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Join Myself, Jumar from S.I.T (Secretly Insightful Talk) and Cyndi from UReport as we discuss Segregation amongst youth and the people of Barbados. Have a look with the links below and check them out and support them as much as possible. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode! 

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First of all, welcome to wwatay podcast, I first all thes other just mentions toyou guys. Both you guys are w. all of you. All of us went ters in college andwell Sende Year from you report measure in the previous episode, you guys Deawith a lot of youth topics and lot the discussions that that Yall de with thisstats and so on and so on, and you mare you have your own, show o securetlydislifeful talk, which I mean. I bet you in theron wat, every ti Ma an andyou how you do with a lot of serious topics, and I figure that both youreport and what you do woul be ardiquite for he discussion that Igottabring up for today, which I both tol you book, gays, Ot Bolhobop, which issaric segregation in Barbitos, and I figured up says both all all of us atleast deal with some sort of youth general in what we do. That is the waythat we do see m amongst youth as well. So, first of all, I mean becauseTherere Lot sob topics that they are beally oing you talking about anddealing with segregation. But what do you think? Well, first of all, do you think thathat something that is evolved in Barbilos? And do you see it just early here or do you see it onoverseas? You see as in patrol here. So I guess whoever wants to go first fit PA mesn, RSS ton. Lik, you said, is avery complex issue: Yeah. It feels it covers a lot of things and it appearsin a bunch of different ways. A D I think in a context like Rarbitis, whereyou have majorityty population is people ofColor. It presents differently than somewhere,say like in Europe or America were people ofcolor actually and in mynorities. But yes, I do see segregation in Barbitos and yeah overseas, but they do present butlot differently to me. IMY feelings are Longly San lies, butobviously, given I I've done a lot of traveling to the Mi Sport and stuff.I've been able to see a lot in e Caribbean, an see holding an Inganexampl. You L have the the Indians and he blocks on the you know, there's alot of different DISCROCANC, Seasono, stuff, foede Caraban, but and theGrasin of things troin. The worlse like rision, is a huge dealing in noeinittat when it Camet to when you came to be sorry, you wanted the issue O. Iwant an issue on Er especialy playing race in rate aseverybody I was looking at classes, workasses andmy stuff, it O. Obviously, for the most part, we still think wecoul still look at crosses of my Reas Min honey Han because obviously cr Waik, you know paying Brong PeopleHo will assume that they are in a certain class, and you know- and thatis very evident in the Caribbean and Barmidis an the world and in stillcontinue lat on for a wil that comes to you know, Bot, fury things woil change, butthere's a lot of you can discuss it to do yeah well before I even do get tothe what you both Fo, both you think about how we can go forward. I know that, as I was discussing incertain class this week, or we already before, thatwe embarb it to see segegation a lot from as earlieas common entrance and a lot of people may not seet it up,but it really is because we are rere tes to separating a lot of childrenfrom WHO's brighter and who's not, and weall put a love O in patern Dand appearance e put a lot of pressure withchildren from such a young age just to get to one school and thou, seepeople so Tis fall on or full short just in one examp, but it me doing wellthrough the course hear, priviate school life. So let me start there with meboth you guys, you yourselves! Do you think thatthat's something that you saw personally ha h w di? I Ha pa youbecause I mean we ended up all I what is known as what the talk tier or thehigher archy of schools in Barbidis? But do you think that that's somemay thatshould be like removed where you? You don't see that anymore? Because I knowthat's a talk. I Nos a lot of Barbilians know is: should they beemoval of the COMETURAS,... much fe Liss the ones coming indrins? No, I understand you competely the issue of you, segregation and stuff,like I, I definitelly understand, Onh, no, obviously Le Mars, a caus ArGoingto Begcan, no ie, and you know I can see Tane things change on stuff,but Mery speciy play the common interests.My question is no be the alternative for that and I fe people say you knowjust Ha Tokin the school busens wanning about bb, but three of us men but ine was a Harson College. There's acertain level that you Han me, regardless of watne thing. You know youcome to school. Obviously I Speit Te Form Perform cernon. We started, teachether are going to ADT. That way. I remember MultipleTaes Tejus, a you are as in college, and you can. You know, make this Qintoyou in cane dis level bitter about no. It would not put a student who who haspass. Were OCO N go law school in that environmentto then get cut down? I have the les part my on a not Beng able to prosipetethe future. No you conventios is so that particularlyis elevnte. Eleven et does create IFA silona issue for Chaldren, because titdon see themselves