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Join Myself and David Johnson, creator and face behind "Let's Unpack It", which is a safe place that talks about and deals with Mental Health. Have a look with the links below and check them out and support them as much as possible. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode! 

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I guys are welcome back to yeah another.This is the first way say episode, podcast video for the year so happilyyear to everybody, that's Tunin in whether its this I audio on SounderOrany, others listening platforms or, if you're, watching it on Youtube HappyNew Year to all of you guys today is going to be a very interestingone, because I know that a lot people are going through lotdown around theworld. Right now, and I mean in orviously, have our own curfew. So it's like a maybe ifuse to me. I like amini Lok down but today and when we talking to somebody that has aninstagram page, Lik dels, O specifically with mental health andthey nowa whole IMPORTANC. That really is. That is something that is Talkdboot constantly through my generation and is something that a lot peopilltake for very seriously, especially their love. O weirepages like this one. So no one, as called you guys, ontfrait on Gnno, want to make you guys hold on too long a's get straight intoit. It's called let UN pocket. So, let'sGes Straindo the episode Ihope, you guys do enjoy this one subscribe as asnormal. If you are listening, follow and comment Om low in the discrition,why? You think about mental health and tenally pulsnofication Bell- and I hopyou guys- do enjoy this episode. I already did the introduction already so oits, just amater. If I just it using you David you as you as me. Just a few secondsago, you told me that you're doing medicine you're studying in Grenado,but your page is called that omepocket. What was the first league? I shouldreally get into what was the idea and Lik the whole thought process of creating a page that is based,arondmantal health, really Oso. So a great question, as are lot of actorsthat pain tothat. You know from a very young age, it's always someone whopeople care to for a lot of advace who people felt comfortable with speakingto an you know. That happened a lot moving forward, then, with all mysocial midio pages, whether Instagrama Snapchat, whatever Mi, try to put a lotof inspiring content, and so I used to do all of these, the qnas on instagramand one of them in particular struck me. I was asking people about hol, they dowith stress and some of the responses that I got were a bit concerning, and Ihad this custom with my friends and my friends were like yeah. You need to gofor this. You need to do something, and you know I pondered on it for a littlebit and then one day just decided enough was enough- and I created thispage an ever since then it's grown and I've welcomed to a number of partnersas well. Whore boosted- and you know, energize Tabot bet speaking aboutmental health, and you know addressing on the issues that we face. I sociietyso yeah one year later were here, so I guess that we definitely supposedto look up to you as a role model in a sense and somebody hat, as you said that'somebody can talk to so you obviously value our cherish mentally theimportance of men, tol health, but in your opinion, amongst our generation,how important is it to be in Chect with r your mental site and how important isit for you to do these certain things to make sure that your men to health isgood and not deteriating, because I mewe're noing depine Makan, just tonlot done. People are overseas et CE ESCECTA, soo important is it for us toreally be a check with them yeah, it's absolutely vital, and for the as that reasons, that you'vementioned there are a lot of challenges that we has young people's face todayand that's not, you know, do an...

