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Join myself and Young Entrepreneurs and Creators...Kyron Richards and Xavier Lisk in my podcast . I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

I guys are looking back to yet anotherWasepor Gasvideo. I man. This is like three an a week or so, but thank youfor joining me. If you are returning sescribe, if you are new like Gom downbelow, and this ucomn episode with this one is staying with the same talkas. I saidin the last one where we're dealing where I'm just trying to boost blog,Bagan young antremeneurs creators real in truleon these next to persons thatare comin onto me in this episode. They went to school with me, and I know himfor some number of years now, but they' know have their own business. One isdealing with baking, an did' taking an clothing, rather a oneis dealing with making drinks. So I guess you CUSD sayMixologis in e Sice, so just stay June and dome on this music orcas asowelcomBo Var Airono Asicacabay. Thank you for doing me today. Wo both have your busines mean R,blended and on maybe e. We R in over again M go co, which is a Carmius netreand MEA. Just boxing butboth of you mean how Oudi the whole idea ofbecoming Harg too I e ferly young, like Orron, go Um meanboth both of the menwe used to sell out of school, so really started from Backa C ds. It wasa group of US men, O tost, seem to be selling like Um Jobas te coolaerthingsinse I wa go to school was a little Cooler Ein Leve an thing I was a scedlso about some starberrs and he have so automatic jons that used to say cookies,andthing ithink. So that's a group of US yeah pretty much. I guess to SA,come to school. Every day. Every morning evre honest inever, he ily money, Ma Anli Iwas Sa, and it wasjust a group. We go friends just you know, but I see an intality, but hesaldin different thingse. Everybody will go different, OT, specific meaning ad. He product ter.As busy I mean how on you you do it. I meanIthe Different Cookinan thing: You, a tin O that you know after Wal, you Nedtbe needed to o aw n a new Po on event. soacause. You know thing be o much ofanrsi world. I mean you need to keep meinventing aselted and finting newways to people that he caught up in the Tan that he got to Wori'm. Sorry, terUm so mean you camwith. You Cheese, pigs, ABO EAN. You said it was rointhat first and then on to Chese Hap I mean you would have started Mi mean ifim correct. I remember you said a Boni E, all Bota becomin te art for my GadTe Class KBL. He besiting or Thingwe Werk, ING Oro thing. BECA m. You wereall friends, so we will all help each other sell productly. If I'd bean te hesto up from his lapar O es left, all of Yo would just come togethe, you knowhelp push off e, probably go. It was a good little team that we had going onand we ad o set up to the Um like, for example, see I eawas sendingcol her that when never come school with Coi, I cant Toch pro you know. Sowe EAC had a understanding we W Seli. Like you said at the energy they says.I go some coolas and that's when they don't sell everything. I have three daymy teck, you know fior tank wo tes go...

...ron or walk wavend, you know, tust helphellow et e did and as dos Kindo Hob a star, but then, like you, said withbronies and thing, that's too many people started setting that everybodystarted to Selaout the same thing: proby became th, one of the biggest isa you see, O thing, so'cause cookies was doing, numbers cookies was good,but obviously we kind o saw cookies 'cause. I was joing Sparte a Lik, hesaid now we goot a find somethingo. When I was thebronie and I really tookold, everybody was anebronys, Wa, Oappointenthin and I mean obviously caron the Wen Talnto. You know howvitis bakery an Chil Oer, as you said yesterday, mean close to no two. Twothousand followers I mean Avyou yourself and inegram is doing a numberof OTA number of followers. Now Ou they shubuted to different cruises and fatsand Events Auacross Barbido. So I mean I mean how W did cove it affect both ofyouall means haever. You can start. First, I mean 'cause, a lot ofbusinesses would have suffered from it and especially small businesses where yused to Manm Hav Bee dedivated by yourself, Ma kind wron. You told methat your mother would have helped you along Dewa. I mean an barbies, not youar B in Montreal, IC Gright, so Um Cobi, really to a number but measpeevery business is affected. My Cote, I had a lot