as as pople or as good when they pass for what we con toTa Lesson School Obvios. Obviously, for tea vus, our comminaons. We would bemost happy room one happiest in Lom, because you know we get sult with yougay. You know after Docrae Street and no ESU, fivethousand Noo Youcan men seen as one you UPPE, an a Asheon for those who have gone tothos schoolnow I feellike using that result as motiviation can make yobetter in Morn, because as much as you might have you seen o TeBetter at that Point Sang Tan Levon, as you said, it's only one is lic. It canmake. You are Bik, but you may you Appoachou, and you made it you moreforward, but reary determined in valuate have in the world large,because as much as you go into this school at that school is reallywhat you Rentin tote moraldining. You know I mean so: I've come as I sarted, Cin Mars andColy as I man TEBCC. I fan people that have been from CP heyve. Come then cmlockcosses me its tin in the Doing Justo, all a Betmean and they makingmoves and on the Hek. You know the fom or an a lot, and I don't know like Mi, have my feelinson the commens Witho is saying I do alow everybody nows, I different speed.You know so it's a lot to look at, butenbrasking the things is Reaiso for your Hando is itubation and use it an I Musse people at sortetalking to me, but people tha people that have gone to Nowa Movin knol. We tank o Hem Blassopeople who go to Ne HIGHR school because they're, like O, you fe back ana wat O, be n, Youre listeing, because Sifren from it right like I sa Focaewe,no see I now particularye no on or to that whoill laugh and me. Te is Wi aBOT and notoit that is AI, Woll aats, no Quin Ech Atienc, because we got aobelieve Mor happiies. I canse e Omethingr, but people slate, a part onpoles tend to be ignorant of what is actually Aftin an INC or we think ofourselves as better our wat without doon. The kids is a school as e o toschool, but I setai know man be a certain standard. We've been privilegeenough to follow on andfor steps on ret people. You ow A lot of Ha. You knowRankin officials, like you know, so I don't know you com an enterence is alot to look at to pick awort TAT semigiton in that Sese is definitely so in Iras. True in, I can't inkis verymuch dure. Well, okay, yeah. It's not t insteadable that so seeing that you guys Sindy ar IU reportdet lot of stocks and stuff. Is that something that you guys could look intoto make people more aware of to because even even mind you? I guess I meanbecause we, as you said we all enterus, ind couse to we know. Even within theWals of hears an college, there is sechic segregation and ce, see you dosee it. So how can you guys? Are you report Sindymake that little bit more clear for a...

...lot of people to cut down on that tomate people be able to bond them, be together, as opposed to just separatinge at the highest level? Well, I want to start by saying thatthat common enteance is is like is like Youmar, said a lot to Umpat, and Ithink the problem of segregation within the rum of common entrance is anattitude. Thing is very much an attitude thing, and Isay that because when you look at Walt Common, an intrance is, it is essentially a ranking system ofrites to less less great, so thi. Think, and because of that, because of thatmin set it creates, is tak, it creates a separation. It creates a hierarchy ofthat is not productive. Now, if we were to like, I don't really have, theoretically speaking because I kindof sort of understand the theory of common enterent, theoretically peakingit's supposed to sort students into schools based on what their aptitude is.So if I'm more apt to do something, thats technical, I might end up aut aschool that is I'm supposed to end up out AF school. That is more technicallyinclined or more capable of pointing my technical skills. But the problem isthat we've become ingrained in this school of thought that there is aschool that is right, it's hot school because of academic proess and a lawschool, because they ill focus as leg on academics,where, like Jumar said, is so important that at the end of the day, it comesdown to what you brings to the table and what you, what your contribution tothe world is. Any world needs academic minds like doctors and lawyers as true,but it also needs people to do plumming Pu. To do me, Sone Work Etccec at everyjob in that sense to seporer person, but because we've thought for so longthat is abolt academic or is about being in hyppaying professions or highprestige professions. Then we've come down to segregating it in you knowbright to not celebrate, and then, when it comes to your report, it becomes a task for us to then Shor.People like you've said what what need be rational for common intor,something that common entrance should be or would be, and asser taying whatthose attitudes are right now because, like that, you said we beed it to whatis considered the top school in the island, but is talk thi the top schoolby one version of the ranking, there's somany different things you can rank school based on if it is the top sportin school that might be a different school. If I'me going to detarp schoolfor Performan S, that Mig be a different school tecnical educationsame thing, so using tools late, you report isrealy to figure out. watting mindset of young people is towards what is goingon