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Episode 12 · 1 year ago

A New Star On the Rise?!! | On Me Amajin ft Willy | Wuh Yuh Say Podcast


Join Myself and two young Bajan artists as they discuss their recently released song On Me. Have a listen with the link below and check them out and support them as much as possible. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode! 

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I guys are welcome back to yet anotherwe SA podcast hits been a while. I do go to school. So that's what hasbeen that's what's been taken out majority of my time. This is just a quite of a specialepisode in terms of Promotion Iwas reached out.I was EST to get these guys on and I figure you knowwha with their new song on Ne, which I will get into into the episode. TheARTISTAN is in Magin featuring Willi, so do it will be an interesting also todo stay Chune for that, but not completely back on the podcast way justyet or on Youtube. So don't look for any frequent videos as frequently as itwas happening inthy summer or just before to the like September October. Those videos will come towards Decemberinto Tlik the vacation way and I'm working on shortsom as well. So that's kind ofwhat's taking ut a lot of my time as well as I gess normal school work, soit just hold onf for that. I did put on my instagram that trending re thefourteen will be coming out, but again, that's mon for in December theaddicting hag started hi soon finished, but it will be put out so just hold onfor that. But do enjoy this episode because it's about two bigen artist. Imagine, as I said and featuring rillyon me. Their song is really good. I mean it should be playing Ri now. Ishould have already put it an background, so you guys got ta leastsomeone hear a bit of it so yeah I do infight you guys to go andcheck them out. Their song is on sputify, I'm definitely on Youtube, soe laks will be in the description dumbeow do subscribe. As usual, I hitthe Batlo I cam down below, and I will see you guys into this episode.

Welcome black guys, as I said in theintro before I'm here with the artists, the artists, plural, who are featuringon this one, that I'm I'm onno promote imagin featuring really on me in theanswer I would have done. I would have played a bit of it in the intro. Justany background, so te guys culse just hear what it is, what it sounds likebecause to me I would say: Definitely I even damned it to you saying that thissong rery looks like it could really takl you like on like this. Has theinternational start in a sense Yoa just introduce both yourselves, because Imean I wouldnt have figured that this. These both are your full real names. Sojust let that everybody know who you guys are and you get started with that all right yeah. I will go foroe yeah, okay, so II imagine my running name is Josha Archer, Singer Song rater asperan producer fromBarbar Idos, currently living in England right now,but still doing the music thing. My name is well. Mitshim is vidy. Recent being really was something Ialways used to be calld when it was in cdet for sure I don't. KNOWIT was astartant for a couple of years, so that was Al always made nat name, and Istart with it. A We rer name is Clay William. I went large for seven years. I only started me him Asit when it wasnineteen years old, because I wanted to be a playther at Ey time, but I kinofafford like play it in school. It was like seventeenzand dollar like traceamaster, so I kind of afford that I just decided fut Olmy, Pastionin,good king and music. Here I am okay and I' en getting a somling with you,especially really because I thinki'm correct. You know there was a bit ofdrama and like huge between yourself...

...and like Kai Andand, those Guyskay, it'sall about Mei, Wantta, Wafirse, tode song. First of all, guys, as iy said itsdhos have ha, isnational level actually do? Have it dont way on my phone as well, because Iplayed inthe car and stuff, so it does have that feel, and I I saw your theintagram lay that you had with the other guy, I'm not sure who exactly Iwas be ae Bi Youd in a bit an youwere on it Josh, so you mean the radio, no it Wasnon onradio. It was the instagrom life Instagom Lake, Oh yeah right, so you were just talking aboutthe origins of thes song, so just pretty viewers here, just ass, pinout to us because t en know you said that you were just humming somethingand you just started rit on these learis really quickly, so just explainthe as well yeah. So in terms of like making music in just in general, myusual like way of like writing a song would justbe like. When I hear Ye B, I usually just home like a melody, because I I'ma very good like I know a hole to come up with melodies it really easily. So,as I said Li I was just like just doing something. I can't remember what wasdoing. I was just doing something not even related to music, just walkingrouny hose. I'm like I was just thinking about the beat inm that thinglike Oy, you knoy know me, and I just it just came so perfectly to me, and Ifelt I in my anot mot. I just felt in my big. I just felt like really good,and they just wanted to like share that, not energy with like everybody, so Ijust started writing down these lyrics on. It doesn't really take me tdawtlong to Riadty e versus the versus were pretty simple on. You know. We madesomething good, so yeah and I mean...

