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Join myself and Young Entrepreneur, Creator and Artist...Naomi Douglas in my podcast. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

Hey, guys, are welcome back to another when you said podcast, guys, in this episode today I have a very, really talented female with me. She's from Barbados. She's no overseas. She's an artist, graphic designer and she's she's very talented. I'm not trying to diminish any other person's or just trying to pick her up too much. She's actually talks to some he's go and check her out, as well as check o the person that is the face of this shirt as well, because it's name is Raymar Walters. I'm just trying to boost some barbadian talent, ray and truly in these next two episodes. So go and check out him. His account on instagram will be linked down below. It's Mars Times Pluto, guys, or Mars X pludo. It maybe wanted to and I may be wrong, but it's Raymart and go and check out this shirt, as well as go and check out doing next upcoming person in this episode, guys, and then been Naomi, and you guys will enjoy this episode. Welcome to Wa say podcast near me. You you have a number of different art pieces. You have your own business in terms of dealing with the shoes, now that I've seen which you design parts shoes. What else is there? I also do graphic design or Chey art. I do paddle. Perhaps it's really goes on. I just do whatever people like approach me with us art. Wise I take new endeavors or try to try and things out. So it's a long list. and was art always like a passion of yours, or is it something that you just picked up on the way during school? I've been drawing since I was really small and what really like started it was when I will be sitting on my brother watching him draw and I'll try to copy him and I'll try to... it as good as him, but then I tried out to be better than him. So I've always since primary school, I've always been drawing. So it's been a passion for a really long time. Yeah, I'm obviously, you know, carry that overseas now in obviously college, university now, and you recently were in the you had you were in an art gallery with those two magnificent pieces, I must say, with the the pieces of the heir of the block here. I mean, what inspired you to do those pieces, especially those those pieces per se. Thank you so much for that. First of all, and the first thing, I was approached by one of the girls at my school saying that they're going to have a art gallery and they wanted to meet the present a work there, and it was the there was the university African Student Association. So it was it was doing like black culture and stuff like that. So I really wanted to do something that kind of portrayed that and I chose to do here for the specific reason that, as a black woman growing up, as a black child, I hated my hair for a very long time. You know, that's something that's common for black girls when we're growing up. We don't really like our here. So I wanted to do a piece that kind of portrayed like here in a beautiful way that, you know, like like a protective scut styles the curly like the little curls that we have, like I wanted to like show that it's really beautiful. So that was the main purpose behind those pieces. Yeah, I'm just staying on the whole topic of being black and black is mattern movement. I mean, you're in America now, so I mean you would have be witnessing somebody protests. I'm sure even if you were taking part in some of them yourself. But how how is it like being over there and experiencing it, because in Barbados we wouldn't really have that like as it is in America per se. Yeah, well, like when I first moved to America, obviously I definitely had to like be faced with the fact that racism over here is so much different from Barbados, you know, like it's very, very real over here. You see it constantly. I have an older... of mine, he starts skin and I used to worry about him driving and getting pulled over, because that's that's of really happens over here. But I would say that with the whole George Floyd and the protests I've been happening over here, it's a very like tight energy, like I feel like everybody is, and it's good to see everybody kind of like, like you, like a unity among everybody, like everybody's feeling the same way. We're already fighting for justice and stuff like that, so it's good to see. But I would say that it's like a kind of gloomy energy over here. I would definitely say I know a lot of friends who were partaking in the protest and you know, they were two, like they're telling me. How is sad, like they even when they are protesting, like they they were emotional, you know I mean. So I would just say that, like, I've never experienced anything like this, but it's happening for a good reason, so I definitely stand by it. That's that's actually really, really good that you would have been able to experience it for a time, because I'm really not many persons would be able to express themselves or know anything about it really and truly unless they do experience it first hand. I mean you will witness sometimes, you just said, but I mean you expressed it in your art, form of it really, in terms of on canvas per se. But how do you think you could express the ballets matter movement into know, Your Business and in ant are like hots and even shoes now, because me, you have these shoes. Know that you just did. Um, I guess I would say that recently I've been trying to like, well, not really from well, from my business. I've been like telling, I've been kind of advertising the fact that I am about own business. I'm a small business, like, but I've also been in I'm not only in terms of my business, but other people's businesses, I've been trying to put my money towards other black businesses, particularly, like I feel like the power of the back dollar is is really strong. As another thing I learned over here, like due to the whole racism stuff, like people really pay attention to who owns... which, like black people who own certain areas, and where we send our money towards and what we put our money towards. So I definitely in terms of my business, I am not sure exactly how I would incorporated, I guess, but in terms of other businesses, I definitely know that I just want to spending money towards them. Yeah, I'm just staying on Your Business. Mean, obviously you're art talented in terms of being a graphic designer and are dealing with art, but hadn't do what was the whole idea behind shoes and being at a graphic designer really and truly? Okay, so I started off with my main thing when I was growing up and everything, it was always drawing. I learned when I see something, I always used to like look at a form. I would know how I wanted to draw it. I'll put it on b a wheen of people, a would say is very good. So that's how I could go into portrait and reread it, like realism kind of portraits, and that's always why I stuck by. But in two thousand and nineteen, I said that I was going to start graphic designing because I'm a type of person I hate being still, like I don't like being in one ear. I like to explore, like to train things. I was like, you know what, twenty nine came, I would try do graphic designing and I started it and I ended up being great at it and I got photoshop and I started learning it. When people started asking you for flyers and I started getting good old like okay, I like this too, and then I said this like last year again. I said, you know, I want to do something else, and over here they have fraternities and sororities and they do a little big paddles. So I said, I'm with that, and I was good at that too, and people were giving me money to do those things and I was like, okay, you know, that's a good thing. And then coming on to the shoe customs, the shoe customs were just, honestly, I just honestly just be bored, like I be bored. I wanted to try any things, and then it turn out good and people are like you should sell it, and I'm like, you know what, you know, you're right, but I would just summit down, to stay in that I am at. I don't like to be still. I like to explore other art forms that I still have... much more like like art forms I want to try out that I haven't got to yet. So yeah, yeah, and I mean if you guys want to check up these shoes at long they'll be linking description. Don't those. You can go and tech diesel. But I mean they're all very, very, very ready. Well done. there. She hand paints them herselves. I mean you don't putty tape on the shoe and everything. I know a better right. are like kids. I mean, I understand my work. This must be in your story. One time I saw you had where a person was complaining that it were so expensive. But I mean, once you understand that you han't paint all of them. Take us a long time, really and truly. But I mean, I mean it's really, really good that you are doing different customs with shoes, art forms and whatever. As you said, but I mean you call you you you have the business on your art and everything with art, but how far do you think that you can't take it? And All for? Would you let it take it or it's just a site hustle or something? That's an interesting question that I was actually thinking about the other day. But when I when I tell people that I have a premied sting, they're very surprised. You're like, why are you premed? Are you do all right? The yeah, because I am my dream jow like, guess what? I'm aspiring to use to be a plastic surgeon, and the reason for that is just plastic surgery is art, you know, it's one of the surgeries and right, that's why I'm really drawn to it. I'm ready to biology and I I love take the human body. So when I tell them and I pretiother like that's so weird because you know you do art and stuff like that. So, like in college it definitely was a side hustle, like I just like I do everything. Would come to me to get money at then give them a product. They like it, and that's just to give me a little extra money in college, because you know, college is hard being out here by yourself. And but I will say that I've been recently thinking about it because I guess...

