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Join Myself, Jumar from S.I.T (Secretly Insightful Talk) and Cyndi from UReport as we discuss Segregation amongst youth and the people of Barbados. Have a look with the links below and check them out and support them as much as possible. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode! 

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Well, first of all, welcometo the ways a podcast. I first all the other just mentioned to youguys. Both of you guys are what all of you, all of us, went to us in college. and well, Cindy, you're from yourreport and mentioned in a previous episode. You guys deal with a lot ofyouth topics and a lot of the discussions that I all deal with, thisstats and so on, so on. And Jam are, you have yourown show called secretly insightful talk, which I mean I've been you're in everymore every time I can, and you how you do with a lot ofserious topics, and I figured that both you report and what you do wouldbe adequate for the discussion that I'm gonna Bring up for today, which Iboth told you book guys are both of route, which is Syriah segregation inBarbados, and I figured that, since both all of us at least dealwith some sort of youth genre in what we do, that is something thatwe do see amongst youth as well. So, first of all, Imean because they're a lot of sub topics, that they are when they're you talkingabout and dealing with segregation. But what do you think it will firstof all, do you think that something that is involved in Barbados and doyou see it just only here or do you see all overseas? Do yousee as a pop full here? So I guess who wants to go first. Good music. Segregation, like you said, is a very complex frasue. Yeah, it feels it covers a lot of things and it appears ina bunch of different ways and I think in a context like Barbados, whereyou have the majority population is just people of color, it presents differently thansomewhere say late in Europe or America, where people of color actually in theminority. But yes, I do see segregation in Barbados and yeah, overseas, but they do present a little differently. To me, my feelings are alongthe seal lines. But obviously, given that I've done a lot oftraveling in Joe the arm with sport and stuff, I've been able to seea lot in in Caribbean and see holding in in Guyana, for example.You all have the the Indians on the blocks on the you know, there'sa lot of different describacys of stuffing with the CARIB member and grasping the thingsjood, the world's segregation is a huge dealing in know, initially when itcame to you, when you came to me. Sorry, you want tobe issue. I want an issue on they were specifying Rais and right asI was looking at class as well classes of my stuff at out. Obviously, for the most part we still think we could still look at classes ofmy rais going hand in hand because obviously is he wait, you know I'mwrong. People. You will assume that there are in a certain class andyou know, and that is very evident in the Caribbean and Barbados and yourworld and in still will continue the off for well, it comes. Youknow, hopefully things would change, but there's a lot of we can discusshere today. Yeah, well, before I even do get to the whatyou both, but both you think about how we can go forward. Iknow that, as it was discussing in a certain class this week, orwe already before that, we in Barbados see segregation of law from as earlyas common entrants. A lot of people...

...may not see it like that,but it really is, because we are read dance tape separating a lot ofchildren from WHO's brighter and who's not, and we all put a lot ofimpact and an appearance put a lot of pressure on children from such a youngage just to get to one school and the see people some this following orfall short just in one exam, but it may do it well of throughoutthe course their previous school life. So let me start there with both youguys. You yourselves, do you think that that's something that you saw personally? Had they would impart you, because, I mean we ended up all thatwhat is known as what the top tier or the higher ar key ofschools in Barbados. But do you think that that's something that should be likeremoved? Where you you don't see that anymore because they know that's a toughamongst a lot of Barbadians. Know is should they be removal of the conventrics? I much feelings the was govern in drinks. No, I understand completelythe issue of your segregation and stuff like. I I definitely understand on them.The obviously leave my house and causing going to be to see and knowie and you know I could see a time things change on stuff, butmaybe starts you play the common interests. My question is not be the alternativefor that and then for people say, you know just it's a term inschools, business owning world, but three of us wore that within the warsof hours on college. There's a certain level that you have to meet,regardless of what the thing. You know you come to the school. ObviouslyI spent a perform performance or away. Certain teachers are going that way.I remember multiple tersteer saying you are some college and you can, you know, make this quintior. Can this level? No, I would not put astudent who who has passed for a CO uncle law school in that environmentto then get cut, though I have their less cart one of them,and not be able to prosper in the future. Know, the conventials itselfat that particularly is eleven ten level. It does create a particulocal issue forchildren because it does see themselves as as proper or as good when they passfor what we can said that lesser school obvious. Obviously for your us,our COMMUN agents, we would be most happy room, when happiest in theroom because, you know, we get selves if you good, you know, after down craft the street, and we feel Fantas in doing that.We can be seen as one of you upple in upper ash won. Forthose who have gone to a low school. Now I feel like using that resultas motivation can make you better in knowing, because as much as youmight have been seen as being better at that point in any way, atan eleven, as you said, is only one exactly. It can makeyou or break, but the way your approachet and you made it, youmove forward would really determine the value have any world are large, because asmuch as you going to this school or that school is really what you wentto do to the world in in, you know. I mean. SoI've come, as I said, I king up owers and college again,the BUCC I've how people that have been from CP. I've come in seeingour classes. Me It's still doing. They're doing just a lot of betterand I make it moves, they don't they you know, the fall toyours anything and I don't know. Late might have my feelings on the college, but it's saying, I don't know. Everybody knows I different speed, youknow. So it's a lot to...