...obviously when, as most musicians woulddo, artists like they have an idea of a song and, as yousaid, with the rhythm ane being whoever is but why why Willle there's a there's,multige pul artist in barbedoes- and I main you probably could have met somepeople overseas- that you're knot O in England. So why really wha? What do youthink that he was able to bring to this song? I mean it works, but why youthink that that he is the person that works on this because Willie I eversince I met him like we went BCC together and we met each other. BCC'sgot talent and so like at that point like I was. I was kind of like likeslowly Undelazin, like really I kind of sayng his talent on his potention ofwhat he could be an hat sort of thing, and I knew that he could wrot reallywell, but he also had a melodic aspect to him as Wel. I wanted him to explorea little bit more. So when I heard it- and I was- and I realized that like Ididn't- have any solgsit really or nothing like that, because we gotpretty close at that plus we did accompenti arapping competitiontogether, so late we got pretty close. I was like now I want to. I want to likexpose the world a little bit to like you're singing on it also, of course,wet Ye wropping at the end of the songwhere. He just goes off. You knowso I was just like. I think he deserves a little bit more attention as well. Sothat was what that that was my thought process. I was like a friend and alsoas like e artist, trying to push an nothe artist to there fo thisessentially year, yeah a really when he approached you. I mean, obviously it was a yes, but when you would have thatmaybethe reallybeat for you. What was your thought preces like goingabout making that verse and jumping onto the Sone when i Wen it first, whenfirst message me about the song I...

...listen to be, I was I was messing withyou be heavy. I told him that I I really really likethe be an they sow. Thei Song could be you know,a good son. So as iy started raiting, as he said, I mean L, we wrote this onefairly fave because he sent me to Bei. Think probably I don't know I supposicoDIY. That say he send me a choosit but Wy Tursday. I had myvers ind.Everything was just done, so it was just US procrastinated actually Goe tothe studio and get it done, and let me go in Thi Studio. We got it done. Itwas just like everything. Just just were everythingjust fluly ye were fitting. The energy were refitting, you vaves everythingwas dear, it was't, nothing. Really. We had to prepare for Lik because reallypepares for a song to blow. U I mean you just make music and you make musicand then you wait for which have a song to blow up like nobody was expectingthis. It was just another song for us because we love to do what we do. We dowhat we do every day and it just instinctive for us, but tactually, see that movment miny FatteLake, let in front of your ffare Tey. No, that is just like it's so hard.Armen is to be extremely griatful because Hek I was telling him. I neverexpected this song to be Werthy. Song is right now Kait is a man, a yeah.Imagine that, because I mean Eyou know your Anstagam story, you were surprised,O me, the Vendi. You Youtube fuse or just climbing Eh. I mean that's something for you guys,obviously, but no song, because compared to your other tracks Josh this one is, I say, a few levels above and quite differentso and come and even listening to the lyrics as much as I is on me that that's thetitle, his own nd hi still feels quite...

...personal yeah. So, and I guess you would have had to lookintolate wha, why is going on your life as well, because that's what a lot ofmusicians do? So? What do you think that on me was the first thing thatclipped into your head and stood up to you for this on because is Ike? It's like, like I don't know it was just I don't knowolike its just like kind of like I was just feeling myself on. I was like Al me, like you know whopeople would be like on God. This sun, like on Galiy this fiel this somethinglik like the alater. I was, I not calling myself a gard, an Hiy, so litnot nothing like dog Wil Lik. I just felt like. Oh me, Ma like all me. LikPeople Gat Realy, keep talking, but you know in Barb be those people just talhe name. All the train is don't even Haveg, O discrat, no decency, the evencover up something to just talk about you, warting front, Righ Font, O youanddoy, even so, is Lik. I just felt like now Buwa second tarted. This washis name, letting some people know so that thers not up B yeah yeah, but I mean also not. I actuallyspoke a boll. There is just no o mention like viter a saber, so does that likeTranlat, so you being a star wars, fun or wlike, wwhr the ogs. For that F,huge Toyou. Can you CATIN WAI to a starars Anda wish they were making more?I don't think theanmorethey may not be there. Maybe making like some sequelspre, Awemi Nohmil, I think it came out. Youknow e Hi do want to just before I get into.Is the whole Willy Story that whole drama? I don't know if you necessarlyremember, because I mean you could,...

