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Join myself and Young Entrepreneurs and Creators...Kyron Richards and Xavier Lisk in my podcast . I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

Like guys are welcome back to yet another is the podcast video. I mean this is like three in like a week or so, but thank you for joining me. If you are returning, subscribe, if you are new it that I come down below and this upcoming episode, with this one, is staying with the same topic, as I said in the last one, where we're dealing where I'm just trying to boost a lot of Beijing young entrepreneurs and creators really truly. And these next two persons that are coming on to me in this episode, they went to school with me and I know it, for some number of years now, but they now have their own businesses. One is dealing with baking and one is dealing baking and clothing, rather, I want, is dealing with making drinks. So I guess you could say I'm mixologists in a sense. So just stay tuned and join me on this basic a cast episode. Welcome both of Y'all, Davier and TIRRONTO IC cast days, thank you for joining me today. We both have your businesses. Means that your you do with blended and Ron. Maybe we took with this yesterday while we weding over again about both, which is a part which is bakery. And mean just bouncing back off both of your I mean how did the whole idea becoming in such fairly young ages, like or already come both, I mean it, both of both of them maybe used to sell out school to really started from buckets. It is. It was a group of US men. This seems to be selling. Like Zab was the cool a money tend him so that school a little cooler is something I would suddenly skidtles. So about some starburst and he has an alimentally Jones that used to sell cookies and thing and think. So there's a group of us. Yeah, pretty much. I used to sell come school every day, every morning, every lunch time. You every money making like it would see, and it was just a group. We were friends, just, you know. But I see a mentality. But selling different things, like everybody will go a different specific things in said her in product. Yeah, that's basically. I mean Caron You you do with I mean they do with the different cookies and thing. You has been to me that you know after what you need. You needed to come up with a new product on event. So makers, you know things. The whole Wornti. The yeership world you mean you need to keep reinventing yourself and finding new ways to appeal to the product in the same to the eat customers. And I'm sorry, rather so me. You came up with you cheesecakes about but you, I mean you said it was Brownie at first and then you move on the cheesecakes. I mean exactly you would have started me. I mean, if I'm correct, I remember you selling Brownie's and me y'all both. Y'All would be coming to Ark or, my God, you think Class KPL and Y'all be selling a or thing and we were selling our own thing, because you are all friends. So we will all help each other. They sell product. Like if I'd been then, we still got problems, lap cools, lat. All of you would just come together, you know, help, but Shaw e chat up probably good. It was a good little team that we have going on. And then how we had a set up to that. May, for example, say that I, example, sending cool is. I will never come school with Coolis. I can't tell that product, you know. So you had a little understanding. You will selling. You say at the end of the day, is I've got some cool is. That when I done sell everything I have for the day. My Tech, you know, five or tank... is go grown or walk to weell and you know, this helps. Hello did. And that's just how kind of how it start. But unlet you said, with Brownie's, and thing that's too many people started setting that. Everybody started to sell at the same thing. Brownie's became the one of the biggest. See, I think so, yeah, because cookies is doing numbers. Cookies was good, but obviously because I sell cookies, because I was Jones product. So we said now we got to find something new and I was the brownies and I really took all everybody was selling Brownis. We point thing, and I mean obviously in care. And they went on to, you know, have riches bakery, which all over, as you said yesterday, mean close enough to twozero followers. I mean, so you yourself lending instagram is doing a number of as a number of followers. Knowing you. They should beout it to different cruises and fats and events are across Barbados. So I mean, I mean how would they covid affect both of your means? Ever, you can start first, I mean, because a lot of businesses would have suffered from it, especially small businesses, where you too May and may have been dealing with with yourself. Make Care On. You told me that your mother would have helped you along the way. I mean in Barbaris not. You are based in Montreal, for sure. Great. So covid really do a number, but I mean, as expected, every business is affective by code. That happen. I had a lot of plans settle the blended as as it pertains to them. You we thanks. I know you would have seen you at some UI events before. So, and also to know what we're seeing is that, since the bars with being closed off, blood these bar tend there's no starting to you know, till the drink as will right sell, he seemed, cocktail bottle, cock tails. So you've seen a lot like new small businesses emerging, competition raising. So is I got to readjust. I got really readjustment strategies and stuff like that in