with Indi school and, like you said, gathering ideas of young people,because that's that's where that's where you report shrains we're supposedto gather the ideas and he thoughts of young people and then because we're back bay, somethinglike UNISA use those ideas to inform policy to inform the Minister ofEducation. Look Hey. This is how people view common interest. This is how youngpeople view common entrance. This is what you're doing to young people withthe concept that common enterance is currently build on. How do we thenaddress that concept? Imunit better or you know, Subbert I entirely and createsomething new that is mor conducive to students, confidence in themselves? Well, I mean fright Ou, so I mean A. Ido imagine that that would be quite a tas, at least for you guys, becauseTheu're a number of secondary schools and to get all these stofts wot. Thatwould be oh, I ci yeah. It would be, but I want toactually come back to what you're speaking about especially INM bringngup the actually be raced UF. As you were talking about Jim more- and I mean I know it's not only for us,but now this is a a saing where you have like Y, more more of a whiteschool and a more of a black school and more gettol school, and all that rightand you cand even argue to say that that those things are Asocia with theseiest college e Coers e Sai, Michael Right. But when it comes to rice in between thoseschools, you talk to the those tete white people earn e Wat, Poo,Blaiy black people, an wat son and so on, and, as you rikefully said, as youget to bescsue those things tend to...

...diminish it. You know the disappearright. UT, everybody's everybody, everybody's Hastr, you don't Carr Orocking knocin show is Atwhar everybody else, but at that secondary school evel,an previary school level, wholin potful Lizit, because I meanjust last year. We know so we saw with the whole Bloi smarterthing andeverything with race. That was a big thing, so a lot of people were evensaying that Oh there's not racism in Barbinis, whoever it is, but that issegregation as well so e. where do you guys see that in ourschools and Osid it schools, especially with the segregation of race inBarbilics, okay, Lokay, pared a secondary right? I thinkthat, depending on where you put you Chil, itbrings a Erom Wen set right. No for the Black Voy, the black showwhateve probly enough to be able to go to lhe one printe school was PA. I youknowsoinefies Wy, O from their prober as well. You might be able to well sorry not min, be able to yourplice in a positionol where you are intactive with you know:waihtindividuals pay, ONS people whith money essential to it really brings a manset with yourselfthat you don't Wantt, see our problem with deal with people. You know AAll right.Let me SA ficking for this and a more Appropiti wergetting Carreloin okay, so we will call a black person hat spens. MOSSAIS thingwuth await mine orial, simply because he is burking is in o Ar wet yeah BikaoSA, so o w that mind set is not because he wants that for himself, becausethat's what he knows nat. No, when you see Tatis Mona come you were hear thosepeople- those not individuals unless they have. You know, moved on from thatpoint. Te Urgu di of all thiss Mao ar remember. There was awhold thing with people, not understanding what Tho significance ofBlackliv Mater was and then tried to see. Alwel Yo, Wa, MOM Laves, my witmylev Moeso. That's my point ney at this point in time. There's a movementthere's a certain understanding, black leades are being disrespected, blackpeople are being jus suspected about people are Beimport ant iis on where wecan oll feel ike were being heard. varity of things is be going on for along time. IG So writes Mor Mor to we had a war problem with that for theWhite Ma o is Lik dan much woem to see it, but the argue we am barbitis. Thisis the primierily block country. You feel, like me, Bein a wrong Loti'm, notlong enough worry to call me racis or who you to call me. You know they a suppressor R, whatever no not to get carred of Mo, but I feellike an Prias cose in secondary schoos. You can't really stop you function ofwhat this chools have going on. Riten on in terms of Sunger Scooth Aloon, youknow, Wont Ony Gin to be hearing as Asie players for Wat people, an thepublic, school poy beofore and like wrong. It does really whel feelcomfortab with out roms, so then will be wablbe. then. Obviously you see aHarson Pollis Nan is colled and you know does' hiarchy, because the Hirosal way hop will lat ther Soe,MEA Bestmol, regardless. I don't believe that there is necessarily an issue with what it's notn, as oftond with Hou. We had out some of you more modern teenagers and stuff think afew of them. You know by apples whatever, but thes same time. I thinkwe're making a sleet change. introdactiory tradatry,where the wher we now see that there's a Lov of eunderstanding, ers a level o about Septes, an stun. I I don't know that as I equession, but I think that we're making a move. No, Iuse what I seen since we last, but don no thing of Chancin an sare las butdon'tbut from what we had. I think that we have a certain a certain senseofmunity ar o college e most of the people. There's a cerain sens ofunderstand it to wor to school. It wasn't really a lot of that. I don'tknow if in your years Wu Tome, but in...