...look at, but in grasping thethings, it's ready for you handle the situation and use it. And Imust say people are sorry ever talking to me, but people that people thathave gone to low school. You know, we take to them blasted. Peoplego to the high school because they're like what you feel, whatever,what we yours because still from the right. Like I said, we know see, I don't particularly I know one or two that who will laugh andor event to discol as football. I don't forget that is rapid road personalcollege. I should see it, because we don't have somebody will know happeningas I can said that that's happen to ours. But people slay the partin college, tend to the ignorant of what is optionally happening in industry.Or we think of ourselves a better one without thousand the kids. It's aschool that's around to school, but at the same time, know, giveme a certain standard. We've been privilege enough to follow on four steps ofgreat people. You know a lot of how you know ranking officials? Iknow. So I don't know. The common entrance is a lot to lookat to pick up part, but segregation in that saints, is definitely somethingour range. True on you, I can't think it is very much there. Well, okay, yeah, and it's not stodible that. So seeingthat you guys Cindy, are you report these a lot of stats and stuff? Is that something that you guys could look into to make people more awareof, to cause even even mind you, I guess. I mean because we, as you said, we all enter at and courge. So weknow even within the walls of hearts and college there is sex segregation and wewill see, you see it. And so how can you guys, areyou report, Cindy, make that little bit more clear for a lot ofpeople, to cut down on that, to make people be able to bondand be together as opposed to just separating even at the highest level? Well, I want to start by saying that that common entrance is a is lateis, like you mar said, a lot to pass and I think theproblem of segregation within the realm of common entrance is an attitude thing. IsVery much an attitude thing, and I say that because when you look atwhat common entrance is, it is essentially a ranking system of writers to lessless break, so to speak. And because of that, because of thatmindset, it creates Issy, it creates a separation, it creates a hierarchyof that that is not productive. Now, if we were to lay I don'treally have. Theoretically speaking, because I kind of sort of understand thetheory of common entrance. Theoretically speaking, it's supposed to sort students into schoolsbased on what their attitude is. So if I'm more apt to do somethingas technical, I might end up at a school that is I'm supposed toend up out of school that is more technically inclined or more capable of pointingmy technical skills. But the problem is that we've become ingrained in this schoolof thought that there is a school that is bright, it's hot school becauseof academic prowess, and a low school because they don't focus as much onacademics, where, like drew Mar said, is so important that at the endof the day, it comes down to what you bring to the tableand what you what your contribution to the world is. And the world needsacademic minds like doctors and lawyers, that's true, but it also needs peopleto do plumbing, people to do Mason work, etc. Etc. ETC, and every job. In that sense it's important, but because we've thoughtfor so long that is about academics or is about being in hype, beingprofessions or hyprestage professions, then we've come...