order to compete, because there's a lot of competition that's been see same thing I got him, I guess. For you, Kiroc as, I mean you would have told me that. You know, sometimes when you have these sales already, the GIVEAWAYS, it puts a lot of pressure on your mother. So I mean covid as you said, you should me. It would have been given her a break, as you said, but I mean you you still might, although he's a sort of a side hustle, you still might want the incoming on coming into bucket, I guess. I mean you can't even never send all that any income coming, although the good thing to help. But yeah, they will. For me the Colvida, it was. It was good for a while. Like my mom is retired and things, so she runs it bout home for me. So they as it started off lay obviously that nobody was really every late. For the first week or so everybody was a really unsure nothing was going on. Everybody was like panicking, I think. But then that's when I had it went on. Like you've thousand the English was making his legs and things, so he went on. Because of that, that was a good lay in lots of customers and think for a little bit of time. So they although they had a little freeze period, overall it was still pretty good because because of that that, I know everybody was inside. So that's all. It was all right. There is the best time to advotise. Everybody got on to that, like so, let me come home and think. Try something. All right, and and that's way, because everybody was inside as way, traitor. You know, add value in different ways. As we're starting, you cock tail videos and stuff like that. That's good. They made it made social media pop a bit more, friend, because I started to put tray a blended as I I won't push as a list, not just a drink. You know, I mean billion, but so is obviously it's a lot of..., but the willing and my team milling. So y'all h aspect, the seas and big things coming up very soon. Well, I mean stay staying out. This is a question for both your mean just. I mean I know for see how they would have ready started, but just for people are watching, maybe how is like where your name blended come from? Where the name riches come from? You know, I mean it's a play on your last name. But why riches, white blended? As I go for the yet are you on with both? First so, me and my friend, sir, I used used to like hang a lot, do a lot of chill spots like see it's just a group of US friends, you know, breezing and stuff like that. It and we will always like mixed drinks, like trade different things, only time right. So basically, from that you just tell yourself, you know, if the city is so good, why not start something selling it? Because at that time I was two thousand and seventeen, it was seen or seventeens. Nobody wasn't doing anything like that. Is So let myself well if the body and doing it, because it's well, stocks something and great days on. So that's basically how blendy cottills start Blendy, because you know the mixing drinks and is a cop del you. I mean yeah, and so does also go keep you gotta keep on. You just got try it and that's the best going to start anything. If you got idea, just do it. You know, if it if it feel hard lot, but if you consist of with it, you can probably get big. And it does the same with me because, like I say, has start. I had started with the brownies that at first I was just selling at school. I wasn't even anything. That was just me making Brown he's, and so just talking to people, selling to a bunch of people, and some people that you you got mat like a name for your little brownly business whatever, and then so, yeah, my last name is Richard, so I said I was play on my play on my name and say riches and and that was also because it was a brownies and you know, chalk is real sweet, is a very rich flavor. So they mind, I would like it has a connotation of the expensive and nice and they know good quality. So the riches bigger. You hear that, you kind of think of like, you know, good quality products and when that's kind of the reasoning behind it and the play on my name. And also it started with the brownies. I want to cheesecake. I just continue and more time you put into it as not sure he grows with itself, you know. HMM, and I mean I mean both you are doing well as it is right now. I mean aside from cold. They obviously, but for a younger person that isn't all around or age, maybe there is no doing because they may if I don't know if you guys remember that, but I her some college. We had like the eight department we have there are is it? They comes to the Department I had there there dad, it was sell stuff. Their challenges as whatever is. So I mean for a person I may be going on to that I want to become an entrepreneur themselves. Why advice would you give to a younger person? I would see it to be consistent, being opened as possiblest. Consistency is definitely key, because they everybody is going there's and don't for sure in every business you'll get some bailiers, you get some successes. It was just still consistent than here. Then the thing is like another thing. I would say, like I said before, would just start playing. Mean we had start from selling those sweets out school, making like a few actual dollars. It did nothing crazy, you know. I mean we just let Laza say this. Consistent selling. Every day. People Start Together, noos know that, your name whatever, get to know you. When you get more customers, people coming by and just this start to try a thing, start small, be consistent with it...