...injustice, so what our parents and ourgrandparents whal have facing their time, but the unfortunate thing fortunate andunfortunate we have social media. Now we have a lot of other challenges interms of that come out of Dat. In terms of Cyperbilidying, in terms of people trying to find their image, youknow finding their identity and hold that all fits into to everything. Ithink metal health is extremely important, especially for our studentsknow they're under a lot more pression, and I think you know we're still inthat kind of early base. I mean it's not too Lonabo when our parents, ormaybe grandparents, even we're not affording the same opportunities thatwe had in terms of like furthering their education further in theirstudies- and I think especially when it comes to education when it comes tostudying a lot of people, are under a lot of stress and they're facing a lotof anxiety and what a lot of people don't know is that stressand anxiety and dealing with tireness having a goodsleek schedule. These are all things that beet into the subject of mentalhealth. So it's not that mental health is just about skiss of Fremo ordepression by polof disorder. That's not the whole picture, and that'sprobably one thing hat. I would like for everyone to understand it, so wecan move forward as a society. Is that metal off is much bigger than thesethings, so yeah definitely absolutely vital and it's it's address it ther. There are a lotof small things at that we can do to yea just keep Romental of in tip yeah ESPEC. I do agree with you on on that.I know because ite's a lot of things that mea, especially like you justsitting o at home, you're, just looking around all the time. You see the sameenvironment for such a long time, especially aboutwison. We had the lobelot down, yeah, it can catbe, it can feel kind of long and and it just getsa bit boring. You know, you're not get no say lead, you may go satding ygarden or whatever it is, but you're not readly experiencing and we ashumans. We thrive off being social yeah, and we if we need to communicate withpeople and is one thing to say that you have social media. But it's not thesame thing when you're literally having a laugh with your friends and playing agame or whatever it is so I mean, and just to get away from that bit. Youknow you have, as you said, you've grown, and you know how five hundredand fifty seven followers I had you've interviewed on a number of people knowthat have been brave enough to come on and talk about themselves and theirchallenges. So as to this day, do you still receivemessages, whether it's or your personal page or if it's on the lesson pocketinstagram page who come to you ask you for any advice, what you do and if they do come for any advice? Whyvoice could you give to people that are listening ar watching that that simplethings that they can do to just help ke their mental? They meant to astect and check and keepit you keep them saing really Dso. One disclaimer is that nobody on theteam is a certified mental health professional as yet so as much aspossiblety Strai, not to give personal advice just for the sake of you knownot reaching any ethical code and so on and so forth. But the onerecommendation that I always make is to speak to someone yeah. You know asthataed part of position again. Is this whole idea of strength and we definestrengthin in many different ways, but Owho womanly? We think that strengthmeans that we have to go through things alone and that's one thing that I wantto do. Bonk right, ot the outset and that's that's not the definition ofstrength. In fact, I think someone who is strong will reach up to as manyresources as they can to get the best possible outcome. So that's the onething that I always say to people is that see help as soon as possible andhelp seeking can be from anyone. It could be you sitting on with Ha friend.It could be with you speaking to a...

...guidance confit, because she going toAtherapis it could be seeking a phormacological means of gettingtreatment right. So that's one thing, but then beyond that is really checkingin with oneself yeah. A lot of us have this love hitrelationship with our feelings. We love when we're on a high. We love whenwe're on the MOUTAIN Tok, but thereare therre times never going to faceboolchallenges, and you know we don't let to sit with those feelings to thetowards the point that we be suppressov. We repress those feelings because wedon't like to feel like we're not in control, and I think that's that's whatit really boils down to a level of control of one's thoughts, the level ofcontrol over ones, n emotions, so really sitting with your emotions andallowing yourself to feel what you feel seeking treatment. If you do need thattreatment and then, of course, Self Care Tay, that's another thing that alote of US struggle with is Holly Bons, scaringfor others and also caring for ourselves, and especially those we. IfI take a personal personalities and those people who always have to potwill go is bring herd for them to find time for themselves, and I think that'swhat's really important, because it's in those times of just relucts ofrelaxing and spending quality time with oneself and treating oneself that youalreaddy discover who you trully are, and you become one with what you'refeeling and then you can make a move to addressang issues that you're facing soyeah. Those are my my quick sits, I think ir one dealing with Amantolsholer yeah, but I mean as easy as it is forsomebody that may be able to do some of these things.I know that especially most our generation with twitter and Socian andInstagram, and all these other social medias is so you put yourself over there andit's so easy to be really culed before something and we're, especially. Idon't have Tathis to the to the mailsiteof of everything knowwhere yeah a lot of meals are tatend to be seen as strong and that's somethingthat avbeengrained into our society were. No. If, if a man is not really,mine doesn't tend to show his feeling if he's Istoin to deys Seni as week, so how do you get more men to come ou and be braver torea beef in tune with their emotions, unteir mental site, because it's soeasy for people to be afraid to come out because they can berealy cute and feel afraid that they'll be laugheder and then they thenstruggle by themselves. I have to have to dealing with it byt themselves, andI mean, as you said, that's not somein that is seemed Lik. It should be seenin strengt, so yeah w. What do you think that more men could do to getover that hurdle to rat come O and deal with it? Yeah, that's a veryexcellent question and they something that still perplexes a lot of people. Isay that this particular issue is multipositive and we need to go back inour history and really sit with her history. Understand a way. Do we thinkthe way Thatt? We think, I think, certainly in a Caribbean context, a lotof us are afraid to discuss slavery, because we think that slavery, webingTopo Snibby, were going back instead of moving, for, I would say quite contrary.We need to go back, have a look at history, so we can move forward andsome of this this this issue comes from socialization. This issue is rooted inslavery, the perspectives that men were just tools just moving from place tothe place there were man to just impregnant women and to go into a fieldand work that was yet tat. So what a mil was- and so there was a need readyto. You know, hold one' image in high regard and there was a need to proveoneself flush forward to the society...