...down to segregating it in, youknow, bright to not so bright, and then when it comes to yourreport, it becomes a task for us to then show people that you saidwhat what they the rationale for common in something like common entrance should be orwould be, and ascertain what those attitudes are right now. Because, likethat you said, we beavent to what is considered the top school in theisland, but it is talked to. It's the top school by one versionof the ranking. There's so many different things you can rank school based on. If it is the top sport his school, that might be a differentschool. If I'm really the top school for Performing Arts, that might bea different school. Technical Education and same thing. So using tools that youreport is really to figure out what the mindset of young people is towards whatis going on within the school and, let you said, gathering ideas ofyoung people, because that's that's where that's where you report shames. We're supposedto gather the ideas and the thoughts of young people and then, because we'reback by something like Yunisa, use those ideas to inform policy, to informthe Ministry of Education. Look, Hey, this is how people view common entrance. This is how young people view common entrance. This is what you'redoing to young people with the concept that common entrance is currently built on.How do we then address that concept? I make it better or, foryou know, subvert it entirely and create something new that is more conducive tostudents confidence in themselves? Well, I mean rightly so. I mean andI do imagine that that would be quite a task, at least for youguys, because they're a number of secondary schools and to get all these thoughtsof that would be all each other. Yeah, it would be. ButI want to actually come back to what you're speaking about especially and bring upthe actually the race off it, as you were talking about, Jim more, and I mean I know it's not only for us, but I knowthis is a saying where you have like a more more of a white schooland a more of a block school and more get too school and all ofthat right, and you could even argue to say that that those things areassociated with these these college scholars. He's in, Michael, right. Butwhen it comes to race, in between those schools, you talked to thethose the white people, and the white wool. Blame with you, blackpeople and what and so on and so on. And, as you rightfullysaid, as you get to be censue, those things tend to diminishing. Youknow, did disappear, right, but everybody's anybody, everybody's history.You don't carry you knocking, knock his shoulders at where? Everybody else,but at that secondary school level and premary school level, hole in potful,is it? Because, I mean just last year, we know so.We saw with the whole black eyes matter thing and everything with race. Thatwas a big thing. So a lot of people were even saying that,oh, there's not racism in Barbadis, whoever it is, but that issegregation as well. So where were do you guys see that? In ourschools and outside of schools, especially with segregation of race in Barbados? Okay, okay, prime reader, secondary right. I think that, depending on whereyou put your shown, it brings a sort of in said right.No, for the black void block shows what I would privilege enough to beable to go to a want of private...

...schools. Py you know, soin the F as well, will up from their problem as well. Youmight be able to. Well, sorry, not, might be able to doyour place in a position where you are interactive with, you know,wait, individuals pay wrongs, people who money essentially to it. Really Reason, when you sat with yourself, that you don't want see a problem withthe way people, you know, a ll right, let me say ifweaking for this in a more appropriately were get care of you. Okay,so we will call a black person that spends most of his play with theway mine, Oreo, simply because he is blacking in said ASP, weightBacku Saster. That's what that money set is, not because he wants thatfor himself, because that's what he knows. Naturally, no, when you seethat is mother come you'll hear those people, those black individuals, unlessthey how, you know, moved on from that point. The will arguethat, oh, all these matter are you remember, there was a wholething that people not understanding what they say. They because of that live matter wasand then trying to see, oh well, you wait, mom lavesmy wait, my lave mothers. That's my point. Like at this pointin time, there's a movement, there's a certain understanding. Black Lads arebeing disrespect they black people are being to inspected. Black people are being putin a position where we cannot feel it remain her variety of things is begoing off for a long time and sevil rights more alp we had a wholeproblem with that for the White Man. Know is like then much wanted tosee. But they argue we have Barbados, this is a primarily black country.You feel like we've being around block will not long enough. Who areyou to call me racist, or who you to call me? You knowthey are suppressor whatever. No, not to get carried of you, butI feel like a primary schools, in secondary schools you can't really stop thefunction of what the schools have going over, you know, in terms of secondaryschools alone. You know, if I one point, you would behearing a smis of the place where what people and the Public School for whpeople and they bombs it does where they would feel comfortable. I was rearmostof them would be while we werever then. Obviously you see how some coologs andQueens College, and