...and I'll just grow by itself. If you consistent, you can be supproblem caught up with all the things, but teemage to business. That then stop them from starting to you know, yeah, now more so exactly. I mean yere just a dominoid fact and just come down. Yeah, I mean for sure I can see that you're consistent, because I mean at least every single lunch time where after school you see y'all all come out all there, all up, and tonty come home for sure after people. If you want cheese, cave if you are Brownie, if you want some sort of treat or anything like that. So I mean made as well then, on your your parts at least. But now moving on to a more serious topic, I mean, yes, they we talked about it. Come on, but I mean this was having you mean you could once to get answer it again, but how how do you think that you guys can incorporate the whole thing of that like matter into what you do? And how is it to really be in a situations? I've as a black personal is no dealing with it, mean in bobby as we don't really have it as CV as over these countries where, mean there is still some sort of some sense of all it in Barbados, where we have to face it as well. Well friendly. I U should say that because he next few videos that I could be doing. Some of the things are going to be related to, you know, people lies, my movement and educating people and, you know, impression, that pace and stuff like that. So that is the that is one way. I have thought about, you know, incorporating about its matter, true, my cockel videos, because you also have some guests and think talking about these topics. People who study, like you know, women and generous study. People study these things we having on our videos. So that's one way that are you looking to spread awareness? My my case are like even so, they coming from Barbarallo's late that would I look at me and tell me that I'm black, and I was it even before, when I was younger, man was even say as a white man. Then they as a go hole and thingble just called me a right man whatever. But the thing is funny about it. When you come to Canada, they my father is mixed race and that little owns some block that I going me. The men will look at me. Is it will you these black one for sure, and then they's weird because the men is the I never growing up and think I know I had a little blocking me, but it wasn't like yeah, I would have called myself black and know I mean, but I'll here like you dig every because black is a such a crow minority of here. They everyone to stay together and everybody that any you got a drop, a block in you if you got a curl here anything. So you block and is I've even with myself. I've time. I remember a time I was writing. I face the discrimination of money will be. We're just writing through one bikes, a normal doing nothing. Yeah, my friend, he's darker than me, but we were just reading on a random white fellow just look at us and curses. Just say that he curse the other fan, then curse me. They these things don't happen in Barbados, you know, like you'sn't already answerpcy sorer things, but when you come out late Western territories and thing you you feel it. And but incasively for the movement thing, that is definitely well, I don't know, I can't really I don't know what I'll say care all it I try to do is that my platform on instagram and thing go out quite a few followers. So I just tend to lay pulls things in my story. I mean they just educate some people, because they feel a lot of people are just ignorant towards the fat like they don't think racism really exists, when it clearly does. They just ignorant towards it. So I feel like I just share what I can't educate. And thing in terms of my businesses, though, I had some things pan for risus, a...

...parallel. Those kind of puts off for a bit now because of Covid but with the big Kery, I don't know, I'm not nothing to nothing really plan, but that's something I could definitely keep him way because as a good movement for sure to try to push forward and straight away from just moving on to take back to your businesses. And where is Zave? I mean you it is mainly being a mix all this and drinks and whoever. But is there any hopes or any aspirations of trying to extend that beyond drinks? And maybe, as Karen Daid, he with his with his bakery. He's not how you know has riches a parrel and not saying that there will be a blended a parrel, but if you know, is there any other aspirations of trying to push it up be beyond drinks? I feel from blended they could be moving. No, I don't want speak things to right, but you'll be moving into the entertainment business. All right. Okay, so I I got plans as all that. So I guess if anybody really wants to find out and stay tuned to the wards that your hus planned me just got gonna fall him at blended them links will be in discussion down below. I mean I'm also with with you, Kiron, mean you said. Yet I will say it's like hustle, but as any other plans of pushing this business even further. For Right now, I finally up rat know the thing that if I have a bit more to play with is riches apartle, because the bakery is a bit more set in stone. They you know, it's deserts, whatever said. You just you know how to come in. But with the whole how I got the apparel set up? No, is I do it, but it season releases right so and they can literally anything like for the for the last few I did two sets of hats, one shirt, so just like clothing. But I want it to be literally anything apparel, anything as they is. I was considering some different things. is to switch it out from clothing all together and just drop the season related to some other things and they could. That one is a bit more I could play with. You know, it's not too set in stone. Anytime I have a season, anything that I got planned, like I said, or next season coming up, to keep an eye and then, as a sell it and promote what I want. That image should be so but powle is a lot more mouldible. So I have I have some good few things in store that I got. I got push but, like I said, because of Covid but it should come positively if everything goes as plant and then well, in terms take anything to that level, not too sure yet it. Maybe I got more thing. MMM, I'm so. I guess that. At least I'm sure we if you, but so far with I I it seem this out here, this seems a something that would be something I would push into more bigger company at least and try to be more than is just a site. Hustle and looks that you are trying to push it on, even you can see with your branded shirt, know that you have one. But I approach this question to Naomi earlier today. I mean it won't be earlier because this video will different. Step of a separate video coming on they at least a few days after that one. But how how do you guys deal with the challenges that they, you all face? I mean there's always the challenges of customers being rude, etcetera. So how do y'all do you do with that challenge? I mean, I put it out this part of it. Man, you can't. It definitely makes you a bit more polite. You got to have the customer service and things. So when people cursing you, people saying whatever, you just you know, you got to say it with a smiles. No problem, we can understand whatever that was. Says a bit. Yes, it's humbling in a sense, but you go a deal with those people's every now and then. It's just part of it. One challenge...

