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Episode 9 · 1 year ago

THE FACE BEHIND GOME!!! | Latisha King | Wuh Yuh Say Podcast


Join myself and Young Creator and Brand Designer...Latisha in my podcast (but not really one). I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

I gavs A locome Bato. Another was tefortcast es in a oil FIA, little break a knowing bout. This should have beendone a while ago, but mean bity schedules on who's featuring in thisoma episode has to be schedule so mainly copishe back and but finally, sogs finlly enjoy. It is a part of the WHO motin agent taleent. I guess if youwant to put a lig up, but h I mean czekio is this was going to be a veryinteresting one. She on she's an owner of a cloting, Brun,Um, Gon clothing. I don't know if you would ave heard of it from before. Shehas been going doing this for a number of years and she has hestore an number a number of people havinnpurchasing her o stuff. So I mean cecide enjoy the episode it'smasho LatButton. If you do enjoy it, what youabout to see Um, subscribisio arnyou and I was see based in Thepso comingw. First of all, etshar welcometo wathe fordcast Um is been kind of wh Missy, I'm twentyyouor. We will be twenty threenext. Many three at twenty thre Sait DavidShut. Well, you laugh and dated at tors my etso I don't know my mass quickly, but that was the last time I guess Ias really spokelto you Um. Obviously, that's how I have myinformation with you Um, but obviously I was seeing some stuff that you wouldhave had on Euror that you were on c Bcif icorrect, fod e entrepreneurship,stuff an they were talking about Lese, Ma Raspringer. I I forat Yeah rigtYoure you've not been doing this for a number of years. You know how Um Goind clothing, which I just rm Wa,going through your Pofr Um. Here you had a you, had a store Um, I scamole.No, I didn't you did O he w s. It was always in Lantersmoll, okay, but Um.Well, first of all a we EU can get your stuff from going clothing, gays, um, but I mean where's the idea. 'cause Imean when I first saw on the same CV C program. It was just that you weredoing art, Arw persomthing Te Seosa interview was maybe aboutthese sates arm for RM axpering memorial. So we were Onin the FIRschools to offer entreprenership as a AKEEP subject.They just mid the interview with a lawstute. Si would have taken thatQorse to Figo. You know how it was...