...that we live in today, using the same twitter up there, a lotof females that I see that say that they prefer a man who is in tach withtheiry motions yeah, it's a certain extent. That'strue, then, thereare also a lot of females who don't like that or whenTheyr Theman, that they, like their partner, is going through a struggleand he approaches them. Then they face the ridicule. And so we have this issuewith a ses of distrust, because the ladies are sayingthing, but then, whenwe do share with them, they're not as as easy to receive- and that's not thecase for everyone. But that is something told e man things beyond thatas well. Is this thing that they think a lot of men? Don't let to our set isthat we seeve our approval from one another. Les's take the issue ofHealthkert, for instance, men who do not go to get cross their checksbecause they're afraid that when they talk about cross the Chets to anotherman that he will kill him and that there's some kind of lip between Wayfer, a prostic check andone sexuality which is really antually, not the case right, and so in thatsense we do seek approval from one another and by you know acknowledgingall of these things. Then we can move forward to make means of hoseaddressive number one is education right. A lot of us do not you know, approve of things are outsetthings which we don't understand. They think overwhelming thats, the problemthat we Pasesas a society wit mental help. We don't fully understand it andthere's still a lot of things that we don't know, and so it's hard to discussit and it's easier then to create a stigma sorunning, it so number onewoill be to educate people as much as possible. Number two is to get men tohelp men right when we realize- and we have other men who are stepping up onspeaking about speaking Oat about mental healp when we have men goinginto jobs which are directly involved with mental health and Erete, thereforeable t to help other men quote with their metal health issues. That is alsosignificant and then the third thing is then sensitizing or community. To thisthe more education we have, the more people that are willing to share theirstories, the more legislation and policy that we have that that surroundsthe issue of me to help the easier is to discuss and what Yo can havemeaningful conversations of the Boti a gooble. Then you can change the wholetrajectory of society in Gel and then particularly as well men, theirapproach yeah. I know I totally agree with everythingyou just said in terms, because is something where that a lot of men dofind, find it very hard to then talk to otherother people about other men,especially their friends, male friends, body, and then they don't have thebravrarly courage. And then it's like you, keep it Insadin. As that Youyosuffering and stuff er Y sufferand en trauma comes in in impact him ly an Ronin Life, but I'm gointo shift the ance Tham woin befair. You know he monial I'll, put aall these focus on to men, and I know thatfemales do have their own struggles and they do suffer stuff as well as just asmuch as main men do do. Whether and iy know that is no ins in asociety where a lot of females an women have noise is known in in history. Wilwomen have worked their way to no being in jobs, high jobs I have works hard toget to where they are, and Yo lovt single parents sing the mothers Aareworking two and three jobss Etca, and I know that I is something thatimparts a lot of people and a lot of women. Then if they do some of these similar actions thatAmi may do, they also do get redicused for it as well, and then empasts them mentally as well. Sothen, as you said, didn't the distrust and there's no oral empathy towardsthem for Hov doing the same thing. That Min would do where in a sennce theyshould just be equality really. So...

