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Episode 4 · 1 year ago

Meet Professional Cricketer and CPL Winner...Phil Salt | Wuh Yuh Say Podcast


Join myself and 2019 CPL winner, PSL winner, BBL Star and Sussex Star...Phil Salt in my podcast . I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

I Ga e welcomebk another ways they bokout andteday Hav wit e, very special guest. We got on Ti CPK. He was thelast minute change into the final he's bade her own, the world, an countnessse TAT Ladi, a ifty ten leagues. Will he payed in the PATISTANILEA t e BigBash and he' made a name so far being clearly young into the newpreprecketing worldand. This is going to be a very affeti episode, so steychose an get traight into it with fill. So I am here joing with Philsaltz, who hasplayed with vncorrect Sussex strikers in the Bi Big Bosh League, the Barbatostradencs, which Ri last in that last final realy and truly calanders, andthe t ten league, the Islamaba, Inmi Pakistanin leage. So out of all thosewhich would you really say, is your most, which Hav Been Your mostenjoyable and which you've like enjoy the cultures and whatever yeah the mostI'd say the most I've enjoyed mycikere Um Wi' been big bashlage ground. You get to play, um now's, a good competition to be abatter, the wickeds ere, always quite nice, um. Just everything that goeswith it, you know that Theye Com t quite well. It's the closest thing: NYoull Habo get o Sawa Playn like American sport, Whil you're stillplaying crickets, I is pretty Col- is pretty good to be apart of therelike when I was in Adlady go round and they do stuff that you just don't getover here R. Another coms, like your face, wil the unsite of Matramor. You know: There's a local by TB, adsYat Youe, always beon them. So Ita isop is a different sort of platform you one Yo playing that con. So that would be... favorite, but I love playing thefinal Bob Aid Ossoman and II. Just speaking about that finalwith Barbilos I mean a lot of people saw, I you really wereunfortunately given oat, but what real was going on in your head 'cause, Imean, from my point of view an you were sening back up to face the next ball elentually, but jistturned around e Al The olburhis hand up. So what was really going through your headand emotions? Rano anything it was Um. It was more shock than eare Thawas,because m II've never been more confident goingto. We gave a cricket 'cause. I sowgt pride himself of being able to stand upin te form. You know when the pressiures on. U I O playing under thatsow pressure, and I thought just coming in going straight off the plane getsand kit together in a fine ordipig game sea cowboy on t, panse go and BenBarron paper by Adeos, I felt so free and I thought I wasgoing to get runs. I wishs givenhat. I was going to get seventee. You know,bag a Caro Weve, a saying, Ol Hata Great Edition. He was and then, as soonas hit came off the arm. I just pure shock, but you can't cant Al Wordsto it like Vitry, when I sto O for his finger in the air. It's just, I couldn't believe I', comeall the way, the three balls or whatever it is be given out a whileyeah I mean I was Kinda re unfortunatey. I mean a lot of people. Weren't ready,taking eerybody saw abot. It was not reoho that you replay was shown overand I mean for me. I know the quality that you have Vean Truy 'cause.Obviously I've I've known you for anoter of years, Amit, wonderis andmany other like stuff being here, use you performever the years they followdyou m. my same was going on, so I was realy looking forward to see you, ee eRea Score Itor, even more just ad, I seventy, but just looking to barbadoesyou, you not not necessarily grew up here, but you spent a number of yearshere, playing with wondeer pane with my... Fannd, with a numberoo o. Theperson in your team ate no Jo for Archer Um you're ting. Here. How wasthat ATR from being here and then going backup to England wa? What was it late that he cried?Just never get. Yeah Welwon moved that to Boadus I loved it from Dayon Whi. Itwas Asit's the best place you could possibly left. You know an the a I do. People ask mewhere I've grown up and whatever I say, boad o you know, I'd love to move backther one day is,it is so good Um. I was very lucky to play. Cricky the people I have like ivenow: Josin sins, eleven and now a teammates Um, the stastics and hoplyone day. So you know it's. It's been cold. I'm stordd in touch with Ise toplay. Without there, U Ipradin brother, a we had some real good times en EBA.DADG used to book wo Games together, used to get U Tabes together and mevery time I come back because for a week or two weeks, Ot break from school,a bemaling, your DADS, saying, gn Te GAMS, a Cricky Wan to Goin to cricketfor me and ther'd always be a copy, but I always er a copewom Englishtorinsides Um. So we donealy get pretty good teams together, ro. That of me JosTroggi of play brother, like Primar plafe games, O ten yeah. I mean thatwthat bree must have been realy in Enjobl timeand. I do en. I expect that,as time goes on, that you will even come back to play and DECP. Hopefully,fingers cross that CP DOS happen this year and we can have a successful umtime, but even though that there is the break of Polvi nineteen, how has thatreally affected you en training and all thes social distancing andeverything and wise? The next move infrom the croicket for you, it's Um isWEL TO BE HONEST: I've taken it sor. You know you can look at it too. Waysysay as Obsy, I'm cod, not playing...