Maear it was a different, but therewasn't really any SIIBIATION IDE was' anymor! Well, you MIT YU set dowt. You peoplewould have hide ye lot in hiis, Al Gine, Pinot TAT that started out O preridschool when you Wai People that you've brought to her SIPOLLIG few of themhave change fundamentally for what they were in the beginning, when they canAurson colledge hen sal themselves and accepting on one of the whit people asone an that prom and they's still pantingy. That very few of them havecam paths from the intermal and they irl Cotin enough of thus- and that is w,Brin does rebuild your fundamentals, a Peris, that's really it it's very, veryveryfe chase e rel, Ot de Carr, your lives and really practiceevyda activities and really LIV base on. You know things ak the experience to aeperson a IV, especially if you have more especially if you're able to youknow, do as the others do. Wan Do. As Wat eyou can do more. Agod won be a gee. I have Watis, you got wat a you have itso is they? You feel more acceptine in Ye Proem, where other people Havbe,whereas its very olicy that you come into a black Bo. Unless you poain a vosspecific bout, Black Gol, an you conflan Black People Ho have all thesethins you have as well. You know I mean so I don't know. I guess it is really alioicood thing is: is a Nertary I think as well? So I can't for of that Mih NotHavein in that particular society, but atonut hy does but a Yo samthing. Idon't know its really just as a sorcial thing: Im Glad Thatou Ubecause, you auay justmentioned it because it was is someming that I wu did not and they purpose itdid not tell you both about it, because I know that both all o the wasMa terrorist in college and they know that that as they just sai earlier thatthere's segregation iear so coe yourself and you I noticed it fromwatching your year, your graduation, your graduate got youating class,especially Sindy. You have to tell me because they have very little memory of favior and yourse, but when it comes to this, this ten leads into my topic withsegation a gender level. I'll ask you. This was especially Cindybecause in my year there was Lov segregation, not a monkly boys, becausea D- And I guess you could s, you could vote so this as well. YouMartin, because they didn' mean the boys for your year as well the boys tarto stay and stick together, ipaty football. He wrote tennis whatever itis, but there's a lot of segegation amostly girls in our year and means theesegration as well, because they were different groups and nat ot, reallyultimately effective or graduating class, and we we were affected by a lot.It ters word graduation plans and ETCA ETCA. I mean you could hear stories. Idon't know if you heard stories or year whatever is you more but Ito ard to Ightyou know so Sindy? You could talktalk to me. Why is it that you think that there's a lot of segation o ha theGenera level with women, especially and you always hear as well an social mediawhere they say that Wen women bring no women and and not right, lifting womenar nd such an such? So why is it that Thi is somebody? That's more common with women wait shut, so you sagat its such an. Does itsuch an intersational question because so much stuff plays into that you know, and in my experience, because I went to aprivate framary school that was majority black, I don't think I had any.I don't think I had any weight people an your actual and Firmar school, so there was a lot of stuff. First of all,going to public segnar school was a with threw me for loo, because I waslike don't know biggest class I ever had was twenty people, and I was mygraduating class and stuff like that at primary school, but you're right and saying that itseems like a lot more happens, a lot more segregation kind of happens withwith be girls, and I'm not entirely sure where that is. Ifeel, like. I always been kind of Oli, oddly oddly out of step with prettymuch everybody my age so like I had a lot of time to sit down. Ind reallylike observe what was going on in my yearand stuff like that and and you're right, the the guys is PLA toget. Itindiscriminately go together, indiscriminaty, don't really matter whe you look like is just like. We hasfriends, we cool, but...