...because I mayer seen you before the Arabar center, but I remember that Hiy have a very fane memory, because I remember things well, but I rememberseeing you out these same there's like a summer count that I that was therelike tats like having like media stuff,aunimation, dance and whole set of stuff. Xactly whichyear was think what thiswas. This wis, like really really old Ik to I wan, say TNAND eeven Notou for aboutProbably Fifteen Nwaibcser Yeaharaas, oh yeah, he yeah,I was eahyeah like yeah, it was Nifilm okay, so that is Tnot, something that you arepursuing Engla or is music, your full time. Well, N, in terms of music, likeI does what I want to focus on. First, I'm actally doing a film course inEngland, and I was doing film in Ue as well inBarbados, so yeah film is definitely a big ospect of my life, like I'm, acreative so like I want when I'm like older older, want to make like fullfeature films, but like I want to use my film degree to like do music videosfor other artists on myself. That was like me, Gol when I finishe school, soboth of them are pretty big aspet in my life, but I would say that music fo, no,is definitely like number one. Okay, and obviously really you mean Josh Tolme, I you work. So what do you think? How far do you thinkyou could go into your music? And do you think that maybe you would put even more effort atime an moneyinto to being a musician well to asko question. I think a lot ofpeople don't realize how much actually...

...goes into making music the process of making music is actuallyvery strenuous. Also in barbitis hole were setupdepends on who you know and where you go, that you may get a pricisreasonable for you, because for me a working person who pays bills- and youknow- has to pend their money. otherwhere like you really, you got asocerphace, not invest any music, because if you don't and you wait toolat- then it's- you know it gets pretty tough in terms ofgetting your stuff rebease, because by example, I did a EP in twentytwothousand and eighteen, two thousand and eighteen I released PROSPECTEP and overall just to recard everything, a NDhave all of the songs master and what not cost me like. Fifteen hundred,that's even before I postit you still had to post it on the media platforms, you have tocare for that. You still gotta pay the Person Wo, cove or honestly doingyourself. You still got to paid for music videos if you're doing that aswell. For the shoots all of that. So a really a lot goes into music and then,like we have a culture en barbetis, where I don't think our hithot cultureis where it needs to be right now, but our a hot culture like most people,woull tell you oh yeah, your musics didnatd thing they have able to quit.You think yet they just you, know becide, that is that or whaever gits.Maybe you really Gont fand people to appreciate your music for what you are.You can always there wil, always bre people who are always true, ind real toyou, and you got to know who is true and real to you and create your musicto suit, and just you know, do your own thing, because if you, if you listen towhat people have to say too much, and you deviate from what your man focuswas you're not going to get anywhere and you can't give up- that's something.I can't stress him Noug, if you for any...

...time you give up. All of that work wasfor nothing, so you just keep pushing you keep pushing an keep pushing ifit's something you really want to do. If it's something you really passionateaboat to keep straving for I an you, don't stop, because when you stop othen give up and the worst thing you want to do is liteyal life. It regretsand that's something I really don't like prelimialy or regret. Yeah t agreewith you a hundred and ten percent on that. So, and I mean you just mentioned just knowin terms of the Barbis, an y Barbilian aspect of hip hop and Rit, whatever itis, which a lot of people in Barbitis maysay that you know, there's therare one or two artists, mad three or four thatare above the rest are getting somewhere. So what do you think both of you cananswe this? What do you think needs to happme am barbatos per se toput more focus on it, because I don't think that there's enough focus on itat leas polk about this in a prety re previous episode with sleepy, then youGutik Ma know who he is, and the same thing was was with himlike there's still a certain level th that needs to that barbitous Barbidiumusit needs to get to to be recognized and be appreciated, for so what youthink needs to happen to get marbites Tatou level. Well, Ithink Wut. I was talking to my friend about this. The other day shout to you,Mon O coverfee. Also he wo tres. He also wraps on Hes side, and this is onphotography thing. Maane Mi were conversing the other dayand we were saying that in Barbit, Tis is kind of that whole UKhas their own granro that you will take a America, hithalt beat and they wantsomefluent are te Kidis woing to be as good as if they're, on their own typeof beat. So I think we were saying that, like Barbadians need their own type oflike hit hot tike beep like their own hit hot culture, their own kiddingskind of that whole. You Kar has that brain that Gran, Rop and Nhat, you knowdrill rap, so they can rattleit down...