...enough. I was in the best place. Mygame has ever been before this break: OAS Iwas go to that consor Kep, aEmento Mine- and you know if we had a full season, hope that would have madea pretty good Um, pretty good presh for the Englandteaswhen Yo woke upside. But you know we're not going to GE follt seasons, no timeslimited, I'm taking it a silver line, an gaebreak, nothe breakfod twenty four months, or so you know thatI've been Blan Cricket Ha whole time. So I think, or in it's just a nicelittle break for a couple of months, and I can come back refreshed and Um.You know Buidon Ot, the Mensmad Y, a mspeaking about momentumy. As you didsay, you have a really long bray, um going hot cricket for a number of timeset just came off Thebo of being a definal of a big basily Um I meanUnfortunatel, you didn't come home and talk, but I knen you had a successful LacinineLeague, but Y M and even enyou had avery rer ememorable mach any B Bosly,where you stood up Wyour opening partner. Are you the two of you n taleruns in no time you hod ha ent in ther, and I remember watching some of thehigh lakes and seeing some of those big big sixes. I mean you have a log power,an Onalay but were wered as you saidby big Bashi,counery computers, a lot of other places, but are you going to final Hohow? How did that really? Like feel Um? Although you didn't go all the way I'EO, trofee yeah, it was great to Fla Big Baa Garden. You know very greatfron the opportunity and Um to be honest, ABS, loved every singlebit n Big Bash, as I said, is that it's the most fin I Doncreta Pitch, I'm mostenjoyable, Um yeah, that game against Brisben wasgood Um. I think tawas actually time where, as a side, we actuallywhere she really came together in you...

...know so ss. You know we can make a ralpushion of finals at this point, because Wev got B, the gather m twodays previous N by Byth, and it was quite a comprehensive bang. So Toul come back and answer in the waythat wo did. You know wethough as a side that that showed a lot of ours inour character. D Y Owe were hoping to go a bit further in the COMP unfort. Wedidn't you know we. We had a bit tere Um, O final game, but you no. I guess,that's all what happens. Thats criket, Um, yeah, that'spretty, good yeah youveplayed a line ti leagues per sa, but you have youhave four hundreds in firstaftercate, so whul you see yourself a strictly totwenty the sand thattthe region, one the way in the pae Er rer, trying tofolks on, as opposed to the test ma or one day, Yeahi. Think Right. Now my strength Y,my white Wal CRICKETFOR. That's not to say that I'm not working hard all forms.You know I work just ut my for ACRAS. I do my t twent an and fifty hobersAndyeah to bethe moment, unbe, Fokston, being U or round player or not, I'm notthinking too far ahead. A'm, not thinking. I want to play these leagues.Do this one do thistish folks geting better, and if I do that and I'm focused thenagain he as Rit what will be ibe, yeah and just even Screeni away from proqeta bit. You recently had a pose on your Ansogram, where you had Um, you were holding a big big fish, so I'msure, like many other persons as a Prcriketer, you've played cough as well,I'm sure like yeahlen basis, yeah yeah, so Um Golf and fishing fishing hasebeen a an event that in year life for long time. No is this the manest reasonyeah? No, it's! U Card Fish, increasing... dad used to take me a lot when I wasyounger, but cart. Fishingis recent is quitedifferent. You know the sor stuff I used to do with my dad, like fload fishand that sort and stuff um, but yeah t a I caught two PBS this week.I'E got two personal bests nic, Big Mirorcarthas, just over twenty poundsand m a common car which was about twothousnd and three twenty four, so that was good fun. I di that withoneoo mates, caled down dowtway the place with the worger, and I heard ohim but yeah w. We just went up to place inSurrey. We lofish INSO. We do that couple times an wait for we willbefonow on golf yeah. I like Onter, I guess stuckin the same side, O e Tro, an play I say. Well, I want to get better. Igardhigh expectations. I don't practice enough or I don't have enough time topractice enough to get really good and then I lose interest in it. So Hir'sNike a cycle like that and they just keep going round. Man Interesting. I just like some of these big names andcriquette that you, you probably would have played golf with Um don now, among all the stars you play with youplay with a number starts, even in big Bosh League evn Cpl. who who would youalready say h ha like been your favorite to play with among, like icons that you have grown up watching M to play with thes been SOMANIC UM? Iremember the two thousand and eleven wok up pinee versus Australia. Iremember at the end of that game I had Um. I had like move righ N, my Yardi Sinandstuff for me and you know not played with Amosasex andYardes of bancoace IA bright, oastill, open the bank. I so that's pretty coolIPA wet those guys playind against that doesn't get bad inEbek faiding US Taby, big Ashwars,...