...but I think there's there's like this.This theory- and I don't know the academic basis for it, offece top in my head, but there's away in which women are supposedly more conservative than our men, not surewhyr. That is, I'm not sure what what like. I said, what the academic basisfor that is, but the whole concept of it is like along the lines of La Jumar, said.If you went to a school that was majorty witful yourea person, your girlof color, and you have a friend core, but inten you can that you carry intohigh school secondary school. Then it's likely that youropoint should kind ofstick to your guns, because that's what you know the guys somehow always seem to likebranchow, because, like everybody's, do the same things: girls kind of likeokay, what I do by lay these pop likein, my Baly class, so I' GNTO stick with YoBo. My Body class, because I know is likes like if it en broke dor fix itand in my year I think I feel like therewas segregation in my ear in terms of like like racial segregation as well. I think it might have been a bit morepronounced than I'd seen from other years, like even yours above me andstuff like that, I'm not sure what yours Wul Dong me I would have son, but it was they. There were fairly viseral markers of separationlike there was a group of like all the non people of Color Students, kind ofjust had their own thing, going on and Youoevery now and again somebody would a person of color like me. Would I passthrough, but it was. It was not o case, but we reelate super involved in Tyeur,Liyes or anything like that is like a lot of us, then then go to their Balyrecitales or you know like their beach, hangouts or whatever it was. It wasjust, and it was just a thing that happened like it wasn't, because weereactively making an effort to separate is just that's what we were accustomedto and that's what they kept doing. Okay- and I mean as much as we, you could look at thepolitive and negatives with soitegation both of your would you say thatespecially a well because we know that hit is the issues with commnnaturs butHa de secondary school and going forard because it does disappear and diminish.Is it really that much of a negative, because people do naturally will stickto the certain people in you will have friend groups? You will have thesedifference as people. You will not like everybody and everybody will not leteyou. So is it a negative thing before I do mwant to another thing, at'm goingto come back to ut? Do you see it really as a negative or PROPOSI AT Isecondary level? I level really I'd have to argue that some some pointsit becomes negatives, especially when you're getting into like the young adulthood of it all and job searching and stuff like that,because if you look at our community here inbarbates, the way it works is that very often people of color will struggle to getwork to find work and people and white persons will not, or people who are later skinned willnot will not struggle nearly as much not to say that in a struggle foreverybody, but is more of a struggle for a black kid than a white kid or aHigh Brown kid as we would see, so it becomes a problem somewhere, but at the same time, I suppose it doeskind of have positives any sense that there's there's space given to us as people of Color. It's a reallylate sit down with our culture and desay. You know, and I work through itand navigate idenicis without having. I don't want steey like pollution,because that's that's like that's O bad. I Don' I don't. I don't mean it in abad way, but like outsiding, yearight Oyeah, I help but but see it. I really justthink to be a little more romative to some exxtent raght. No, it can have alot to do with e Wen a nosing o make out O it because ManchanAlot Ffin, I find men and Wayer have done it many times for the for. Forthis reasons that I can never understand, but women, I think a lot ofthe white weman if they they just havd, O,look at different adifferent, coor values and stuff on adifferent. We tat this lip their loon...

