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Get to Know Nikhil Uttamchandani | Wuh Yuh Say Podcast


Join myself and commentator, analyst and host, Nikhil Uttamchandani in my podcast (but not really one). I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

They guys are walking back to anotherforcast, and today I have a special gast. You know him Bo who a commepatoran analyst and the Mora you arerecently afortional on his ID live wit, manyfamous forn or ter etcea. This is an acute tem, O an frenly Hemad, an alte o Loe o work together,pomitating Ho I'm doing with you, so just wan O, say pressal Prafice, Morica Ikso,especially good morning to Uq, and thank you thank you for coming ontothis. This port CASS, a lot of people know you as no and analyst h who, asnow recently for Nictok and recently Wi, used to get your sports talkon onInstogram Lave, but one of people really what don't people rea know about Nikilwho Tam Candani, who was interested in crike plan cikate from such a young Um Age, I'm even growing up throughwandeers with me, as well and being a DJ. Even I my my graduation. So thisthis topic, itll boy yourself and Woll- get O get out ruling no good mornng. IsYou Christian Gret to be here thanks, Oloa, Aimeon Ani think some of thethings that maybe people don't know about me. Um Well, personall introducemyself. I am you know a sports cometate, as you said, an analyst or an aspiringone. Let we just day Ot- and you know I think, somethings that P may not knowabout me. Yousaid it mentioniwoul be Jane Asa. I Wan a hobby of mind thatyou know I sort of enjoy doing on the side. You know for some private partiesand some friends and stuff as well as I think, people many people lik atmeamust or his a cricket analyst I a commetation biting you know because ofmy pastion. I love he sports. I M ready, you know, watc ready, several sports ofVares to SPHARZBASSEBL for American pootball volleyballically and Heastometpling Cke as well. I do play a lot of sports Ha Iwul. My commentary aof myyou know skelin terms of Plaing, but I love the game and I love learning aboutthe game. I think helps me learn Alott. So just those small things- I think noteveryone may know about me, but I'm sure, as thing goes on, you knowthey'll be able to learn: Morabu, yeah and Oyou. You, you sayput Um, Pomentry,N, Nan, unalystable different sports in what an who you are really and trulybut whwhere. Did this passioner come from'cause there there seems to always have been passion for sports in in terms ofbossitball 'cause. You do play Bassetball, don't but eat gym as well.An I even played Er som college as well Yeahw, I think postman probably camefrom you know, just growing up being a rommate a uncle. I think you used towatch a lot of crickand stuff because twenty enough, my parents, they don'talready have much interest in sport, so wasn't ready from them, but it was more.You know I I think one day just soccer hit on on T V and I watched the readyenjoyed it and then from having friends WTO watch other sports. It was able forme to Ounow, diverspy and watch out of sports, and I don't know I just lovethe feeling and all youould get in terms of competitiveness, always LikWen, to see what happens next in terms of sports. I think that's somethingthat I really like and enjoy. So that's why? I you love all these differentsports and I still continue to get into many different sports. That's thatwas actually reallyinteresting to hear Um, but you mentioned to me well when we wereactually working at e recent Westinies,... Irland series that and even tothephotographer M Cammor Byno that you were going to get a scholarship onefind that you w they wantd to oversee the study, so is tat still going to berelating to your commentating Um Passion on your Angleer, a I'm going,I'm locking to go to Ras University in Canada and they're the only school thatCanada has a full sports media program. So I'm looking to you, know anhasmaskills, basically, what we're doing here s in front of the camera, but I'lllearn a bit of what you do. You know behind the timer as well 'cause, Ithink that's s extremely important and just you know, try to grow my craft andromy skill, a witout when Tye opportunity does come. Fom me I'll, beready, Nouh to take it for anyone weapon, maybe as good, not even bad, to hear from youactually, but I mean y. There is all this talk about sportsmedia, Onotis and whatever but wh who, even if your parents weren't thatinvolved on interested per se in sports, O N Pomentary, I know ow. They dosupport you, one hundred and ten percent and Um who, in terms of looking up to Um rolemodels in especially some persons like Gangadite, that you do know I for forone name per se, but who es Um really would have set yebarrd that you want toget towards then well. First, to let me just tell my parents. Yes, they may notbeen able to. You know, have M in ter O Scor, but I think you know the the rolethat they've played in terms of you know even someoy SM as small. As youknow, transportd me before I had made license to to and from matches and- andyou know, to jobs and stuff like that- I think they pay a huge rol event today.My mom always encouraging me. You know my mom and I always tellng me. You knowif I fiur it's good if they like it, what they like, what they dontLikeboyso, it's realy great to have that sort of sport in terms of theindustry. Now, yes, D, You mention Tangango, I'm ready crevilege! You knowto have somewene like him. You know in my corner backing me and en I have hada chance to communicain yet, but a major one