ind settle the blalan as asit petans to the you mean thanks. I know you wal a Signor, some ue evanksme moreher, so and also to know what we seeing is.A sacy bars were being closed off, Lodis Bartan, there's no starting to you, know to to drink a loom right, soyo seem gotto bottle cottails. So he's seen a lot like new small businessesmerging competition raising sor is I go to readjust. I go really readjustme strategies and stuff like that. In order to to Compe bcause, there's a lawcomputition a in sea an same thing, I I guess for for UqrosI mean you would have told me that you know. Sometimes, when you have thesesales already, you give aways puts lot pressure on your mother, so I mean coli.As you said, Shou mean it would have been giving her a break, as you said,but I mean y. You still might, though, he's sort of a sigte hustle. You stillmake one deal: Income on O Cominia O. I guess me Ou, never say O anyincome come.You know O thos a good thing to have towa yeah. They they well. For me thecoll bi it was. It was good for a while, like my mom as retired and things soshe runs it about home. To me Ti they ater started off Lik, obviously likenobody was ready, everylate for the firs week, or so everybody was e, realunsured d. nothing was going on everybody, Wllid, pocnicking and things,but then, when I hel went, Ome Likein, like English, was making his legs andthings. So he went home because of that that was a good likinflots of customersand thing for a little bit of thin Sol. Although they had out freeze period.OPERODE was still pretty good because because of that I knew everybody was insade, so that'sOerre Thet's the best time to have botas everybody Woanto that lakes and then wecome on and think Tra something rigt and and Thas Waiv, because everybodywas insafe as we traitor, you know, hard value in different ways: Tas VeryStartn, O cauteo videos and stuffing ot a did like maybe made e sociamiliarPupa bit more friend 'cause. I start into the Patri laled as he go. I wontpush at a Lake Sta, not just a drink. You know what I mean billion Bak. So is...

...obviously it's a lot of work butniwilling and my team millin Soll ches FATACIS and thetins coma, verson well, meanstayn sang. This is aquestion for both you I mean just I mean I know persa how Ey would aveready started, but just for people that are watching maybe al like wheres, thename Blan id come from where theriches comin from you know. I mean Itis, APL,Yor last name but whi riches, White, blanded, ut, O go fur es a won, be Bul,firs Um! So me and my friend Sira he used USLI Anglot to Alaco pox like see it's just a group of US friends.You know breezes in a Sapagara and we were always like nix drinks like thre different things,onthin Greatso bhasically from tat. You just do itself. You know it te. If is Sogood Wy, not star, Osomething seting it 'cause. I came. I was twen y seventeen. I was eiteen orSevente. Nobody wasn't doing anything like that e. So I ma olt. Well, if themoney doing it, it is wel ve sock, an tin, gafte Rason to Thos, basically Holblanly Cot Tal, carcles pleny, because kow to mixing drink a ve, cotter s, that's a Ucky, you GOKEEP, O! Youjust go tra and ao best to start anything. If you go ou ide just do iton knowto it. It sel hard luck, but m. If you consist Om Inat you O hom, O getbig as the same wit me 'cause, like I say, had to start. I had to start withthe BRONI set out. First, I was just setting out school. I wasn't evenanything that was as me, Makngproes and so just talking to people selling to abunch of people and some people Youo mad, like a name for your your littlerony business whatever and then so th yeah. My last name isRichard so hey say I just play on my play on my name and Sai Rigis, and itwas also because it was the ronies and n chocolate was real sweet. His e verylittle rich favoro Te Min that Wele. It has a Connotationofly, expensive andNice N or good qualities. So riches be agree when you hear out, you kind, Othink of like o know the good quality products, Omwhatth Thatwas KINDOF, thereasonin behind it. I just EPA Ol, my name and Asot Tar with the bronies. IWant O Cheesescat N, I just canontinue on the more time you put into it os,not growsway Itse, O mhm, I mean I mean Wol Yare doing well, as is right. Now Imean aside from Cole, obviously, but for a younger person that isn't allawround our age. Maybe there is no doing 'cause, don't know if you guysremember