you know that's a hierarchy because the hypeos of whatpeople will let their students. We at Invest School regardless. I don't believethat there is necessarily an issue with what it's not coppny as up to daywith the read that some of the more modern teenagers and stuff. Think afew of them you know about apples whatever. But at the same time I thinkwe're making a slight change introductory trajectory. Where they where? We don't seethat. There's a level of understanding. There's a level of about sectors andstuff. I don't know that answer their question, but I think thatwe're making a move. No, at least what I seeing since we last, but don't have things have changed in sensory last don't but from what wehad I think that we had a certain a certain sense of unity. AreSome college the most of the people. There's a certain sense of understanding throughoutthe school. It wasn't really a lot of that. I don't know eearriers out to tell me, but in... year there was a different voy. There wasn't really any savigation and it was at any well in mind setthat the people would have had the black individus. I would have had thatthat started out of priect school and the way people that they're brought to hersome college. Few of them have changed fundamentally for what they were in thebeginning when they can't are some college. They saw themselves as accepted on oneof the white people as one and that pro and they still continue to that. Very few of them have changed pass from then to know and they willcontinue that. That's and that is we when that's re build your fundamentals,approbase. That's really it. It's very, very very people change the weird thatthey carry out their lives and really practice every day activities and really livebased on, you know, things that the experience to any question there,especially if you have more, especially if you're able to, you know,do as the others do, want to do as whatever you can do more, got vehicles. But how all this? You have? All that, youhave it. So is they you feel more accepted in the prog whereother people have it, whereas it's very lucky that you come into a blockord and actually find a very specific but black group. I you could findthe black people have all these things you have as well. You know,I mean. So I don't know. I guess it's really a psychological thing. Is is a nurtural thing as well. So I can't fall a black manethat has been in that particular society. But in really does, but atthe same thing, I don't know. It's really just as a social name. I'm glad that you actually said would you more, because they youactually just mentioned it, because it was something that I did not let purposelydid not tell you both about it, because I know that both all festerres in collation and know that that, as they just said, reader,that there's segregation are some college itself, and I you I noticed it fromwatching your year, your graduation, your graduate graduating class, especially Cindy.You have to tell me, because I have very little memory of Fabian andyour year or say, but when it comes to this is then leads intomy topic. This segregation a gender level, and I'll ask you. This wasespecially Cindy, because in my year it was love of segregation, nota monstly boys, because, and I guess you you could, you couldvote for this is world, you mare, because I mean the boys from youryear as well. The boys tend to stay stick together. I'm playfootball, the e wrote, tennis, whoever is, but there's a lotof segregation amongst the girls in our year, and I mean he's doing segregation aswell, because they were different groups and that really ultimately affected or orgraduating class, and we were affected by a lot in terms of our graduationplans and ceter etc. I mean you could hear stories. I know ifyou heard stories will or year, whever is you morerow but what are tworight, you know? So, Cydy, I you could talk to me.Why is it that you think that there's a lot of segregation at thegeneral level, with women especially, and you always hear as well on socialmedia where they say that women bring no women and not really lifting women outand to such. So why is it that that is somebody has more commonwith women? Why that? See, it's circut it's such a do'sn't suchan international question because so much stuff plays into that, you know, andmy in my experience, because I went to a private primary school that wasmajority black, I don't think I had any I don't think I had anyway people in my year actually in primary... So there was a lotof stuff. First of all, going to public seconary school was a withthrew me for a lout because I was like, don't know, biggest classI ever had with twenty people and I was my graduating class and stuff likethat. Primary School but you're right in saying that it seems like a lotmore happens. A lot more segregation kind of happens with with the the girls, and I'm not entirely sure where that is. I feel like I havealways been kind of audit oddly, oddly out of step with pretty much everybodymy age. So like I had a lot of time to sit down andI'm really like observe what was going on in my year and stuff like that. And you're right. The the guys is played to get it indiscriminately.Go to get it indiscriminately. Don't really matter Wi you look like. It'sjust lately it's friends be cool. But but I think there's there's like thisthis theory, and I don't know the academic basis for it off the topof my head, but there's a way in which women are supportedly more conservativethan our men. Not sure why that is and not sure what what.Like I said, what