of the major youknow peoplethat ilook up to in the industry is a guy named Harshal Bolblay because he'sone of the only fewcommentators who have an ashiplane international Cercaanto see the you know, level he's reached in terms of you know his career and allthe things he's been able to achieve, and he has on Bloa, Crickbat and stuff.It's people like that T. I always you know Lok to another. Guy Who's reallyhelped me come up who's actually Lokan his joyal money. You know he does thisgrand stuff and he does a lot of marketing work and stuff, but he's beena huge mentor. You know to me in Qrestion, younow Susan Ball as well.She's also been a ralely godventor. You know teaching me more about not onlythe industry itself, but she's very experienced in her as a horse. So sheyo teaches me the INAOE Criana. I don't know what, where we ready without her.So I have to thank all those people and you know guyatonty Cos e, I'm ready,wiwatching videos or Vadeos michelholding, the rare legends ofcometry. It's people that I alreadly look up to Wen any other SportsStevanesmith, the ESP N analyst. I love, you know how aggressive he can be, andyou know he pusistfull personality into it and I think that's the key. You knowyou have to get it Youe hundred percent, so guyslik that I already look up to,and you know when I suppare to be a fruction of what theyhave achieved. Youknow one day: Yeah, that's so a actually really really inspering forsome other person, because I do believe that you have kind of sette bar forsome other persons. Thar Aond your age, maybe younger, no Daracoas going tocome up. ECAUSE, no they're going to rel look towards you want to see whyyou have eall intreting accomplishe. I maybe might no even get into it,because there's some persons that do it may have takeor get laid like yourselfand may not have the willaejoy theres...

...somelike, some persons that woul wontto do Someinstan Stuff, like Laly John Cherion, William, William Barden, whowent into comparing so the guys that are like Yoll, are really setting notSunder for some of the younger persons. Even though y? U You yourselves, areyoung L K you already kindo setting on sn Dontese stones for otheryoung persons that are going to come up to Yocan, want to Esper and get intothe comentary an umpiring or? What's not, because there is a Falbat youcan't get into sports, even though you may not have being successful in thatsport. So that's 'm Velly spiring, but I just want to take you Bock to Um the plain hospects I mean myself in yourself. We would have hadour last game for her in college Um BCC and I mean I have to say thank you to you. 'causeI mean they was Aratu of really memorab memorable game because we did end upwinning the game Um. I beat them on in the and but when we were on that lastday I only had a little bit to to reaand Treay Win. All the IKITS werecoming on and you came in with me. I only reahonst you to just n up onBosove. I mean for you to do that. I really ire a IYOFOR that and it was shEEMBER game, but for persons Um may not really be TA. Nown nniki was aa the keeper on as well. I we cuimboxonefor per se. It wasn't too Baohini stogs, you know everybody had their faults andwhat's not, but he was pretty pretty good pretty most par. He did O o e goodjosts for us in N inteen Um I mean tha has someplan endike was even youngerand like Wa, full Om fit for him like he would just be a giving left rightfrom corquoris drills, and I mean not even m s tat in bar to keep him goingand all that focus right. So I mean that was really really good and likeeen Ay Wondrous Tor, like it was good Toim, tce s, ine bockey bus and ePlaine tuns and wat OK. So I thing all that proem was was really good, buteven for Octorlie Y, how how Ol did you find that doctor would have helped youeven in what you were doing now? Really, I think, ou in terms of CRCON, a hol sports. I think you kN W Iradi teachesyou the discipline that you need in life. Not only you know for commentary,O position or anything is or life because, as you said, Cory Edwars wasthe Hasan College. Cote an was mie man, Yer, COC, Hason coge, those drills andthose stuff. You know I was saying he's one of the main pope that more than myfuture forward, because, yes at point Ta during my state Asoncoi as day Ou,know didn't enjoy going to practice because how hard it was. But when youlook back onit those things that he would make you do, you know thatattitude of never see a dita attitude o' always wantedg to you know, workhard. Sometimes it may it was really hard. It was difficult because when youcome in from primary school, you know you're not a that finis not but you're,not tat Mac. You have a book. It makes yo of that very quick fre. So I thinktas that Korade already helped me a and Hel, I'm sure how Yo as well, you knowbecome a better man, ittes te Matority and for the wander store. I think itwas great to see going to Waners, so goingfor wonders Tho England at such ayoung age. I think it was gon to see how you know just bit of how it is totravel around the world, because we know the West inies Austut inditheytravel throughout the year and professional corcaters on a wholetravel to other countries. You have to adapt the conditions Qicly, and Ithought that was the rar eye open up for me, because you know it was called.We knew it was cool that some games were very different, Om the conditionsand that's no ow. We used to get wer used to sun and you know Har Flat,fishes and over there wegot a lot of movement through the air, because thoseBo those conditions are already fast,...