that, but Ason College Beha, like the it department, would havetheir orthecom to the department o Ho there tha was sell, Tuf Thetaloge,whatever it is, so I mean for a person. I'm migbe Goonto Tha want to ecome aANC. U Near themselves, lilase. Would you give to younger person? I woul say the S: Inconsistent Ben Ovenmined as possible sist. Her consistency is definitely keecause everybodys, voter Oy problems, an don't spor short in eery businessyou'll, get some failures and get some successers to Os. I STA on sister ThaHarit, an the thing is Lik. Another thing Iwill say, like I say before just start Patmean we had start from setting thosesweeks on school, making like a few asho dollars, Anda, nothing creas. Youknow what I mean and just likes consistence an Havda people startedtogether, nowas, no, your name. Whatever you have to know you, you aget more customer people coming by. I just this start. Try a thing startsmall Beconsiston, wo a I ol just grow... itself. If you Consese, you wan, besuppler o caught up with all the Tisthe Teenis of business that I stop, thensome marting clean now more soer that CAS that C I mean there's just a Domina fat at Jus.Come Dow. You Wan be good to yeah, I mean for sn that you ere consistent'cause, I mea at lest ever Ningle l semewher after school us c Ovall, a allind twenty com, Pon for sure AFTEC. You want cheese, Gay! If you all Broni, ifyou want SOM, sort, a treat or anything that O I mean Mas Wel than your parts,at least but UM. No, I'm moving on to a more serioustopic. I mean yes, they we talked out te cm aroun, but I mean this was happen.o mean you could once again answer it again, but how? How do you think thatyou guys can incorporate the whole thing? F, notlad matter into what youdo and how is it to really be in he situation o a a black person? Thatis,no dealin with it I mean and Bades. We don't really D have it as severasoversease countries, but I mean there is still some ssome sense of of inbarbidess, where we have to face ye as well. Well, en should say: Hataus helest fewvideos that I could be doingsom bofy things are going to be related to youknow: People Lasmy Movement, an eucating people and fo. You know pressure, th pes and Supper Lough, so risy IE. One way I have thought about.You know incooperating Lis matter. True Mycoca, videos, 'cause! You also havesome yes andthing. Talking about these topics. People who study like women are Gan Ceady, Mans, Ito, SainTin, we havein on our videos. So that's one way that are you lookingto spread aweardness, no, an Ma c like evenso. They caul it frombarbellously man. What I look at me and tell me that I blon, even before when Iwas younger nd an was even sas of white mind. then they a ao mov, an Te. Well,just call me a redmon or whatever, but the thing it's funny about it. When youcome to Canada, like my father, makes rase and I ino Ow, so block Ta go henme Lik, never, look at me and said Esblock, mout or short, and then theyit's weird, because man is t e. He never gogned up. Onthing knew it had alittle block in me, but it wasn't like Y. I wouldn have call myself Blo, youknow what I mean, but out herethey they they because black is like such a cruelminority out here. They every wantto stay together andeverybody they any. You go drop a Bockin you if you go cur, hear anythingso you block and he isi be paying for myself. But I even ti remember th timeI was writing. I I faceli discrimination of Monlik Mbe,we're just riting through on plake an normal doing nothing yeand. My friend he's darker than me,but we were just writing and aroundwat feller. Just look at us an curseas justthey di you, cursed, the other fan and encurage me. These things donn't happenin Barbatics, O knol he's not already Enginio Chans. But when you come outlike Western territory, anthing Y, you feel it and but it's Esili for themovement and thing it definitely well. I don't know I cant. Really, I don'tknow wha I'll. Take all trying to do is like my Platforma insogaa thing andgoon. Quite a few falloer s latas ten to lay poor things. Inte story, I meanthey just educate some people 'cause. They I feel a lot of people are justignorant towards EFILY. The Don' think cism really exists when it clearly does they're just ignorant towards it k surethey mean I just share. White can tr Educat onthing in terms of mybusinessis, though Um my husand things bon for rich is a parlbut tos kind of pus off or a bit Al...