...and it sounds really on arthodox andits really really really really good and we enjoy it so much so I think notas Barbedians and hitat culture. We need to find our own kiddins so to speak interms of B making and production howy. You know spit, because hiy could tellyou some artists, who I think are really really good writt. Now I thinksho is an excellent artist. EORE Reay, really good artist. In my opinion, heand he doesn't deviate that far from his culture. You know you could still see the vision is verymuch there. His diction is always clear is soms are always on a point and he'sjust a perfect example of what you should be. They am intowards becausehe's on the rappop Tafay also think is a brilliant artist.Wey haven't heard much from Tafas an recent, but that is a brilliant, brilliant, Biganartist. Okay, if you want Uttoit to today as well,I'm Josh you can yeah. I agree withkay that, like it'sdefinitely up to artist as well, to kind of like push the envelope and kindof make our own SONA STULF in barbatos. If we want to get stobblish, however, is a fift. Fifty effort and I feel like not a lot of investment has been madeto like the hippop, Sene, andbarbetos and jues the music scene in general,for like smaller artists, they are not doing like Calipso and whatnot, and Ifeel like just having, for example, like just having one streaming platformfor like every single genre and artist for car in theCaribean, which is that to chart swhich. I do respect sothat to start Si I love sothat ditarts and everything, but I think that itwillbe easier for some of us to...

...if they were like different, likeplatforms for like different stuff, so that, like you know if you're morehitpop fan or you if on this particular day, you wanted to stream more hit popawell, Bul that you can go into this if you want colip, so you coal go herelike I just think it needs to be broken down a little bit more so that, like weget to shine a bit more because then I feel like a lot of us, get pushed underthe rug and like just scaltere it among the Cron, and I don't really like that.So yeah, that's definitely one thing. That is a ffifty thing, so yeah both of us. Both parties needto put in the effort to kind of pus ourselves, forit yeah, and it may addto that. Let it's not to say we don't have like specific songs like bashmentScol, but that's always, but is it no? I can't go on a Bahment soucar song andan raplit holywould lake to rap poer delivein. My kid it's Oll e want to doLiv with my kiddens, so it's just a Ho of subgernring everything andunderstanding what words bents for us and our culture in that in thatparticular thing, you know really know about Ot aroundjust to know get into. Why mentioned earlier, no mean I aitgonna life, because I go to Houron College, so I wasg, I was hearing allof the the afformation o everything, but he question I will have to answeryou first. Yes, are you and Kai Harley and Chris, a eall yourl good terms, or is that something that is still well? I could tell you for FAC.The closest sout of all of them. I am to right now- is Chris and Hisraitlowes in Canada yeah, but the closest I an is to Chriss. Second, I would say:okay, I would' Say I'm that close to heardy, because wehaven't inthroted out much, but I have...

...non hit. Ter Against Hard E, actuallyreally respect hardy the whole premise of what occurredduring that time. It was more of a fun thing for us topush each other like to because, like we never did any like Boba Rop oranything like that, so the whole primise was just to pus each other andsee how far we could get. You know, because as be going up into that artist,world they're going to be things when you know you'e got to defend yourself.Yau might not want to do a distrack or anything with that, but it' shust stillbe able to know how to do it so that you'll be educated on all topics andall aspects of the music industry, so that was just more to Gan clot and push at the push the puss each other to seewhere we can go our lyrical skills and what happens to Usmabo Arback isagainst you war and I'm pretty sure that this trot set a lot. This A Q, I'm sure pretty sure yeah we offer forquite a bit of time an it was fun jus to to, I guess, witnessill see. Hol Ell at mfirstyeahthe thing is rightthat whole thing happene beforeI met you right. So when I finally met that's, why that s a big reason why Iwas like smoke, solly analazing you because it was Likelat at- was theproblem with his now. Like you mind, this seem lite HOWP INOI was likesee. Wgamhe must EADERKEREAH Gassyeah ilike. I have to keep mydistance from you for a little bit very o yeah, but guys I mean, obviously youwould release Er EP. You also release a good set of music IIMAN, your time Joshand Ki just released his is his EP this year, Erle arer this yeah wells yerlast year,...