...for a woman thats, I say a girl, that's know: IninUniversity. That's no looking to really get al into the job into the whole jobworld, but she's faced with parental issues and whatever it is like how Alwis she gointa ready goabout getting that t help, because I mean it happens with with with women as wellen you hear it from time to time where different women are different. Girlstend to be rediculed by each other as well as well as men for if the IFOM, if awoman is with waners or two men, they end up being readyculed for it as well,but our mine is not going to be as Redicula as much so. How do we go about as a youngergeneration now to change those society? Those settle norms really antruly eep question, and there are so manyangles that Wecan we can carkle dot from as a society, but I do want to saythis is that number one is always going to be education, an apocacy right. Wesee this with much of the social movements that are happening today interms of race, in terms of feminism and and soon, and so forrt really stmie to understand what is theroot of the issue and then trying to address it. The second thing is to knowthat one has the support of each other, and so that's the importance of formingcommunities and for Lu. I we started as a page butl be evolved in what we'rethinking about is the community construct where we want to geteverybody involved, and we want to get everyone's voices of her. The nextthing is that I think, when you get to that leadership position, considerwhere you were a couple years ago. I think too often people raise up theLADTER and then fit the ladder down, and they forget that the issues thatthey faced when they were achieving upward, mobilt y still Astis, and so Ithink it's important for leaders from he- The government rigte batdones ofprivate institutions, riakt now to the small business right now to the churchthat the shop everybody is important that everyone is involved in thisconversation and is involved in making the society the best version of itself.The third thing, I would say is knowing, when one needs atch Onen and you werealoing before about the parental issues, and that is a big problem in oursociety. There's this hole notion where people think that you know children oradolescents, teenagers. Even they shouldn't have any issues. They don'tpay, dous. What you hear we they should have issues and what the Ey thing is isthat people think that when they sey those kind of things it creates in us akind of I don't know kind of complex to pursueindependence and and what they consider true sthrengt. Whatthey don't really understand is that when you sal skinof thing it damagesone saky and it creates a level of distrust. It creates a feeling that Icannot approach you so hop you're supposed to be my support system, andyou are telling me that I shouldn't have problems. Well, guess what I dohave a problem, but wou're not going to be my solution and that's a big problem,and so I think for sure we need to get hare an well onthis conversation. We need to. You know, dray form, that mental health isactually very important and we need to get gidance comseors. I think as wellto to expand their perview and I'm not sure about you. But when I wasin school you know I didn't see the tennis poster that often and that'sposibive caus, there's only Oneah, there's one and so is difficult to really getacross a message able man to help for anything else than his couser supposedto do when she has to consol students, or he has suposul students, as well asthe Generatin n education and awareness about the topics. So I think thereare alot of...

...elements that be kind of correctess andSoli think a lot of ways that we can do this, but I think it all bows down toeducation, awareness and also felt seeking a normal lazing absessing here.I bet you that if I ass the average avasion who do you go to for help wit,the mental have issue, they don't know right and that's a problem. We knowthat we call five hundred one E, we wan a lamlads. We know we becall three one.One anwe want the fire, the fire station, who we call when we have amental afh crisis, and I think that is when wo men reflect as society. We needto understand that, if something is that important, then we need to youknow, have an understanding and level of El Wer Tis Abolto I mean you just just spoke Bou. Who Dowe call really on truly that's something that was Oman. Aa May Headliz,as it was just listening to you as she cant, Boa it and you spokable education, educatingpeople, whether it be ourselves or whether it be or parents, but for for people, whether its ourparents, whether it's US tha, are in early reationships or whatever it iswith partners, etc. Is something that's known where peoplealways say you know: Don't try to help or heal the other person. That'sin a relationship right and in you should let them handle it and they comeback because, as as your par e partner in he relationship, you're, not thereto fix that person. But I mean it's just it's just my opinion, where he'sjust simple as simply just listening to somebody for on their what they need toin the Senseaz of we say, event their issues or anything that I coald help.Somebody just get something. Oh you know, as is just talking to somebody asyou said, but for people that are inrelationships. Is it whyis? I mean that's just my opinion, but is it wisefor somebody to be trying to in a sense fix their men? Somebody else's mentalissues ar their previous trauma form a relationship, any family issues or anything like isthe relationship good enough to be the person's see, ifhaven, in a sense to go and speak about it. Is that something that should be made a weird to people to beotherpersons very, very good question and an essential one of Tu support system iseverything let's get that on the record right. The next thing is tracking and tracinghistory, again tracing history generally, as a society we have asissue accepting help or seeking help. Let's understand it, I it goes bothways,and so this is as vital to the person giving the help as it is the personreceiving the hell right. It has to do with one thought, posense and that'swhay. I would always say it's always a good thing to be a friend with someonebefore you get into an intimate relationship with someone, even in youknow, just a friendly relationship. Just friends just talking you need tounderstand holeness. That person sow that they need help and what type ofhelp does that person need? It's also that idea not O walk into a situationprofessing what you think that person needs right. First thing that theperson's going to think you do that when you come into it with this kind offix it mentality or fix men, mentality is going to start to evolve into atherapmusic remationship. What is the therapytic relationship? Look like well,and your doctor a'm telling you what to do, I'm giving you the therapyfor, whatyou need to do, and you may not have a say in it and you're supposed to justuset, that I'd Sol enough that person is going to get further and furtheraway from you and they'll go to Ouas,...