...really good. I even got a chance HemChaton after the game, which is really cool, sorr, I'd, saythere's too many to really pick from Guysu with ABS, definitely one of the best aplayedagainst yeah for sure I've watched baby in a number of years- and I mean Istill countes Hohe- is able to play some on H, shots that he does, and Imean you us tin, P and big Bosniu beinekeeper. I mean Youre, seeingeverything from right behind the STOMP, so I mean that really must have beansomething to really enjoy a witness, at least, but even speaking, about asubject that you did. How did you really get into plaing forSucecten? You've played no Yu Dont Wello for them, Thendt, twenty dig aswell Om for them Ye, like always tatpreally going for you yea, is on good. U It ot, TAK abougrowing up in Bavados. I never saw expected to leave Bota dos and I was happy t my Cricke Ooentedis,the West, India was was what I was looking at and Twas Boon to do. But youknow I got his o great opportunity in England and I couldn't really turn down.I no got a chance to go p to reads and sorry an bat them. I couldn't get insorry set up at a pretty strong era that at thatpoint in you, kN W that have guys that Tha'e Hav Y had for a few years. I comto INSISTANC. It wasn' really a space for me, but then Comis to the end of myschool. An then I got chance to pay for assessive. Second Team Um go cup runs, INIADEA, has an academycontract for one year and then after that warn year they gave me another oneyear, Hadinedel and then a junior proodl next year,ansigned on hisn apprensis yeahthat's. That must have been reallyreally interesting. How question from one of my current team mates, at leastyou would have played against him when you came Bouon in a tour Um, but youDemasiou, I NBC Iyeah Yeah Um...

Yo. He has to e oinabout. If you realy,remember that game Um from thoent and fourteen he says our NPCM at thatreally was yeah. I remember that GAM um, I remeber,I didn't think I was going to get back. I think it was. I think U, God musthave got two hundred or aright h a wate IREALL GM. I was co really long timeago now and I played law, Brecky Maistans on remember. If I remember Gotabout,two fottoo forty and our OPENA set about it pretty well, and I was BaingMiddle Ordor that game and I came in. I think I got sixtyseven quite quickly. Yes, ee, a sixty seven hour and I remember at one pointI realized it was next ther Pan and I'd never practiced a shop before my life,but I just thought you know I was just trying to Bitla be down Thae. Iremember not very sorry for any. I was I was standing O at th point aet, I wasshocked. I could not believe an ish. I had to just watch at aw 'cause I mean I mean. I know that at you have theability, but I to see it really a Trut just doing after St walking us all a onit was. It was astomishiing but yeah Um, even just taking it back to to Englandside of it. You did make Mwn you made your first hundred and in both twentyone. First OSPICAT OA TAT re field, Yeahno, there's nothing better to getan hundred m. You know if you can name me something better inlife, Tan, GA, an a hundred I'll be shocked because th there there reallyis nothing bad, but the most rewarding hundreds. My founcome in. You know the longer Forin, the game, wve Yo know: you' have to have toBot bet longer an the you know, Guso Bob Wa at you and you know you've gotto be a life fo. I be you knowerevey...

...coast. You asked the question earlierabout Um Long, O Mese, shoralmost, Oveon, POM and O. for me, there's nothing barethan gating runs in that long bom. Well I mean that is Phisot Day. I'mjust going to rap out here now 'cause. I think you might be a little busy andas he is, you know, Gig e, all the cove stuff, and what's not so I'll, justwrap things up here I mean are ther. Is there anything that you want to like,promote any or anything like that right now? No, nothing! Right! Now, just Everboynlisen to this CANP stand safe. I Guess Yes, N! Yes, truly! Do Please Thay tateo there when there is this going Pec USCRABE coment down below for any otherquestions for Phil and maybe he'l even look at them. Hopefully Um, Hittin,nortification, but and I'll see you guys in another video.

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