...yeah last year. So I guess all you guysrone started that the same sort of ages would all be supporting each other. Interms of that, I guess in the future. Maybe you have the Oabishooto Kbyfornes he and the team who put together serbecause, like I don't think any of this would have been possible. I don't thinkwere where I ha been today, where I've been how Ditin ot for SCR, how theydon't have friends that told me well, you know they no sing. Iraq won I day,but they think tey should take it in Nashura and Taki oe hen that I will noso showo all of them, and it's just it's just been a crazy, a crazyexperience. Bcuse Hi started Tus O on Usand nineteen and twenty two, no one,I'm enjoying this trummendous wee, I'm actually lene this a lot so yeah. So Imean, I guess who knows you might see Kayar Chris Song featuring really maybewho knows and same same thing with you Josh, but for you guys, what do you thinkthat you have in the near future asided from just promoting on me forbecause I know it, I, the promotion for that wisl still continue for a littewell, but what do you guys have panned for the near future? If not, I say thequestion is not what Halp time, but I think you question is if the people are ready, because I meanwe got all this gas now in MN asense than this gs run out. I think we shouldkeep our time fut. So no is the time to work hard in way. Opinion Ye time towork. HURT: okay, no, I definitely lie yeah like I definitely want to putlike like a EPP. Next Ser, maybe ifve callthat album we'll see. But it's just that because you know some difficultstuff because of like covid running rounpat here going on so ike, it's beendifficult to like find space and stat s... Recordd, but I definitely got likesome features. I've been working more with like more barbanen artists,roppers and stuff. I got some people here, hot, like play. Musicalinstruments on we've been talking about like collabbing and stuff like that. SoI have I have a few stuff like in my head is just that so, like you know,get Ouono, see cagiblean stuff, yeah, Wut, Goon Thousand and twenty onedefinitely a looking to be like a goo year. Wol Y well, for me guys just thecoat things Aare coming and that's all I have to say before I do apfle everything owanything you promote the SOM. I guess that's one thing to do promoting songand just as well, if any other show toks that you guys have. This is yourchance, so go for it. Wre showme that for giving me life soo to everybody, who's been ableto andmaybe who W on today almy supporters. You know those who actually stay thougthei music, like I could almost cravwen people, actually that I could see thegenuine, the anuway gesters and certain people when they tell e the musicisreally good, and this thing I'm goingto get it for I'm going to make it for an.I can't forget those because they that's what means those movment specialand moving forward. That's what mean Verv me. This T, that's Gon Na be myfew is gonna, be my guys to get where I want to get so. I could see the otherpeople who has always been dont live for me. You know raise to te talk likeyou know. Mecause, like I didn't do this by myself. Like, yes, I made themusic. I write the music by myself and they do certain things in myself, but wthat support, I don't think my mentality would be rermen. Mencality istoday, so just take you guys and run...

...out on me. We want to see like fifteenhighviews with the end of this month, er Ye cooking with Ga. No Jo, no Jo, nodo for me, Shotlo to Stafan Marshall Sauceby, Stefan for editing the videotheler Video Showoto Jard Aka Zamcatto for producingy truck unknown instrumentals on Youtube, sothat Tam he also had production on the song sowup to every single personwho's,tream Listenle Trot. I share OA boy, that's tough! An no you ofon there! I go way to t seeWHA I' for, but he te so at's s. You goyou N, have to say over becauseyou just stuck just W. I kut out allrigh yeah wer Wa outwere. They are so to the Youar thepart whith. You weretalking about the instrumental grigt. I know instrumental are Youe to. We haveproduction on it as well, so to every single person that tream bout listen tothes song. Are you to? I run it up? It means a lot to Mei, Willie N, the wholeteam that works on Hi Song Sho too Chrissy an. I Live Caribbean new radiostation forshe gained like the song on the radio and helping with theexplosure that actually help a lot so its everybody there, my mom dad family,just everybody just thank you very much stream on me- is in the link in my social media onInstagram, yes, Imagin Afi, intagram yeah an it up.Thank you Banyeah. So me, thank you...

...guys for joining today on this way, Ose this speciall when o Sa podcast episode. Thank you guys for joining,and I was pleasure to wost speet the both you guys, as they say, guys, Dudetream and do whatever you need to do to push their song as far as as it can get.It will be in the descrition down below. If you are listening on, sounder orpolifly any of the platforms lake, this at you can listen to this por. Thispodcast on days go and Qo chat them Ot. You can't hurt, won't take you too long.It will be in their instagrams. Their instagram will begin the discussion,don't below go and chack them o and if you have anything else to saytack, Hop Christian, Podcast, WHA, you sing right war, you say ye what yousaying like you are doing bit like Ilik Tra to some of yourself, like before n, really Hig Professional Y. I can waitto see what you do in the future atd you. Thank you for having Boti on noprobem yeah, so yeah e said, watch, AIMO andll see you guys for another Poit for woinwor with you in the future, whenteYouno probbyyeah for sure, and I would see you guys later for another fodcast.

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