...often as they go see their doctor, sothey'll come and see you three fiends a year right and that's the kind ofrelationship that youll have that's not what we want right and so what even inhealth care even in Menito know what we're looking more to words is a morepatient centered model and that's to show you that even a therapyuterrelationship is evolving right, where the person tells you whate are theirneeds. What are their concerants, and so even in friendships, then what doesthat look like? It looks like having a legitimate conversation. If you seesomeone is having Ar showing signs of depression or sadness chronically, forexample, it's okay to going atstat person, Hey, I notice you're a bitunder the weather. Can I do anything for you and certainly people will sayno most of the time. They'll say no, I'm FYING, I'm managing it. That's fine!A couple days pass you kno, IC'es, the same thing: Hey just letting you know,I don't care for you. That's all people really need somethings right. It's notthat you're going to be the end, Ol you're Goin, to have all the solutionsfor them. Sometimes, as you mentioned before, it's just good to sit there andlisten to someone. So No, I wouldn't recommend going to a relationship witha fixit mentality. I also wouldn't recommend allowing someone to use you as theirpruch. Neither should you present yourself asa crutch to someone yeah. You don't want to going to a relationship whereyou were constantly fixing someone, that's not to saying that you kdow whatrender assistance and you don't care about the person. You don't show them.Empathy, that's all well and good, but you are not a therapist you're, not acounsolter. Yes, you can be there to help someone along the way and helpthem with their chillengidis. But what we don't want is that that relationshipinvolved into a therapetic relationship, because then not only will they feellike if they have to depend on you and then they start pulling themselves away.But you will also feel like you're, giving giving giving to thisrelationship and you're not resiving anything in return, and I think that'swhere the prots of the issue actually is is that you know it becomes a oneway issue instead of a two way, fom munication, especially, as you just said, in termsof education, of going back to that again, no ow. How do we as because we have theInternet out in our fingertips? Essentially, we can search for anything, and even if you can necessarily speakto somebody about it, we have the Internet to go and look for any outofvoice or anything like that. So how do we as a younger generation and eventhe government on our pearents? How do we educate ourselves one, and how doesthe government help to make more people aware of the importance of mentalhealth? And how do we go about like making that change? I mean I saw you atthe you report right, a Youn port right. Welast AAA bunch of like influencers so as well. How do influencers also help,because that mean that a lot of people tend to look to these celebrities, theinfluences for any added guidance in a seint, but it's not really guadance,where, as they are as the where it is, they influence you in a sense yeah. Sohow can they also be contributors to educating us to know I' value, the importance of mental health, an absolute great question, becausethis is something that we need to move follow. I would late to start in Thogovernment because I think it's very important that the government legitummazes this movement. I think, first of all for people to appreciate thatmental hef is a legitimate concern. They must have the statistics to gowith Im. I think a problem that we face in the Caribbean overwhelmingly is thatwe do not have good use or good access thos to statistics. I think often youwould know from going Tan do doing...

