. But QueensCollege has been great. You know, I have to obviously give its HarrisonCollege because that's where I came up, but Queens College has been, youknow, school which is able to move my character a bit and me ableto focus on school as well as the... and I work as well.And they've been, you know, already on board in terms of what mygoals are. So I have to sign them. And you know, everybodywho's just put themselves in position to help me for just talking about you beingas a wholest. You know, have nick tough and your recent show thatyou have on instagram. What what are they? What are the end goalsfor that? Are you're looking to really push on release get even more andmore? Guess. I guess because right now you you you've had seen Maloney, you've had Keemar road, chief high. What's his name, though? Ican't remember. No, Geez, that place of Barbados. That thatthat made Kevin Stout right. Yeah, Ye, have knist and I've watchedmajority of them so for and they have been interesting. So what are theare you going to develop this into a fallen show, or is this goingto be. You know, I just going to be just on social media. Know that we're in lockdown for sue. Yeah, I think this covid nineteenvirus, of course, is already unfortunate for so many around the world, Christian, but it's really open my eyes and you know, the worldis going to change regards that. If you like, you are not afterthis, you know, virus and after so, but at this kandemic isover. So I think I like sports stop because when I when I conceptualizethe idea, the first thought that came into my money was, you know, I want to elevate the youth and barbarous guys that you guys that youknow playing the sports all around, barbaratus that are doing a really good joband you do need some more exposure. So I've been I've been trying tobalance that with as well as bringing in some more experienced guys like a Kemo watcher, Kevin Stout, to mentor the Youth as well. So Ithink it could be, you know, something for the time that I do. I haven't thought fully about it yet, but when I go to Canada andstuff, I would want to sustain it and nick tough as a Bon the shirt. Now I only got to get in one episode before thepandemic, you know, already shot cricket and stop all forms of cricket.But it's just away from me to you know, broadcasts and and put upmy skills, put out my you know, material, because I think I,you know, can give some analysis on the game and it's just away for me to, you know, discuss cricket, and that's solely onher hit. So it allows me to focus on cricket and, you know, put out content. Well, I mean that's just those are all theportions that are included in Nick you story. I mean I'm sure that he willgo on to be an international commentator, analysts posts and why? What's not? Because I do believe that he does have the potential to do it. So I do want to say thank you for joining me today in thequeue and I wish you all the best as well. I will, Ido will, I will keep in touch with you as much as I possiblycan. I do Mysel to do also myself want to travel overseas and developmy my my art as well. So just once again, and if anything, what advice would you give to persons? Let yourself are and younger who aregoing through a not on their unsure about their future and whatever, butespecially no, not they're going to covid nineteen or answer that question, Iwould say, you know, on you yourself. I'm someone. You're someonethat's, you know, been really reliable and I think you have a lot, you know, a lot of talenting in this industry, because, forthose of you that don't know, you know Christian is always somebody who sometimeseven works for free to come and, you know, require something out,create for me or, you know, come and stream something, and hisemployers would be was to tell you, you know, bad imagery, thathe's such a hard working on man, and I mean when I heard Christianscoming on board, because I knew him and stuff and he was really great. You don't have him there, but Christian, I believe you know youwill go very far because you're very versatile, able to do stuff in this anda podcast, as well as stay behind a camera, and I meanI don't know how you do it, because it takes a special talent tostand behind a camera and, you know, requd something for a whole day,which you've done. So I also think you know you have what's inyou. You just have to continue working and I think we can both gofar together. But the advice I'll gift... young people out there who maynot be so sure, I would say this is the ideal time, covidnineteen, because it's really time to be productive. If you're out there,you're watching this, you know, get off your bed, go outside,go and try things, try things that you always wanted to do. BeProductive during this time. Plan every day and I think now is the perfecttime to, you know, try what you something that you may have alwayswanted to try or something that it may have just run through your mind inthe past but you've never actually got the chance to because so many people haveso many talents, Soh there, but they just never know and they neverhave a time to try it. So I would say be productive in thistime, guys, and you know, reach for the stars, because reallynothing is impossible. It's and the people have tried to make me believe that, and I believed it more and more over the years with the way myjourney, as you know, shape, because things may not always work.Hope for you out first, but over time, the you know, alot of the environment the love of the world is if you work hard,you will achieve so just keep working hard towards your goals and if you don'tknow, try, try, try, put up content. You know.Put it. Don't be afraid of what anybody thinks. You know, useit as motivation, use it as you know, advice. Put out content, try things and I think everyone will find their head and talent at somepoint. Well, yes, once again the Q. I do want tosay thank you for joining me today and thank you guys. So watching dowhile I'm tune into someone the queues instagram lives. He does have some reallyinteresting stuff. Somebody guests do say some interesting and advising stuff as well.They he does ask some ruling questions at times and although he does do this, he's a very, very good friend of mine and I can say thathe will probably get far in what he's doing here. This is subscribe downbelow, following a keel as well. I will let him in the descriptiondown below and I'll see you, guys for another video.

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