...because of Col Hiden, but with Ebacre.I don't know n nothing too, nothing really Pon, but that's something. Icould definitely keep him money ecause. I was a good movie, Mont, so sure to try to push forit and straing way from just moving out o Mt Batier businesses and whatever I istha I mean you. It is mainly being aminollgs ondrinks a whatever, but is there any hopes or any aspirations of trying toextend that the Yan drinks and maybe a Ronde he with his Bakry he's he's. Youknow how rich is apparel, I'm not saying that there will be a blangin orParil, but you know. Is there any other aspertions of tranelpush it upbe beyond drinks? I I feel from Blende egaly movie, no IanSpeakings, this rasae moving into entertainment, business MRANKI. So I I I got plansas. So I guess if, ifanybody really wants to find e Lan ta onto the Wyour hous plan me, his OGonta follow him. Blended, O links will be in discussion, O low, I mean I'd.Also it wetew Kiroimea, you Sadyet was a sit Sihe Hustl, but is any other plans of pushing thisbusiness? You know further Um, but right now, um. I finally rinothe thing that I I have abit more to play with. Is Riches anparl because, like the bakery is a bit moreset in Stolin the You knowin deserts? Whatever said just you know what toCombu with Hohow E got: thetheparil Had IV, no is ido it, but lest seasonreleases raght its C thiwall be anything they preferrfor. The last to Idid two sets of hat and won sire, so just like clothing, but I want it to beliterally anything AF, parrel, O anything a E. I I I was considering some differentthings as to switch eatam clothing, all together and just drop thi seasonrelated to some of other things and cause that one is a bit more. I could play with you know it's not toosa I tom any time I have a seor anything that he go Plann, I ci say lrtnext season coming up, let keep an eyeen en. U A sally, I'm Te Mor. What Iwant Ma should be so parently is a lot more modable. So have I have got fwethings in store? They go go pospot like te say becauseof Colit, but it should come. UTIT DAS. Everything goes, is Plat and well terMT ANYTHING E im, not too sure yet othingin graduate, maybe a ot morething mhmi. I guess at least I'm sure Ma you, but so far seen this Oer. This seems I mean wwould, be something I would push into more: Abigger company at least and try to be more done, a just a Sihe, hustal andloo that you were trying to push it on. Even you, coald see with your broundedshirt noer. You have one um, but I I approach this question to Naomi earliertoday I mean it won't be earlier 'cause. This VI DIFFERENTA separate Veouofcoming, only at least a few days after that one. But how? How do you guys deal withchallenges? YLL FACE? I mean, there's, always h the challenges of customersbeing rude etctera. So how do Yall do Y do without challege? I mean I fir that hist part of themount a you can Y h. It definitely Ma it's little bit more polite. You got tohave the customer service and things so when people youecuraging people sayingortatvut you just you know you go sav with a smile, say no problem. You GOTUdo whatever whatever says a bit gues, it's humbling in the Sax, but you gotadeal with those people, Eve know and then it just part of it. Um Oa Jalesaaki is, is twenty sea.

So I I was set ap on a Cru Rat MadoPacitoe, the arder artist. They only had money fe four days to parright because theyitis very short oise on the RH Deri t soinin gatering produncsof stuff. Theyreallis Chee Antthesahello Tepeople Tiy, get Ma my bottems fron sel people. Iget my you know, ingredient from Selo and is is densol things, people shoul,really tate. I pespetivlike you always Wellwak a back up te player and abackup packets, a player. Just in yes, you know you, you come in to get tostop and there's nothing Ri D. Inperwas I mean everything was Sart in Isaft.That was a Chilegeas that it just made me laugh 'cause. I alreadyhad you know back up the players and thing e. just tell meself tat, Whyeaayeah, I don't know wh OIF Hiy didn't have mebackup a really only it's funny thate, you say so too 'cause ven, the stuffthat Gos happened to me, sorely especially people wit e Oley, blue,come and say yeah. They wanted big oren or something like that. Everyon is Doni.I Wa. I want four Akon a Hundred Cup kids down by tomorrow. You Te Wao asimpossiblby and like Al Youjust, always do it. You Know Al Yo'll, Gett he's gotit done. Y Ga Hol, you same mind that as impossible hol, they aetmeoblityanwat. If you get it done and you just go out to it. So that ischallenges