Sav for person to you to the blacks andthen, when you know, as as Chrisionbl O say when it comes to things of planningand and we going to do certain things- a certain way won my not like Ao Miglike it, you know- and I don't think thatas necessarily issue, but I just find AUmain thing to just take care of the issue in a more vilence Vere. I guess Iguess to Consiv, so we mean iy. Don't know I guess they are women. Doest wantthings to Ben to Manti, not all SOE. My want sying an specific ly. I Guess Thadater cause e issue, wy fine minute dollas Whelif, fi e menut sanwit, but Idust plane a little more main. Sorry, we may Tang to be a little more. I knows when it comes to Sinan things.I really think I don't know. I ant think I've ever seen. It would say theMarvetis, but I don't want to live anywhere else. Lik Ask smewear that Ihapfus that doesn't happen. Sorry, I don'todefinitely can only speak forbarbe yeah, tes, peoe, worious Bu, O just find thatwomen being ony mean just sometimes it's just feeing. It'sso easy to crat on one oe, hey it just I tean just don't understand the sonic.Is the AC on twitter a see it? You know wherever you culd voice our tingers onthe situation for nothing like e frimolous things. You know, and I Idon't now mine man, doits, O name Bo. I me I will well argue just a little bit. II don't know if that adds to the point I don't know likea. I don't know thatas the Argu or not, but I wargue a little bit a Saye bages in general,fairly combassic as it begins wit allrightylet me get backbcause eWanttoule Ithisiwanto talk about this for sure. So I see I should continue from here Geathasthis offcamcasis Noininoi Wawas, just saiding whatever is, but I didn't now. Let you go Sen. The is definitely that, as you are justabout to get into, is that Barbid Tis does send to Cratein a lot of thingsand I tende to you, look up countries and othercountries in region. You hear them a lot wore together, butbarbilians especially do tend to be a loit siygated, where you HALPpeople that would support their own friends and the GOS ssmall business.They can support. Nomal business thing is going to support this business, butit's only if you you doing realy well, are you happin tomake it that you have your small business is not his nation? Well then,you do well, but why is it that you know that barbiins are Frey, thatssegregated? Why are we crying on each other not pulling each other up? So let you go s now. You See, I'm alsoI'm about to flex some history muscles honest, because a lot of reasons for segregation of anytype and the intensity of the segregation in Varbitis is can be like.The answers can be phoned in our history by bittess is the onlyCaribbean island of all the Ailens and Carban e, only one that was colonizedby one power for the entire city of Colonian conolelism. We were colonizesuninterrupted by English, right, British and then because we saw small evenafter emanicipation. There was only so much if anything at all that I newlyfree people could do it sas the bast e Patation, because all the Lang as IsaPretty Bood, and because of that it means that wehad a system mattit. Yes, everyb. Everybody in Cerebbei had like aSYSTEMMASSIC thismansling of APROCENTRISM, an and like of Africanidentity and all that sort of stuff agree. But we didn't have anywhere torun because we too small we did have any vis to run AFTRemancipation because it's ta small and we had the same people cring. We don't for four hundred years. Three Hundred Years,not good a Ma, no SAM, so because of that ny reason not that segregation is sucha deep seated issue here: Barbit IIS, the reason that we cano really ulay onothing. Unless it's the pray on somebody else, Wi should not barbitisbecause sorry for crapping on Barbites, because I mean like the only thing that youcannot do to aubegions. The only thing you coan do, it seems so far to unitMasens is the insult agens. They may Jus Bela, really bod, so hi hold OninBarlatslik only Barbdians get to do that, but we are that segregatedbecause... has been so like be the level of Colon Colo holoniationthat we faced with so rampant is so intense and soo uninterrupted. So whenwe talk about stuff like, why is this segregation this way wy can't people in Barbadis Rally for an issue?Why are there so many neceers, whether it is masaying women Crang own, eachother, whether it is theagens Pan, the covit updates, Praandonne, whatever itis whatever the CAS may be, is a lot of it can be foned in our history. Youknow what I'm saying and we're at a point: no especially comingoff of the blacklavs matter: Movement resparking, so to speak and thenneedthe Nolson Mus Fall Movement last year. All of that puts us on is this trajectore knowwhere we're even more separated, but it's, Ithink, a more productive separation simply because young people, especiallybecause you look at how many young people ar te Ade forfriend as thosemovements, you will see that it's young people whoare hving hes conversations, we're talking about secogation, who aretrying to figure out whyt stuff, is the way it is we're trying to figure outwho to affect productive change and actually build up bybutess and it'smore often than not, but it not altays more often than not older people. Allthe generations were late this in the way things of Alwans in where we tryingto change it. So when I say exution as intersectionaland complex issue, I mean we can go, let you said Wep go on and on and on,and on and there's so many different fassets of it that we can address. Butall of it comes down to be he social historical contacts that barbatis comesout of Gyou s at because that is Wa lisomewhattouched on previous EVI, so wer wes talking about prensing were Farno. SePan Pariens always say am, I know like you pays o the Hird is like Oh younodone this way, so it should be that way that way done this way and