...we have is a story. So I would set up on a cruise right, had a specific about the order artists to do. They only had like preop words. Great, because they is very sharp notice on hearing right. So so in gathering the products and stuff, they realize cheese on that. Like the sad people. They get my my bottles from selling people. I get my you know, ingredients from sell them and is them. So things people should really tee this perspective. Like you always go about a backups of players and a backup packets of player just in kids. You know, you you come in to get stop and there's nothing right. I had the Improvis I mean everything was storting and stuff, but that was a challenge that. It just made me laugh because I already had, you know, you backup players and thing. But I just tell myself that if I didn't have that, yeah, I don't know what you do me if they if they didn't have me back up. But it is really evenly. It's funny that you say so too, because even the stuff that has happened to me, for surely especially, people will only blue come and say they want is big organ or something like that. I wanted done it, I want I want for kicks and a Hundred Cup kids done by tomorrow. My you tell yourself that. WHAT DOES IMPOSSIBLE BE? And then you already he's always do it. You know you'll get a but is got it done? Yeah, Croll, you same mind. That is impossible. Ho, they expect me to do it, but if you get it done, you just go do it. So them is challenges for sort. Just making sure you have everything set up, lads out stay of making sure you got stop to any current orders. You could quickly go and do it. You don't have no going rundomything. So it does bonancing and all those things. It just get from late, I guess, experience. You know that's both me, as that I've been running this for a little well knows the mentally also avoid these issues, and obviously, I mean those are the challenges that you guys wouldn't face, but I mean moving away from these challenges and probably the negativity of having to do with housing a business and being entrepreneur. Who will besides some player on your mother at least, because I mean us. You expressed it to me. You said that she really puts in a lot of real shift and already helps you, especially not you're overseas and rat it tears a lot of times. So I mean I was, I very believe obviously your friend who say I would have helped you all the sheep, and maybe it's still doing it all know, but it is. Are there any more persons that you guys would like would say that really helped you guys along the way and encourage you to keep pushing out while you're doing if you'll just say I find it a lot of people from AC alone, as a lot of our in our circle of friends, and think a lot of I'm got businesses. You know, even twins. They got there late. It's a loon its skin experience. They learn. Got His brand, high class John Mark, goot hazard right with Bryan producing on maybeats and things. So all I a lot of people that we know hustling the same way. And also, if you had does does motivation itself, because you want like we always supporting each other. That's one thing that there's help me. Maybe will post stories, promote each other businesses and things. So is that it's a good little power circle that we got. When as that does, for sure I go give some of my credit for them. My brother helps her as well. Here does some deliveries and...

...things. So pick up my brother and then, yeah, that's everyone that old customers, people out come back and support. You know, I really appreciate me and me and Surreya, we actually partners, being blended. But because during that, during that thing, she would have been going who I would have been one having to, you know, manage and stuff like that. I mean obviously these challenges when you doing your degree and are running a business. So it would have been tellings, very hard to say our well, you know which one is more important? I got study for these exams, so I need be on your back burner, and that's not a problem, because blending is something I could back up any time I pursue it does that's one of the big classes of having a business on your own that you could schedule yourself, and so I know I finish may degree a planning to put that blended on too swing and if you make a really good feeling about it as well. I mean thank you. Guys whom coming on before I do wrapper everything here and raising get got to the outrow. Who are the persons? I mean you call a few names. Just know that you kind of showed up. But who we really want to like shuttle at this time, like DISY, chance to do it, bigger, Oldife, entrepreneurs, saying people skin experience, probably right, and a classroom mind hazard Brown blended every everyone. Who They got enough people. I got man from QC to your blessed flamers hot. Yeah, even the little man come out. Know that you and the Kiel doing the old things, videos and stuff, that that was good. They got enough people. I feel they got so many. Just go to look for them and they support. You know, see these small businesses. Everybody do anything. You know this posing story I don't that. Don't say anything over your day, you know, and I really does numbers. Well, you guys put your way the very everyone you call. I was no thinking business. Recently she got rain friends, even even Kiaho. She got her little girl, but not a lot, a lot of things going on. If you follow me and that, you will surely find them, because you put them on all the time. Well, I mean exactly as I said. We just follow them and the links will all be in discussion down below. I know a few that they call, so I will try my best selling the main description on me. That is my whole point. These this videous episode and as well as the last episode I would have probably seen. It's just about boosting and showing you guys the young entrepreneurs and young talents are in Barbados, and I mean they can go as far as they want to. What they said is their business. They can do what they want with it and it's up to them know if they want to pursue it full time. And I mean thank you, guys, for coming on to the show. It was a pleasure to have you guys on. Le Me Care Clairon, especially here. This would have been the second time in as O. Good to this one. Let's yeah, and just take a subscribed them below. If you guys are new around here, Ye, bike on like it, and I said, follow them and we will see you, guys, for another way, best thing.

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