...wonin friendly. So I think it wasreally agr. I Open I and I think, all clubs, of course, if your financiityable to sh try to make an effort to expose to their players, to you, knowother countries in the world, because I think it will do a lock for thecricketers in terms of when they become PROFESSIONAF cikees later on they're,like yeah for sure or yeah, I mean yeah, Sirreally did do a lot. An I mean, even though I'm continualplying CICKY foronders Um yeah, you cand, see the fitness am Lavoda an you do go over anto the cub level and that fitness is needed really and truly on that focusan I will, because even in my first m season Ma, I did go through on a bit ofof stuff really on Truy, for with, like a bunch of like fitness and stuff likethat, but like the focusd really on the mental ability to go far and and keeppushing radand to really help me and I do have to say thin, O to him as well,but speaking about traveling, and you can see any boutgrown Um with the eBarbitous Tradens, you did have an experience, t e troubl across theCaribbean with them. I just Uel, were indefinal M. I defina where you wereable to witness new doubt an not really reasiy much. So what was thatexperience really antrurylate to ready go from country to country, recordingdifferent finds, meind people, Etcetera, ecetera? I think th he opportunity was great.Let me just say you know, I'm very grateful to the tradis owners forgiving me that opportunity. I started out. You know just trying to see how Ican add value to Tebargeno trate an I tout. I just cratd that roll o who imnow, which is their probably reations officer, but I also run the Social Milacose for theman. It was really a great experience younow to see that sort ofcrn. For me, it's crazy because I grew up, as you said, at the compothe show.I grew up US res Shupe Fon of Crike, and I would watch these guys on T v N,some of the bats. I don't know if you would remember, but I used to carry myoil bat to catch the novel during the regional ceget and get them sign by allthese prayers away. You're. You know robbety, rubbing Anan and you nottalking to all of these cricketers, Youre shaking as o them n.You know your baty relationships with them, a crazy thing. When I look uponton my life, because I would have never thought one day I would come to youknow this. Where I' bable to ask interrupt with these cricketers and anddo a job for them, so I I think, have to be ready, greated for the trates andthe alterning that they've give un such a young mind like me, and I've tried mebest not to let hem. Now I ido what I'm supporsted Tois. It was really a greatsperence laster because that that season for me Hadin so much adversityand it just showed how all the guys stuted together and things just cametogether at the right time because il coming back to Barbidas, we lost ourfirst two games and then you know everybody was reay. There was a lot oftalk going around about you know. A lot of talk went on if thetrains are get enough, this ear the teem that was picked, an Etcera etcetera anything the the discipline a and youknow, desire and strength hat. That team showed last year is one of themain reasons why we were chappis because Gren up against undefeatedgranateen, it was never going to be easy to be them anything, not finof theatmosphere. Everything was crazy. Hol, the game went and, as Yeu all could seeon TV, you know we were already into it, so it was just a great experience,tournament on a hole and I'm ready looking forward to working forrd traded.You know for several years to come. Yeah I mean that would really look thatyou had some fun on. You lautno you reallywere running ou to be felled withthem as well a you did. They end up left Holin Netro for yourself, Um, Um,whenthey did't come bct here and mean I musthave be real real, experienced,really and truly, but just moving away from sports a bit Tel know a bit moreabout your Djin 'cause. I know you do love music per se and Lik you'll beplaying it through. How I said even...