...the like the many reason I stuck to it as a site house. Always some people like I'm never going to actually be artist and like I just do this on a side. It isn't usually because, like I know that in my head I'd be thinking, all, artist don't make that much money. I can't make a living off of art. Like I just this is I'm going to be something that I could pay my rent with and like, who would you know? I mean so, like I was like no, I just don't see that happening, but I was talking to my grandma the other day and I was saying that she was telling me that, you know, like you can't make a living off of it and like if you enjoy it and it makes you happy, like that is definitely something you could do, like as opposed to go to med school and yes, dressed though, and and you know, just going through all of that. You know. So I am still thinking about that question if I'm going to continue it. But yeah, and now I would say it's definitely still a side hup. So, but it does have a possibility to become impute. And you know well I mean as it is a say Hussle. I mean as most businesses. You would have experienced different challenges, especially recently with the old the covid nineteen everything with that, with certain businesses losing sales and whatever. But aside from Covin, why are you are some of the challenges that they you find that you have with, if it's not clients or customers, people in general, way when you have to sell them your product? Huh, I would say that for sure. I this is probably a common one for all art like businesses or our creatives and stuff like that, is pricing. People like just can't get their head wrapped around a price at the artist sets, and that's because I don't people like see art peace that they're like, Oh, you know that? That can't take that long. You know, I mean like I don't know why you charge a much, much money, but they don't understand that energy the time behind it. So I would definitely say they when people approach me for portraits, you know, I like they're like a couple...