the academic basis for that is, but the wholeconcept of it is like along lines of Wad you are said. If youwent to school that was majority white, for you're a person or a girlof color and you have a friend core, but it's an you can that youcarry into high school, Secondary School, then it's likely that you're going tokind of stick to your guns because that's what you know. The guyssomehow always seem to lay branch out because they everybody's do the same things.Girls kind of like, okay, well, I do ballet, these people arein my body class, so I'm going to stick with you, buymy body class because I know his La. It's like, if it an't broke, don't fix it. And in my ear, I think, Ifeel like there was segregation in my ear in terms of like like racial segregationas well. I think it might have been a bit more pronounced than Ihad seen from other years, like even years above me and stuff like that. I'm not sure what years we know, only I would had some, butit was like they were fairly visceral markers of separation, like there wasa group of like all the non people of color students can of just hadtheir own thing going on and, you know, every known again somebody would. A person of color like me. I passed through, but it wasit was not a case we were like super involved in their lays or anythinglike that. Is like a lot of us. Then they go to theirballet recitals or, you know, late their beach hangouts or whatever it was. It was just and it was just a thing that happened like it wasn'tbecause we're actively making an effort to separate. Is just that's what we were accustomedto and that's what they kept doing. Okay, and I mean as muchas we you could look at the positive and negative. Was a sagregationboth of your would you say that, especially at well, because we knowthat there is the issues with comminentials, but at the secondary school and goingforward, because it does disappear and diminished? Is it really that much of anegative? Because people do naturally will stick to with certain people and youwill have friend groups, you will have these difference as people. You willnot like everybody and everybody will not like you. So is it a negativething? Before I do move on to another thing, I'm going to comeback to it. Do you see it really as a negative or the policyat a secondary level and level? Really I'd have to argue that some atsome points it becomes negative, especially when...'re getting into like the young adulthoodof it all and job searching and stuff like that because if you look atour community here in Barbados, the way it works is that very often peopleof color will struggle to get where, to find work and people and whitepersons will not, or people who are later skinned will not, will notstruggle nearly as much. Not to say that in a struggle for everybody,but it is more of a struggle for a black kid than a white kidor a highbrown kid, as we would say. So it becomes a problemsomewhere. But at the same time I suppose it does kind of have positives, any sense that there's there's space given to us as people of color toreally late sit down with our culture and they say, you know, andI work through it and navigate our identities without having I don't want to saylike pollution, because that's that's like that's a bad I don't, I don't. I don't mean it in a bad way, but like outsiding. YeahRight, Oh, yeah, great, I like, yeah, help,but say that women just think to be a little more compative to some extent. Right. Eight. No, it can have a lot to do withthe way that not in I may can do it, because may can all. If I find many Mayer have done it many things for a little forrealist reasons that I can never understand. But women, I think, alot of the weight. Women. I think they just have look at differentthe different core values and stuff on a different weird that this live their livesand can Parson to do to the blocks. And then when you know, asas crucial will say, when it comes to things of planning and weare going to do certain things a certain way, one we not like it, the other way like it, you know, and I don't think thatas necessary to issue. But I just find on maintained to just take careof the issue in a more balance with I guess it gets. I cansay so women. I don't know. I guess they are women. Doeswant things we don't want to take. Not all. Some might want sayingsome specifically, I guess at that could call the issue. We Find Mint. It does well if I'M MED same way, but it just wine alittle more main sorry, women tend to be a little more blows when itcomes to certain things. I really think. I don't know. I don't thinkI've ever seen it said the Martins, but I don't live anywhere else.I cast swear or not it happens, that doesn't happen. Sorry, Idon't mean definitely. Can't want to speak for barbeds. Yeah, Ican be for our rest. Just find out. Women beings only mean justsometimes. It's just funny. It's so easy to cry on one of them. It's just I mean, just don't understand the sunmes is that I seeon twitter. I see it, you know, where you could voice yourbeings on the situation for nothing like the frimulous things you know, and Idon't know mine. Men Do it sometimes, but woman I will. Well,are you just a little bit? I don't know. That adds tothe point. I late. I don't know that as you argue or not, but Oh, I go a little bit and say pages in general fairlycombating, as it begins with. All Right, okay, yeah, letme get back because I want this. I want to talk about this forsure. So I see actually continue from here. I could guys just offoff of camera because it's not whole.