...research for certain subjects at school.When you go onto Google and you type in something the first thing you're goingto see is American statistics. Then you'll see your up and perhaps you'llsee a European assessment of the Caribbean, firm removed, great or wo,see some stiis from all the way by Ne Thousand Nine hndred and eighty, whichare probably not relevant to today. That's number one legitimating theissue by having statistics- and you know, records there for people toaccess, then that thing that we can do is to evolve. He e the product in terms of schools atsecondary schools, at primary schools at tercury level. We need to have moreGanat sconsilors. We need to expine the review of DHENITS poxsers. We need tohave topics of subjects about hold away,APPROAC, studying holdway approach, test anxiety, because these are real,real things that people are dealing with from there. We can expand acommunities enters and churches and so on and so forth having this discussion,so everyone is Onbortan launcha campaign logic, poster competitionlaunch a scholarship whatever it takes to get the message o that's what we getit into our schools, then, especially at our tertiary level institutions. Weneed to build up access to mental health services. I think there therrepeople who complain all the time Bot the main university and Bervidus thatthey you know they want to see someone, but the system is overwhelmed or thatthey only have a few people managingi for so many students. So we need tohave a good ratio, and that made me incentive waising people to getininvolving careers, which are you know, impacted or which deal with mental help.So you know more scholarships for people who want to study psychologymore rewards for that, a better trop to move straight from universityinto an internship into a job. Those kind of things are obsoutely essential.As for the everyday mind for the the influencer, I think taking the time togo, do a little research. It may just be going and watch a youtube. Video inMay Be scrolling through our page Geeucaton because realisticly, oh we're,not creating new context. Okay, we're not doing intensive research and clinicalstudies and those kind of things to get information. No we're Gen online, we'redoing our research and we're repockaging it to let everybody elseknow what this is all about and making it. You know a better kind of pocket,and I think that comes down to communication. It comes down tounderstanding the audience and when you understand that those between is offifteen to twenty four or the highest ore at the highest risk of dying based,OA, Saer or attempting us a say, then you start to understand that this isthe real target group and it makes sense, because if we can impart peoplefrom such a young age, then they become their own influences. Then they startto. You know: pay attention to mental health and they'll, take it seriouslyfor their life. Mami they'll poss it on to future generations. So I think if westart with the young people pole the influence and botme course competitionstotally we pockagn information, Isi, politable and engaging on s pacing awaythenbein. You Know Hal Serious Thi, SGUTES WOT men to hold and makesignificant progrems yeah, and I mean you, you mentured, that I was IW. I wasthinking Brappino by me. You mentioned theandit came to my head, especiallybecause I mean I was soing Thati spokabot in a previous episode withMissofpwiy, where, as you said, theres test anxiety,you know that's something that people face a lot. I mean my Mai, audience isnot mrese is technically a bitter Om, my age or bit younger and going up an it's, not many people that that reayunderstand but know. I know people in barbeis Te dept definitely understandwhen I say that when eleven year ols go...

...into that room for a common interest,examp theye going a level, but then they come oup not achieving what theycan achieve yeah and then they fall short, an feel, very disappointed andthat set them back tremendously, because then they don't go to theschool that they desire, and I mean that can happen, especially especially with kit and the importancethat is really put onto capon on cxcs and thenit'. If you for persons that get possiboe, you didn't see that okay, Imean it was important, but it wasn't as important as we really looked up andput the emphasis on and if your your life is not necessariy depend on thefater. We just have to look in a boot. REVIS study going go into an exam roomand, and that pressure I think it's important. So in tha sense. How do we really getto target those people, especially in whether it be even as young as elevenplus you know, to get over that hurdle to cap themdown the cap now people before they go into an exam, because I mean for myself.I know that at least I before going to Exami Isa, praying and whatever it is,but for people that aren't as religious as that, how how do they get over thathurdle? You know to go into exam to be, to be calm andto be easy, I'm not hat everything, cin be okay and that I can get over this anit's just about doing your best. So how do we a target that group? You know? The first thing I think is the Qualitat is sorry. I think you dop O there for seI'll call it what it is you SA is yeah number one. I goinna call it what it isItin a right. I think we have a problem with sommantics and definitions in oursoiity, where we think that if we call something what it is, then that logistamazes it and then it makes it seem as if we have a problem not that we justhave a problem, but something is wrong or deadly wrong with us. No Yeah, youhave anziety call it what it is: Let's figure, AU Col. we can address it right,and so you know Tas Times I as something it's not the normal worry ornervousness that you get when you're going into an Eisam or stages, Isanoverworming anxiety that you can feel and it can strace back as early asmanyone is first learning the material. Just the thought of you having applaythat motrial to Ezon can create level of anxiety for some people that couldbe triggered at the moments of the Asom. It could be triggered two weeks beforeit culd be triggered months before. So that's an important thing to understand.The next thing is to understand were the symptoms and so a journey, an tspresents by an overwhelming feeling of fear andworried, and then the sysptoms are ccorded to anoveractivvation of one sympathetic, nervous system and once's fear reflects if you can call it that, soyou get increased far grade your ece are piercing. You may start tosweat. You may get shorter breath. You may feel like the room is closing in onyou. You feel, like you, just can't control yourself so for someone who deals with this. Woenotices before wo as CONI aaity in the moments. What you want to do. First ofall, remove yourself from stressful people o the day O Nex on. I don't sitnext to the friends. I don't sit next o t o people who ai not or as Stresstulas I ame, and I don't let to speak to people on a anser me last minutequestions before to the s Bumbl at something, so you know hold awaycontravent, not I get ther earnin. If I can- and I want to be one of the firstpeople to probably get in the room for other people- They may want to be oneof the last people in the Ron because...