...they want to portrait and I tell them a price, like what that's like? That's a high and I'm like. Well, you do understand that. I my style up drawing is very realistic, so I take a lot of time to shade a note. You know I mean. So I'm not going to do that for fifty. You know I mean. So I definitely said pricing. And then for another one, I would say is like difficult customers. Sometimes people are like, I don't know, they're just very and that's just comes with working with people. Like other people they're very like some people are rude, some people are like uncreatful, I guess you can say. But I had a live very well. I am like a customer service type of person, so I just, you know, smell through it. But I would say those are that really two days challenges, and I mean on social media. Recently, along with that, like mind, there's been a lot of the whole thing with the older generation maybe that are kind of playing onto the younger generation of females and whatever it is with sexual abuse and everything now. So I mean, I wouldn't want you to express yourself in any experience that you may have gone through, but how do you think that you can? What, what advice would you give the persons that may be going through it, because I know some people look at art as stress reliever and saying. So wide advice would you kind of give to a personal that? I guess the like, the biggest like advice go to give to somebody. Speak Out, and speaking out isn't necessarily mean just talking and saying your experience and stuff. If that's what you would, you you can. But, as you said, art is expressive. You can speak out through your art. You could. That's what you like to do. Speak and make a piece, speak out and I write a poem, speak out and make a video of like something you like, you know, like channel that and create...

...something. You know I mean because I've talked to people who have been in situations like that and they told me that like when they create something that. I know a girl who she was in a situation of that and she made, she like wrote a little poetry book and she told me that it felt so good to really say stuff it. So I'd say that's my main advice. I can't I can't say my experience of that because I've never had an experience as such, but I would say I guess that's probably the best I like. Well, I mean thank you for joining me today. Before I do close off everything with you out true, is there any person, anybody that like are you want to let shout or gift thanks to it? I would have helped you along the way in terms of your business or anything, a person's overseas or person's in Barbados, anybody? I would definitely want to show tout my best friend, a Beyo me. He is a videoographer, a photographer, graphic designer, he does it all. Just let me. He's super talented and Barbados and his name on Instagram is Wolf Jag and real loyter. I think that is a it, but I definitely want so to a be on me. So if he's listening as down yes, and if anything, you can send me the link and I will definitely try to put it inside the description down below dis so you guys can go and check out her and her best friend. As she's saying, she's currently on four hundred and forty years followers on her nice out studio call on instagram. Somebody's please going to follow her, and she's very talented. I mean, I'll you, throughout this video you will be seeing pictures at the bottom of the screen of multiple talented pieces. I mean this is crazy, like she even did a piece that was with a baby with charcoal, and that's crazy. I think I did make your piece, are but I mean this is this is mad. What you guys say if she's not taking this as her major really, I mean, you can see how much talent about probably is this produced, guys. So I mean thanks again then, with for joining me always a podcast. It was a pleasure to speak to you about Your Business,...

...on your art and everything that we discussed today. And guys, are they said again, follow her on instagram. Subscribe down below if you are new it. Wo Bell in down below as well, and I will see you, guys in another video. Thank you so much.

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