...only wonders tore with us, but where,where, where the do esite of you come from, then Realy Antrubly, I would sayyou know, grown up around my friend, my Gad's friends. Tay would always carryon their ipads and stuff e Pons and do alittle they had. You know they havethese ats with D J, so they would plac some music for our parties and stuffand it lept to hear the transition of the songs. You know I I'm one personthat you can ask man, but I know me well they I always, they always saychanged song. I would change it son too fast, because I don't like to hear theentire Stong I like when it's mixed without song sin, I don't K W. I thinkI just got into it over the years. You know interested in mixing music, a you know, sinking,beast and thinking orhidms, what a state I m oradio DJ quality or anything,but I think it's something I enjoy and am able to drea for some of my friends.You know when they have their parties and I have done it over the years and,as you said, your graduation as well, so I think it's a good way for me toget away. somethings from you know, school and as well as work a it's something that I enjoys. So Ithink I'm going to keep it up. You know, as far as it contain me clar enoughfair enough. So then so reactually, you Wanto, be apart time. Dj Um, homentaterinow this any other things that you want to hide that you are looking toreally add to to your entire collection, really andtruly, that you want to doanlife. Well, I think honesty. I just want to be the best verson of myselfChristian. I think. If I can be, you know someone who is a fo family as wellas Mein, my parents happy and may everyone arole me happy. That's themost importave thing to me: Yes, Tod Janes on the site, I want tosay part t BG. I think I'll continue to you know work ommeas and stuff, but mymain goal is: You know to do some well, it was ready to do youknow COMENTA International Crcar in the world and I'm sure if I keep workinghard, I will get there one day, but and you know I'm not going to say it'sfenty Crooket, because you never know the optortunities that come up andthat's why I'm trying to you know they were to find myself. I'm reallyinterested in Bostiwell M tennis now getting really interested in the NFT aswell. So it's Aulible, I think you know broadening what you know and I'm justtrying to you know: Um, I'm just trying to expine. How can Inot mention football in ATHLETICSA? I commondate both of them here locally,so it's ready about the opportunity and whenever it comes in, I'm just Gongmake sure that eqot myself position to be ready Bor. Whenever Tha Opportunitydoes yeah. You did mention n football therefor a second andno you by shaky site in arsnal right right. So Imean I want regas about Tomu 'cause Yo know they're a bit below us right now,um. I do suport, MI, nay Amore, but no Thatsconsi discussion for another timebut um you have not moved away from Herson College, a you're, not quenscholage and you did go back to sort of play a bit with UmMes clodging there and ter nineteen. But it wasn't really like you. rerywere focused on it and you did a lollthe m after March um interviews andstuff like that. So, but but what? What is? What was the change? Are Youareafeeling come from Herson College Compuredto, escine verm really esatlmemuch better. Is it still the Environment Yeah? I think Um. You KnowMe. It's lock through the environment, Bas a lot also to with t e person,anthing and t e social person. So I'm able to fa into many environments- andyou know it's s good- to communicate with different people. I wone the manchanges. I would says that I'm not boiling, so something that coach,Coriat Harrison College didn't let me do and it seemed to pay off 'cause. Itaught eight Igan Niin this year, so it wasn't too bad, but yeah. It's great.You know, of course, people w were areally surprised when they made utmove to s schools for two years, but queaze Colege has been great. You knowI have to obiousy e AECD because that's where it came up, but Queen's Collegehas been, you know school, which is able to mor my chalteabet and me able to focus on Schore as...