I was just said, of whateverit is, but I didn't know. Let you go see. They isdefinitely that, as you were just about to get into. Is that Barbi. It is does tend to create on a lot of things, and Itend this to you look up countries and other countries in region. You hearthem a lot more together. But barbarians especially do tend to be in lovewith segregated where you have people that would sup support their own friends and it'sgot a small business, they can support our small business. Thing is goingto support next business. But it's only if you you doing really well areyou happen to make it that you have your small business is not his nation. Way, then you doing well. But why is it that you knowthat barbarians are free, that segregated? Why are we crying on each other, not pulling each other up? So now I'll let you go as inthe now you see I'm about. I'm about to flex of history muscles onthis because, go ahead, a lot of reasons for segregation of any typeand the intensity of the segregation in Barbados is can be like. The answerscan be phoned in our history. Barbados is the only Caribbean island, ofall the islands and Caribbean the only one that was colonized by one power forthe entire tea of colonial colonialism. We were colonized uninterrupted by English right,the British, and then because we saw small even after emancipation, there wasonly so much, if anything at all, that the newly freed people could do. Its size the basket plantation, because all the land was use uppretty much. And because of that it means that we had a systematic yes, every everybody in the Caribbean had like a systematic dismantling of afrocentrism and andlike of African identity and all that sort of stuff. Agreed, but wedidn't have anywhere to run because we too small. We they have any wayto run after the massipation because it's too small. And we had the samepeople cry. We don't Foo. Four hundred years, three hundred years,not a good at math. Don't don't shame. So because of that,and the reason that that segregation is is such a deep seated issue here inBarbaid, is the reason that we can really unite on, not an unlessit's to create on somebody else who should know barbaidis because sorry for crapping onbarbadoes, because I mean, like the only thing that you cannot do toall be Agians. The only thing you could do is, it seems sofar to unite begions is to insult agents. They may just believe maybe hold on, you selt. In Barbados, the only barbadians get to do that. But we are that segregated because it has been so late. The levelof Colonne, coloque colonization that we faced was so rampant, is so intenseand so uninterrupted. So when we talk about stuff like why is this segregationthis way, a white can't people in Barbados Rally for an issue? Whyare there so many nasaers? Whether it is mesaing women crying on each other, whether it is the agent's fund, the COVID UPDATES, Cryandomia, whateverit is, why the case? Maybe is a lot of it can befound in our history. You know I'm saying. And we're at a pointnow, especially coming off of the black lives matter movement resparking, so tospeak, and then the Nelson must fall movement last year. All of thatputs us on this this trajectory, know, where we're even more separated. Butit's, I think I'm more productive separation, simply because young people especially, because you look at how many young...