...helpful to them M. have any of USstarted any businesses from Ne Program or Watnot? Well me being a bart at datfor a money time. I had already started bongilding, so they were intrinterestedthen to Nol. Ok, how the this program help you as an already establishedontrave. Okay, I mean dmas O teache King, so I just won't try to Findo theOregin at least or the Bakgroun of Colm clothing cause w where the name comefrom. First of all, and then like we wer the idea to come for going anddoing tese ships where that all come from okay, so I am a artist. I dografic design as well. So when I realized that I was into R and Moreso egraphic esign field, I was in second form ataytime and during a lunch Brek Iwas just dowing and Iam more St Arhis, an anything else. So I was joined theselatteres and there are some really weird letters. Iwill probably draw them and attach an image for you, so you can include here,but I dotes these letteris well, what I know know as Taer is, and I try topronounce EMYNA PONOUNC WO Gome, so I was Lik okay. This is pretty creative.This is different and I just ranevat it from ther. So again,as I attached the image for you when you see that along my friends in theclass, they were like. Okay, I like this m. So at the time you know thosebadges and pens that people used to put on their bags and Tus and whateverthose are popular so that sobom started an put that Sam Frit, I did' ONAcomputer friented, that into budgies. That's how I started so I remember itcame to dressthey hat SAMD. I walked in with thirty vages in te Sam s allflastit by and I think that passed the gay with O Temogis. They also kno rightthere and I was like woa okay. I brought these just from my class andother people. withany school weere, Biin Hem, so a week after week I wasrestocking and selling these marges and then it Wel atobe. Okay, if somebodywants this on a Tshirt, somebody wants this on the sweater and then it is justlike toward her and then I spent more time than developint moredesignd and Yeh. I printed the designs ascollections rather than to order, and it just pretty much belouk from there. Well clearly: Ablu 'cause Hen, you havenine hundred n twenty two follers a Lokin. An your page right now meanthere's a variety of designs that they can see. You have the Wans in Blue Bol ess. On Gold I mean Jeez, there's a lot of designs andthere's some pretty well known. People across Bobii now are wearing these,these cloles as well. So I meantas you're doing well on that front atleast- and I mean, like you said,...'re doing collections and rememberlooking at this from a couple of years by they saw I was age, I need to getondoor. He still have to get once, but I just I need to Kogotmad myself. Sartee wel Get one. Probably one te Bo these 'cause- those are l, Pu, icur m, so youguys can probably see one of the bahodies or noth, because I, like thosea lot Um. Yes, you basically go to mountoco Um, ther, platinum, Tique, catright. You can get some, but just strang away from that. You say you dopro design is Dat. Besides, apart from going clothing, ishave you done Ke some other professional work, you just Sai. Youwere in a Meetingso, I'm guessing th Youa Er Tane job. Only recently, Iworkd with forbines lanampower, so my plan from here is to Bo to graduateschool and continue to do entreprenaurshate a graduate level Um.So I'm working for them to get ijust Te Corporate Experience, Um Alon theseschools, I'm looking at the axpect two years, experience the lease and I needto just get that outsight of you know being a entreprenor, because I'velearning so much more. It's a business, an the corporate world working with latapart in a moment. So, yes, I have done other work as a guffy designer. I spenta Lott time in New York as well. More Summers. I would go overseas and useourtempts in that work and buill Bo and what's not Ou fanme thit live over,there is soul, they would help us to Tay would not have a breat close friendat works in an adventure capital- and you know just get inthose connectionsand me and those peope would have built to website for them built lovals forthem. I've done a lot of work for L, large corporations, in the? U S and inBarbatos as well. Well I mean Soh, I mean you really are Spoi, you Horizanis you speaking en teme'll just keep going, and I mean of course they coul,even bigger on who knows, like you got celebrities like big top Nams Lebitubyanyse schools, 'cause Ey mean this could be a early talk, talk, ter,clothing, brands, R alays Organiz in set o. You are going Abo DeneithyBusiness Um, but I mean, as you said, I mean you didn't do as much as you justmentioned, Um in terms of gravities nwh. You want to do anthin, O trapenorship,so besides clohing. What else would you want to venture in or CETO get into m?As you go on besides cloting okayl, the plan is to become a seria on trepenorand as a creative Um. I see myself doing like Consultan Isin myself doingphotography videography cause a law, the patures and videos that you wouldsee on my page. I would have shot myself. I would have edited him myself,Um, you know I. I don't limit myself and Iwouldn't say that you know this is just what I'm going todo and this is whereassoboing because...

...being agreatice you always you don't really plan for things.Things just happen an as things pople and I'm somebody tat. I guess they canspot transina form, maybe, like you know, capitalize on it any early. Sofor me I just know th t I will be zero entreprenaur. I you know I can miss ten businesses, nodiet expect to get into, but within the next five years it might increase totwenty. So you Ko for now I I'm looking into getting into Um consulting so how cing people to buildbusiness pis and what's not increasing te graphic, besign, O videography andte photography aspect of my talents, and you know Continu with Bompoen pecalgrow and Oll Bestan um sat of everything that he wants to be she canelike that Um, but no that I want to focus too much onjust your work sit ofeverything because Im, sometimes you do need a break from wer on Indota or yourpersonal page. You I don't know if it was a year or two ago not he would havealready started seriously going into tennis. If is it, if that is a hobby, verious like'cause?Obviously, people tend to no businesses, but they don't intend to know thepeople that are behind them. Just when I get into the e that Mayi you get toAknoy you a bit mean obviously hers, tennis, Wather, hobbies and stuff youthey enjoy to doing stof why other hobbies will be traveling. Ilike hiking, I like going to the beah Ro thou. I don't go very often it issomething I like to do. Um I like driving. I, like anything, that'sfunlike like bright, an running exercising Um buggy car collarts. Anything like that, those Ar Ma type of hobbys just fun, an outgoingyou should just grow and with Tenis you you were. If you aren't on Stil Whenaryou eating siht N, that was so woul you' say that that is Soman. You wouldtake imen Asafe from just being the entrepreneur.Would that be a nor class like competitive spore thatyou wold want to get into not fully professional, but you knowsevyprofessional movies, Ig. Of course, if I could be someon for backhil tennisFlayr, along with everything else, hi've got Wint on, I would say: I'vemade it because I do anjoy tennis. So much isLi e of my griefest passions and from the I train, maybe three times a weekwith Tenis and there's not even optimi in me. I want to play I tontis everysingle bay, so right now that the UE season has ended. I am you know: RealiIsin, AIS but imagin, or to give more information on Thi Enis. When I travela NE place anes I wouldhave Wante forymonth last year in Connecticut, soyou know if I could get further with it.