there's noother new way to do it, and so speciala such but tojust Sart to move towardsthe end of this episode. Tu We dowe ot with class. Jo, I reacedo with gender. So No, as you just rikfully, said his lot of youth thatare talking about it and that's you whole basis of you report, a you. Jmarare getting e views on your secrety, an San photop. So how no we can we moveforward? What why are these solutions? How coan we cut down on this? Becauseis you doing you didn't find it at it? BE JUST ORN seeing change! Theuparleft, you know, you're going you D, can't do it anymore! ND? U Be leave alltas the tats it, but we know Ho. Can we know, as you build by Barbados, reallybecause what's going to be sobe solution, Sendin Mus must your an up oyethe. The most broad and generalversion of that answer. Is Young People Continuansy leady charge, because weare the people who are going to leave the country who are going to Keete thecountry running who are going to inherit the country and we wantTinherit, a country that infault AD fault anothingthess right. So let you said, I'm involved in yourreport and and the the whole point of your report isto get the ideas and opinions of youth all tha one place for policymakers. Howdo we affect change in policies that are neo colonial that are oppressive, that are suppressing ormarginalizing groups of people in our society? These are the questions weneed to start asking and we as Younga less lesssay, W youngpeople, sort of speak need to start like rallying our pairs and saying Yo.No. This is a problem that we all have. How are we going to change it and howare we going to affect change? How were we going to make older people than usor people who don't believe, listen, how ere WEU going to make them changetheir minds? All that sort of stuff goes into to aFaston change, and it's not it's but no stretch of imagination. Anything easybecause if you look at a a really great example, is the NE decormissionyDealson Statue. If you look at the history of train to get that stattueremoved from hero squear, he was square, I think was renamed a Dolwan game wrong.I think he wrose square was renameding. Yeu Were Square in Ike unineteen, theEAL s, or something like that right...

...and from couple years after independentSOTHELATE in t n, a politicians aritist like Gabby and Aga,and all these people thee commititee for Commission for Pan African Affairs,as wit, name E, Pan Africannison Barbedis. Let's just call it because Ican't remember the name of it: David Conistrong. All these people were like.Why is why? Is this wite mine, this whit colonizer standing in what issupposed to be our heros square? How do we reclaim spaces that we, as asBarbanian people, have allowed to be polluted y by colonial power, and thatdoesn't just mean removing statues? That means removing other symbols. Thatmeans addressing policies and laws, T that don't account for the the rightsof our people or don't acknowledge the rate o our people, because we stillhave so many so many archaclas that make like no sense in like a modern dayconcest for people of Color. How do we fashion this society into somethingwere into one? Were these black people who make t or peopleof color who make up the majority actually thraving and not struggling all thetime? How do we address the issues for our workingclass? WOR, a poor people all of this stuff, and the answer to it is that youis youth. You have been doing the work ever. Obviously, we goingt need someolder folks, ome adults here, adults sort of speak to kind of help. US me underthrough he, theminutia of it thegistices of it, but at the end of the weird ones who are capable of Makany change, who arewilling to make yo change and who have all these fight laut in tems a make techange. I my feelings are not Fu, you know I personally all the tics for me is weremeas. Youknow really bis rig nopoltis right. I feel like the ignorance towards politic anyvedayoung people, areporch politics as of Te Day, is so its completely different fromwhat it would have been. You know whenever it wasnt before us, as yousaid order for tend to stick to the guns and stick to what they know, andyou know, support more party up until the day, and you know just the BragularDag Lo anmore fron here to Bot you no younger people, they think are moreflexible right. We definitely need not. Everybody is going to know, but that'swhen we how people they ask that can educate spending word. We can. We coulddefinitely bos a level of you know, as you say, liniency and andserious nihs, Resonatey, probably onecrosthe peoplethat don't know understand you find the manages of what was I wat should beGren forward right so that Chan in Rady on your hands of theyoung people, guys hat something I rel need to do. You need to make a move on.Obviously te Wonfor, they're goingno pass away. NEN A be gone, so we have totake control. We have to set ourselves ou standing where we are nowing, thenwe need to fig o ecause, the small, no Abe alte great, alreadyEve Existson, all these things, but at the core of Barbilas there's certain things that we needthers sort of things. I need to be done an started. I E chiins and you only Gento change. It is not my quarrelling onto the telling me what Liu that Shoul,not reall, reat thing Bo, O the tar ecaue. I ready feel, like you know, Blassiy, for Meis, like D, even helcause, so it's just Yo. We not we approach een eMeV Yo for an by no means should het be healty. Hav OZeol sees, but you know me is gon to be heapy. I've won nothing that is notThas genumy opinion as much as Memon pobably, the best on Yo Bers, Bi Mi,you any opposition. That's how Tri Allis work. Yeah is a Gri per minister Eshrtusan, DaneAnei es Carrin Inter e Mashin Te pessn moving in. She has really pass ONA,pede storymom, but realy, actually this dot. So No, I bethat's what im m. So what ie? What is...