...well as the COK. I work as well. Athey've beenbe already on board in terms of what make gos are so I have tofind them, and you know everybody who's just put themselves inposition to helpme for just talking about you being as ahost. You know how Nicto and you're recent Sur whatd you have on his Togom whwwhat. Are the Angols fothat ar youlooking to ready push underhese um get even more and more um guess I guess 'cause Noyou, you you'vehad Zam Maloney, you've, Hadkmr Roa, chief Hie Um. What's his name, though I can'tremember now, Jes at place, O Barbedas Tat, no c made Kevinstope right, yeah,Ya, Canmiste, an I've watched Majorityi, an SOFOR UM. They have been interestingso wha. What are the? Are you gon to develop this into a Fulon show, or isthis going to be? You know it' just going to be just on NSocial Millionorho, we're in NOO PERCI yeah. I think this Covi nteen virus, ofcourse, is ready unfortunate for so many around the World Crestum, but isready to open my eyes, and you know the word is going to change regards em. Ifyou like, O after this, you know virus n after Sawbert, this finamic is Olwer.So I think I like sports, stop, because when, when it cocept O lasy idea, thefirst thought that Cam inom money was, you know. I want to elevate the youthand barbers guse that you guys that you know play in the sports. All the ROMarredes that are doing already good job and- and you know, need some moreexplosure. So I've been I've been trying to Balash that with as well asBrigada Ome, more experienced guys likeakma OA Kevin so to mentto theYupha as well. So I think it could be in Al something full time that I dohaven't thought fully about it yet. But when I go to Canada and stuff iwouldwant to sustain it and Nickedoff as Ibon a shirt. No, I only got to the qtGad in one episode before the pond. A you know already stuck herge and stockcall forms of Cirket, but it's just away from me to you, know, broadcastand and put all my skills, but al my you know material, because I think Iyou know can give some analysis on the game and it's just away for me to youknow, discuss cricket and Tas, so it so. He lovs me to focus Ontri and you knowput out content. Well, I mean that's just M. Those areall the portions that are included in nil story. I mean I'm sure that he willgo on to be an international container Ani w. what's not because I do believethat he does have the potential to do it. So I do want to say thank you forJoing Me Todayni Q. I wish you all the best as well. Well I do well. I willkeep in touch with you as much as t e. possibly can I do Muceo. Also myselfwant to travel overseas and develop my my my art as well, so just once again,and if anything, what advoice would you give to persons Lik yourself or younger?Who are going through not n her unsurable their futurewhatever, but especially? No, not they're going to po be nineteen. As that question, I always said youknow you yourself, I'm someone you're, someone has, you know been reallyreliable and I think you have a lot. You know a lot of talenting in thisindustry because for those w don't know you know, a Christian is alwayssomebody who sometimes even work for free to come, and you know recoresomething acat from me or you know, comintream summing and his employersWou Beblae, to tell you. You know magry that he's such a hard work. Omina, Imean Wen. Her Christian was coming on board because I knew him an suff. Itwas realy great o. You don't have him there, but person. I believe you knowyou will go very far because you're very ferst able to do stuff like thisand o Pa Jastis butes stay behind a camera, and I mean I I don't know howyou do it 'cause. It takes a special tenent to stand behind a camera and youknow recare something for a whole day which you've done. So I also think youknow you have wo in you. You just have to continue working and I think we canboth go far together, but the advice...

...out give o young people out there whomay not be so sure Eversa. This is the idea of time, Covin nineteen, becauseit's rerany time to be productive. If you're out there you're watching this,you don't get off your bed, go, say: Gon'nd trade, things, Trad, tings thatYoue always wanted to do be producteve during this tame parn every day,anythink! No, it's the perfect ting to you know, try what something that youmay have always wanted to try or something that it may have just runthrough your mind in the past, but you've never actually go te Chan tobecause so many people have so many talents over there, but they just neverknow, and they never have a time to Tra it. So I wuld say be preductive in thistame gase and you know reach for the stars, because really nothing isimpossible and the people have tried to make me believe. Thati believe it moreand more over the years with the way my journey has, you know, shape becausethings we not always work o fewafirst, but overtime, the you know a lot o theenvironment. A love of the world is, if you work hard, you will achieve so justkeep working hard towards your gors and if you don't know, try try a D. try putup content, you know, don't be afraid of what anybody thinks you know. Use Oas Wor hevision use it as you now advice put out, content, try things andI think everyone will find their headens on at the someone. Well, yes,once again the KA DO ANTA! Thank you for Joyng Mi today, and thank you guysto watching do Omjune INSO OMON the ques Um I oram,laves e does have some realy interesting stuff. Somebody O gs, dosay some Um interesting nadvacing stuff as well th. He does have some bruelingquestions at times and although he does do this, he is a very, very good umfriend of mine, and I can say that he will probably Forin what he's doing sissubscribed don below. Following aKeel as well wo iided the discrition down below and ill see, ou glace foranother video.

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