...sitting there actually contributes totheir anziety. That's one thing: the next thing is to take abreath right. A lot of US underestimate thepor of opygen blood is in your body. Fortak of transporting opten everywhereand for transporting matrens oxygen keeps you a life. OPSYGEN actuallygives you energy. Okay, when you take a breath a deep breath-and you just take that moment to take you- know four seconds of a deep breathand hold it and then release it. You're geting Opygen to the front of yourbrain, your prefrontal Quartex, and there is where you can get rasinalthought. So when you take that big breath, you can be able to, you know,regain control of the situation and actually think. Okay, I can bringmyself back to a place of calm, yeah and then beyond that. If you do notfeel prepared for an Ezam, don't take it. Okay, especially if there's anoption to you know. Take a comppation thatom or something if you're feelingoverwhelmed, and you really really are not great to do this at Zome, thenfinea means where I guess you can't take it: Tok a medical Aspuso orwhatever, and for that issue, okay, because Ansactally, something that we can treat yeah and beyond that. You know from a global perspective offof that. That topic t that sentence rather about antityd, something that wecan treat actually going to get help before this abtualel becomes a majormajor issue, so it may be going to see a therapist it may be. They teach yousome techniques to overcome it. Maybe you know them giving you some kind ofyou know, tablet or drug that you can sak moments before an overwhelminglyanxious time and then beyond that. I think it's just you know just educatingoneself and you know preparing as best as sposstry a a lot of the anxiety andwhere it comes from not being properly precared or one feeling that you havehab it done enot. So if you do enough, then at's one less thing that you haveto worry about yeah. Well, I mean David of me was a interesting child O me. Ihope that I can get this video oup to as many many people. I know that peopletend to listen from all olike across the world, so I mean that's, that'sthem but mean I really want to see. If I can get is vidid this video onepisode Torety to Bages, especially you know, because I know that that's as tetopic that happens, I see a lot on vasion warer, especially so I mean thatI do think. That's something that's really important amongst us as ageneration in Barbado. So me, once again, I mean say thank you for joiningme on this way, a podcast episode. I mean it was absolute pleasure to speakto you about this. Gn Me, a something that's very important n, I think is got,should be valued a lot more and guys go and follow lesson packet. Thewill be all in the description. Don' Bedo. If there's any other thing that youwant o to say quickly, I mean you can right now yeah. So I just want to say Ifig peopl. She Fink Ye, so much for you know having this discussion is veryimportant to us to do these kind of things. Tut have this kind ofconversation, especially as young people, because we're the target conosowere the people who ti to make a change, were the people who can lob egovernment to issucon policies and we're the influencers of our generation.So I'm very thinhkful to have you on word of this movement to see theimportance of mental Healph, and I look forward to all the good things thatwill come upas O in ell yeah. Thank you gain Divit me a SI days. Co Has Goin tofollow lesson. Pocast on is ony on instagramer as toon Todar as well. Wuna,Tagraman, facebook and well be baselike a website on podcast gravvery, Swe,yeah, so Loko for all those guys follow their Instinon, follow yer face, butthey'll be all the descrition don below and subscribe. If you are' new as well,it did Beli CIME and thank you guys...

...once again, if you were listening, OCope, you guys did enjoy this episode and CBFIYOU on importance of mentalhealth, and I will see you guys for and get another WASIC PODCAST EPISODE.

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