...people at the four friends, thosemovements, you would see that it's young people who are having these conversations.We're talking about segregation, who are trying to figure out white stuff is theway it is. We're trying to figure out how to affect productive change andactually build up Barbados, and it's more often than not, but not always, more often than not, older people, older generations, who are like thisis the way things have always been, where we trying to change it.So when I say execution is an intersectional and complex issue, I meanwe could go, let you said, we people on and on and onand on, and there's so many different facets of it that we can address. But all of it comes down to the sociohistorical contexts that Barbados comes outof. You Guy. You said that because that is the way I somewhattouched on in a previous episode. We're we're talking about parentsing where parents,sometimes, parents always say, and you know, if you guys have heard, is like Oh, you know done this way so and it should bethat way, that we done this way and is no other new way todo it, and so sacial acets. But just start to move towards theend of this episode. Turn we doubt we dealt with class job with race, dealt with gender. So No, as you just rightfully said, isa lot of youth that are talking about it, and that's the whole basisof you report and you, Jamark, are getting the views on your secretand sightful talk. So how? No, you can we move forward? What? What are these solutions? How can we cut down on this?Because you do and you didn't find it that if be just aren't seeing changethe up on left. You know, you're gone, you can't do itanymore. You leave all, guys and as it. But how can weknow? How can we know, as youth bill back up Barbados, really, because what's going to be the solution? Sending must amuse your ass on,not just you are honest, meal. I needed here, y'all. We'reboth y'all. Have a say on it. So, yeah, nowdifferent solutions. Yeah, so, yeah, good. The the most broad andgeneral version of that answer is, is young people continuous to lead thecharge, because we are the people who are going to leave the country,who are going to keep the country running, who are going to inherit the country, and we want inherit a country that in faults and fault and nothingness. Right. So let you said, I'm involving your report and the thewhole point of your report is to get the ideas and opinions of youth allin one place for policy makers. How do we affect change in the policiesthat are neo colonial, that are oppressive, that are suppressing or marginalizing groups ofpeople in our society? These are the questions we need to start askingand we, as young as let's let's say, won't young people, soto speak, me to start late rallying our peers and saying, you know, this is a problem that we all have. How are we going tochange it and how are we going to affect change? How we're going tomake older people than us or people who don't believe listen? How were yougoing to make them change their minds? All that sort of stuff goes intoto effect and change and is not, it's, by no stress of imagination, anything easy because if you look at a really great example is the thethe commission now and statue. If you look at the history of trying toget us that you removed from Heroes Square here square, I think, wasremained. I don't want gate role. I think Heroes Square was renamed toHero Square in nineteen, the early s or something like that, right,and from couple years after independence, so...

...the late S, early S.politicians, artists like Gabby and ADJAC and all these people, the Committee forCommission for Pan African affairs, as my name the Pan Africanis in barbadoes,let's just call it, because I can't remember the name of it, Davidcome strong. All these people were like, why is, why is this whiteman? There's white colonizer standing in what is supposed to be our HeroesSquare. How do we reclaim spaces that we as as Barbadian people, haveallowed to be polluted by colonial power? And that doesn't just mean removing statues. That means removing other symbols. That means addressing policies and laws that thatdon't account for the the rights of our people or don't acknowledge the rates ofour people, because we still have so many, so many arcade laws thatmake like no sense in like a modern day contest for people of Color.How do we fashion the society into something we're into, one where the blackpeople who make it or people of color who make up the majority, actuallythriving and not struggling all the time. How do we address the issues forour working class or a poor people? All of this stuff, and theanswer to it is that you is youth. Youth have been doing the work forever. Obviously we don't need some older folks, some adults, youradults, so to speak, to kind of help us meander through the theminutia of it, logistics of it. But at the end of the day, we're the ones who are capable of make any change, who are willingto make me change and who have all the fight left in them to makeme change. Hour was a good must. We share that. My feelings arenot for you know, I personally all tics. For me, iswhere we las, you know, really based right now, boltism, right, I feel like the ignorance towards politics. Only reader young people approach politics asof today. It's so it's completely different from what it would have been, you know, whenever it was before us. As you said, allthe four tend to stick with the guns and stick to what they're know and, you know, support our party until the day, you know, justthe regular devil. A more from here to buy you. No. Youngerpeople, they think, are more flexible, right we definitely not everybody's going toknow, but that's why we have people in us that can educate,spreading word. We could. We could definitely balanced a level of you know, as you say, Lemi and see and seriousness and resonate with the Prow, the younger crows, so that the people, I don't know, understandthe fundamentals of what was, i. What should be going forward right,so that change is ready on your hands of the young people. That isthat something that we need to do. We need to make a move onobviously the order, for they're going to pass away, more going to begone. So we have to take control. We have to set ourselves a standardwhere we are not like them. We need to play role, becausethe small no and say blp great already ever exists and all these things bythe core of Barbaras. There's certain things...