...the ecore of Wa saing her IG? Not, isthat we need to educate the Apathetic Form Oi. It I's a pety ral home toresolee younger people and to let them move that we should just be saying allboth parties are thesum O we naver ye the smool Abe. We should Nov bethinking oup. It needs to be a way to Fing Aron, you know, educated them.Lettin them know be ca chance. We can do better. We canwake a ro on up. You know I mean we Shann, be I mean recently andwe just HaStar surs. It was a class woman, probmy, a portes whatever. Obviously it mony iktwenty years domination, Che Talin Becar as Oh the tourus here that coming aremissing what Barminus was in Ni, sixty she's saying that we should norintograveson nome why we should not build ut it wa. It was baffle beyond Iwan my mo because I said Wen to you, Wanar you stuck back in the past,there's a black, a black woman. Lo last I said the Mymi Myo Formeut, I saidm your real loss. You need to get Yousolftogether. This is what they are. thinking is Wei Theyre thinking theydon't want to achieve their cause. They really are others awons to be this. Oneis a reale to change the fundamentals of the law, of what we have a barbarousrig on, for that is true, thats, true thats, all an Sendi was everything, as I needed says:Wenoe BEA, Mu, oand a like you said it starts with education, te apathetic andand and it's it's I think it's too full this educated apathetic and power touse. I think that Das does the detrat were going along because, first of all it not going to change ifpeople can of stend any weird progress, but it's also not going to change. Ifpeople don't know how to change it, so yeah correct. Well I mean, as wwe alldiscusso say, there's so much more topics that we can go in so I mean hiseregation in Barbe. This could be anEndin yeah, but we don't have that much time. Ritthe yeah, O Tha. We could begbsix oclock our past. You know. andthis topic will continue to go. onmostyoutime people in continue for generational generations, but I willthank you both for Joly, be today on Watay podcast. I was IWILL. Let youguys know that it was much appreciate to hear your your views of o thoughtsabout the entire topic, guys that are watching Sanles for your report. Herthis, your rport descriptions will be in the description as well as Jou morshow. SIPLY insexful talk, go check all them because he just had on recentlybased on Manan, O lorsoalo he's Natso really interesting topicdays, so going check, Thos Thou as well wich, I cou eport to see when theyupdate recently, because hey I mean just recently, did they had a poll thatwas up and they put some o this stuff on. I Gas Agam stories so go look at atther pace and I followthem again. Thank you, theres. Anything else. T at you do needto promote, do do to go ahead. Know I'm just saying my n get one or os ofyour nnyoucom on MII think I'm goingto start doing on lavs I tin meis on theNROU. Sorry. So if Yot could postou INM VOICEO OPAYIN in our tea and I really ea Ey Liroyou know, I lovet your different pions and different views and stuff. So I would definitelyencouragein Comon see a thing on. One of the things I want to say is thatyour report is made up of, I will say, like young people, obviously, but weare all on the stern commutity. All of us are involved in our own, the INS of tuse advocacy. So when youcheck out your report, make sure it's to check Ol all these people that areinvolved on you, report team and e things that we are doing to try andaffect Changin our communities. We have people that are involved withdisabilities and people that are involved with with the homeless andother marginallize groups, with any society and people who are using theirtheir passion and their advocacy untheir Apotisim an in some cases.There aren't to help educate that we were talking aboutHowp educatind. You help help anpower the you that their own voices o Yeah H. Thank you guys, O joiing me aWai, say podcastersee, you guys laterther yeah. No, Thar Pisode.

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