I would, but you know, to become veryprofessional or to become a professional tennis ver. You would haveneeded to startin much earlier. You know so I'm just waking it as it goesar come. We fair enough e ant to a bit more of some sterious topic. I meanrecently there was the cold mater WITHB, the blalesmatter, and all that an obesecovin nineteen, so I'll just touch on blatlay's matterfirst Um, a as I didwith my pthe previous interduce, I've donewith with achpener them with them. How do you see yourself incorporating youknow s moter, into com, clothing and everything that you ere doing withcountry, eneurship? Funny that you you mention that, because my nextcollection is actually going to be aninsane, catering to or Liin theimpartments of blotlats matter? Now that's been going on so right now. WhatI've been doing is just like working in partnership with a Lal. Thesephotographers t a would have taken pictures and leave up the photographersoverseas, obviously photographers I would have takenpictures of the prootest and, what's not you know, just trying to figure outokya this. I free image that I can incorporate into my design or do any topay for it. So that is the process that we're outright now, but wedesign iswanting to be. I guess I can give an Itl teiser of it Um, so the Wall Street dern Ei, somethingthat would have that. I would have followed a very long time, because Imeant to starks an Mento business, all these different things, so the the the atiar process of this design we'regoing to Renam Our Name. This is Aint Gon Street Journal, so Thas the GormStreet EENOL, and it's just include loty images from the it's. It's opposedto hat like a newspaper article in the sense SIYC, when I include a Ladi Blakaway. Even colored images photographers would have taken and we're going toinclude like pictures of George Floyd and Briona Tailor, and you know all theother black lavs a I would have been taken and just try to create somethingvery positive out of everything. That's been going on and right now, I'mcatering to the BARBITOS market. You know more so than on outside. So youknow does that. I want to say that we are not affected by it, but just ahighlight even more so I want to just put this design on there and eventhrough this is, I hope, not ipen influnt. Some of the brons tha usetheir platform to bring more light to what is going on in the world becausewe all n our effect, the big AK Arlie Y, definitely for sure we all D areeffected, whether it may be or a major as it is in America or even in Europe,but I mean you mentioned Um getting in...

...touch with oversees photographers, andI know that in Barbulocty is a bit chalege. You know they talk to numberother persons as well. They KINDOF DO struggle with getting to put theirselves out there on gettinghold of some of these sane photographers and some other hunch ofMership help or whatever it is Um. So why advice? Would you give first of allbefore ou touch on Covi Ninteen atsid of everything to to the Youn G, theyounger entrepreners and the Cuen O trners are maybe around your age onthat may be trying to get a hold 'cause. Some people may be wondering how kindthey rea get over there and get ahold of these same photographers, and youknow bransh yourselves, oe there and meet new connections hat whatever is for me. As far as with a for me, it starts we a question or anapproach. Tho Be Person. All I really do is maybe fininnstarount page andConhart Tamvia jet rect message or use your email or whatever Um as muchpeople as you can recholtto. If you retail to a hundred people, you onlyget watch fo responses. Doesn' two people were forking with Yeundeta, sois bad on zero people or whatever. So you find, I don't Kn. I would haverached out to maybe fifteen photolophers and I got bad responsesfrom ten of them, they're all interested, because once you youdevelop a plan, I woul suggest developing a plan for a snoodydirection that you're trying to tea noo. This person is going to help youbecause you don't want to be approaching peopom he day you need toTigr, you know. What's going on or okay, I have you. So! No! Let me t you knowal. These people are people that are already established and if Youre brainare creative y ato them not, they can get involving. I can get Anto you thatdaywill jump on board, even if it's just for you know, networking purposesor whatever, because me I'm not able to you, know many designers on the seas. Iwould have admired their work. I would have liked to get them design somewerefor Bor. I cannot afford it because a lot F, these people charge like sevenfifty you les and was not, and I'm like, okay Um, you know in my head of justconvertin out to beagm but SOMO, fifty just seven fifty you know so for me. I I've been network and a lotwith people, building relationships, firse and then allowing them to see thecreativity in allthe PLA that I have got and now we make me nat stattogether. Well, I mean take it from her avoice days. I meanshe would bein doing this for number years, no, but just moving onto coldierthan me. Obviously I everybody in the world was affected by it, no matter whowho it was Wen, the highest Om and the richest people were affected by it. Sohow did it affect you and how were you able to still, you know, keep producinggoing puling Ao Wuld, the Holward, the sals affected, Hem, Ote, Al Igtt, soGNCLOENN husbeed impacted tromendously... this ocalver situation. If you lookon the page or lass release would have been twenty eighteen, yes, twenty eighteen would have beenour last release. Now, twend Y nineteenewould have taken a step Ba tojust plan and figure out, because hiy wanted toventureaf from just the tshirts these sweaters ans, I would have still be donds, but I wanted to getinto like Carva pats and Jens fance, and you know Dressir long sea shorts,Leeve whatever. So I was using that time to save up all my designs orwhatever network with you know, fibrate designers and people that can actuallyyou know, drap my my ideas for thethe pattern or the the stylaty shirt orwhatever. That was what twenty nineteen was so went. twent y nineteen came toan end. I had all these plans in place and then coved came and Kove would have gone into. The lawties people before they even hit Barbetos so trying to get say I would have put in an order, profxample. They would have put in an order for some things on. I think it was January nineteenth andthis wouldhave been a manufacturer in Chaina, and you know beeven coming up to it was October or sort I thewer, you know,recogniz any kidsas were growing on there nontarkitrush this is you ade iown, I'm talking, okay, soyeah right coming up to the end of the twenty nineteen. I had all theserasiplay. So then two thusand and twenty right, one twenty teles long byyears January, would have. I would have been ready to just move ard witheverything and then you know they weren't able to produceanything, and even if they could, I couldn't get them here. You knowbecause my mom she would travel pretty often for her clothing store, wiches,boic and Er Mall. She would travel as she would bringing mysteff for me. Sonot being able to get those things here would have you know draumatically in patity business, so wehad no collection for the Ola Twenty nineteen, because we took the Eartaplan and then for twenty tranning up ontil thisday. We still haven't beenable to release anything because we are unable to get the stock here, so sales obviously decline. 'cause. Youhave no stark to sell the last CACSION WOULDAV have sold out pretty well. Weonly have maybe like ten pieces remaining, and you know it's just likeeverything is for e reason, because I've also been able to use this time toeven do more planting do even more an at work n and what's Notso I meanobviously Col Whatev Fet, you, as you...