...that we need, there's certain thingsI need to be done, there's certainly I need to change, and theonly way to change it is not by quarling on twitter. I'm telling mea motley that she not doing a great thing, in other because already feelthat, you know. Lastly, for minister, doing even help, becauseit's not so it's just the way that we approach things. When the realmove for it, there's but no means. Should it be? LP Have Zerosto but you know, means to the BE LP have won nothing.That is not as genuine opinion as much as the money. Probably really thebest one, the worst by minister that I have the opposition. That's howChris Allace is work. Yeah, you need sets among must be a moneyis a great for minister. We share reason than I appreciated this car andpatriciat their moving in. She has really put us on a pedestal right now, but really actruly there's that should not be. That should do me.So whatever point is the core of what I saying here right now is thatwe need to educate the apathetic role. You need a figure. It needsto fret the role. How to resonate with younger people. Had to letthem move that we should just be saying all both parties are the same,so we can never get out in the school. That we should not bethinking out. It needs to be a way to figure out, you know, educate them, let them know we could change, we could do better. You could, we could move one up. You know. I meanwe shouldn't be. I mean recently I met a star, sures, butwe it was a class woman, probably a sporties whatever, obviously twenty twentyyears doing as she telling the Cross, Oh the toaurus here thatcom here aremissing what Barbarnis was in one thousand nine hundred and sixty. She's saying thatwe should not integration, normal, what we should not build up. Itwas baffle beyond my more because I said, went so you want a stopped backin the pass. There's a black a black woman, lost, lost, loss. I said to her what mighty not to about her for me, but I said her, mom, your real loss. You need toget yourself together. This is what they are thinking, is we? They'rethinking they don't want see a change their cost. You really are other thanlost, and this one. Listen, we need to change the fundamentals ofthe war, of what we have in barbers for normal. For that istrue. YEA, as true. That was allays and Cindy was everything elseI needed to say as whatever to be a much so and any that yousaid. It starts with educating the apathetic and it's it's I think it's twofold. Is Educated Apathetic and power to you. I think nice does,does the the track we're going along, because first of all, it's notgoing to change if people kind of stand any way of progress, but it'salso not going to change if people don't know how to change it. Sofor yeah, correct, well, me, as as we really all discussed andsaid, there's so much more topics that we can go into. Imean the Sagrogation Barb it is could be at an ending. Yeah, butwe don't have that much time. Yeah, you don't have that much time,but we could be going on to about six o'clock our past, youknow, and this topic will continue to go on almost youth and old peoplein Contina for generational generations. But I will thank you both for joining metoday on we say podcast. I will I will let your guys know thatit was much appreciate to hear your your views and thoughts about the entire topic. Guys that are watching saying these. When you report her this, yourreport descriptions will be in the description as well. As you are show sicklyand stickful talk. Go and check all them, because he just had onerecently based on Maine and well or a lot. It's not a really interestingtopics days. I'm so go and check...

...those though as well. Check youreport to see when they update, recently, because I mean to just recently did. They had a pole that was up and they put some good stuffon instagram stories. So going look on at their page and follow them again. Thank you. There is anything else that you do need to promote?Dude, do do, go ahead now. I'm just saying. Might make thatone. are both of you are. Come on, do a little showme one days and I will. I I think I'm going to startdoing some lines on on we use on the instagrams or so if you couldposture and voice of pain and or to you know, I really really Ireally grow you know, I love to hear different pains and different views andstuff. So I would definitely encourage you to come up see anything on oneof the things I want to say is that you report is made up of, I will say, like young people, obviously, but we are all onthe stir and committee. All of us are involved in our own beingsof youth advocacy. So when you check out your report, make sure it'sto check out all the people that are involved on the report team and thethings that we are doing to try and affect change in our communities. Wehave people that are involved with disabilities and people that are involved with the homelessand other modernized groups, with any society, and people who are using their theirpassion and their advocacy and their activism and in some cases there are tohelp educate that you we were talking about. Help educate the youth, help helpin power the use of their own voices. Yeah, yeah, yeah, thank you guys for joining me. Always say boadcaster. See you guyslater. Yeah, another episode.

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