for sort. Just m making sure you have everything set uplate, Le Out, say making sure You'e Gon stop so ineed current orders. You couldquickly go and do it. You Don' haveno about anything. So it does bother thingall those things tyou just get FROMLA. I guess I experience you Nol, that'sBothme, as ie been buing is for a little while no, we men, Olly Mos, Oavoid these issuesand. Obviously I meanoso the charges that you guys WuldAface, but I mean moving way from these challenges in thepublicy, the negativity of having to de with having a business on being ontriponeer, who, besides on your mother, at least as MSE, you apressed it to me.You said that she really puts in a lot of real shift: analready Obsu,especially no year overseas and regular it terrs a lot of times. So I mean R, Ibelieve, Um. Obviously your friend, sorry, I would have helped you allsheep.Maybe I still doing it all. No, but I are there any mor persons that you guyswould m would say that, where you helped youguys along Lan, encourage you to keep pushing ou what you do. If I yo just a, I find t a lot ofpeople from me, Calon just a lot in our circle of friends and thing. A lot ofthem got businesses. You know um the even the twins they got there, lke along it, skinatrim thel go his brownhi glass, John Marko Hazard, Bri M, ran producing O ma, beats and thing. So a alot of people that we know ar in the same way, Ou know e s that motivationitself Aso Wantli Awe, always supporting each other pless Onin,facters, Helmn, Maye, you'll, pource, ut stories, fromo each other businessesand things it's a good little public circle, that'l be Goino a thats forsure go, give some of my credit for them Um. My brother Helps Aaso Hedos,some deliberietiol Gig out my brother,... yeah tus everyone, Tha Wole customer toput ot o tonback and support him. I really appreciate it me and meas rea partners beinginglended but because during during ha think shewouldhave been Glis. I wouldhave been Y wern having to you, know, manage andstuff like that. I mean. Obviously, these challenges, Wrang, you doing yourdegree and ar running a busess, so they would have been to t was very had tosee all well Oo, which one is more bor: a a Gos stedy for Misasan, so d men, itwoill, be on back burner, and that is not a problem because blandy is Somethi.Lik Te pack up an Tim May andte zop N Itas. That's one of the bigplasesAvovein, a business on your own, that you could schedule yourself. SISOLittbut, not a finish in, is may degree a aplanning to the planding onso Sin Fe Midrar FeerAbot. Well I mean thank you guys where coming on before Ido it wrappt everything here and Rais Ge get Hel Tro. Who are the persons? I mean you calldtha few name just now that you kinnot show it up, but who you really wan tolike showe at this time, like te y chance, O Doit, Bie, IE, antroprener, same people, skino experience, broad, ran, Lik class man, pozzer and Bron blended, every everyonethey go, o people, I go man from q c, Too Lake Flameris, hot yeah, even the litle man, Co, nowing, you onthe Ke, don the old shring videos and Sulf hat. That was good. They got enough people, I feel they gotso many years go Lok for themthey support. You know! Do these smallbusinesses, everybody doing anthing! You know thisPollan story, I don't I don't Tay Anything Aor Day. You know, and I readydoes numbers like well. Yo Go an put yourw wanthough, but every everyone you call La Wis, nothinkingdizzie 'causeI res. She Go Rainfriensevenkasho, go her theei year, Ol Laey, another paer thing,but no lot lot of things going on. If you followed me as job, you wouldsharely find Hem Caus, you poll someone only Te. Well, I mean exactly as DECI. We justfollow them the Lin to all be in discussion, Om below. I know a few thatthey call. So I will try my brast Tolinn the main description on Meo.That is my whole point. thes thisvisthis episode a as well as helast episod that you would have probably seen it's just about boostingon show you guys the young, entrapeniers and young talens that arein Barbalios a mea. They can go as far as they want to eiis their business.They can do what they want with it and it's up to them know if they want topursue it. fulltime- and I mean thank you, gays for a Comminaliti show. Itwas a pleasure t to have you guys. Onm Ron, especially Lider thiswill, be thesecond time in ioaroter, TS, N, Lik Oo, yeah and just ti SIC. He Ais, Arnew Ronhere, hidy by icon, like it and as Ad Falow them run in the seabase foranother win breting.

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