...just said, Um. But how are you lookingto buns back from all that and Lookinto Contada and get Boon 'cause? No, yousay you wouldhave had more time to to Plynd Raceti AG on organize yourself N.I mean Om, Oony, Thea Hithey, also a a number of stuff coming Ou ba theywulbot you know being affected. So how do you o? Are you going to really goabout stratagathing using TI Tri to ou developed to comeby, even stronger, noAo Nten is probably hopefully oothe, declay, okay. So the plan then, is tojust fine different Wi to implement all the plans and strategies that I wouldCem upwith. So I would have started printing here, butbecause it he boke- and you know the numbers I started to produce, I had tostop and then you know importals. So for me I am pretty much stuck until this whole thing. Sof Sight Y know yeah. Well I mean thatassomething shocking, Imean any other advice. Would you what would you say to persons that are arelooking to get some stuff from going clothing on what Canae you expect likesomebody designs, maybe Um or Cante? If they ti go on your page after thisinterview more the pieces that they can expect to go and grabto those last TimReay? Well, we have no es for sure had hes anthe quickest thing to sallow. So any time dat you see gong clothe, theyrelease Adi or Hoddis. Please grab tem ASAP. We have sweaters maining and we havesome tshirts the most these sweters abwe would have now or from the lastcollection, which is the Gom field. Those are chenol patches that we wouldhave applied and the other design would be the gold one. We go at tefrent andthe definition of Gom on the back of the the ratters and tshirts or whatever,and then there is one seater of a Gom abstract collection that we did. Okay,you know I mean those are all the collections. Gays te say. Thank youTeachou for joining me today or Aways Tey botcast. It was a peasure forhaving e no problem. It was a pleagere to speak to you. After a while, I usedto haven't Doneimara. They still kin, O Talkin O that Um for a number of years.No, that Um, I would have been ot going to school with you. So I mean pleaseHacl. Goin clothing is, as she said, they said: PATUM L E teach in LanternsMall and there's still ten stuff m from different collessions. They so pleasego and grab your your gonfloting Pieceos Day, Um onc again ' tin yo forjoining me Um. If she waru to on...

Subscrape Lake, I like brotht in downbelow and ie s pace for another vio don forget, follow Bom floting, yes,definitely l home Clodin, the lades will all be in the decirsion down Bego. Yes, thank you.

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