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SHE WORE WHAT!! | Wuh Yuh Say Podcast


Join myself and my cousin in the first episode of wuh yuh say podcast! We discuss anything given to us that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS !!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode!

Starting to happy New Year thing, start off with, and then like dive into that because they want to make me your not do one of those things and then you can not do it. Me Did not do an introduction, like okay, if you start off with it and that we can start talking about your solution. That if you have anything for yourself. Honestly, I busy. You Start Ready. But yeah, I basically and that's what it is. I don't like organizer. Not One of mad me a relations is to avoid you with paper. I guess you'd get into that bit fur. I mean, I don't know. I don't like music resolutions astly. What was it doing? But people are doing here, as you know, to the right you're on bitter. If I feel im late you, then any bottom if I feel like it, but you must, I feel, be on twitter and I say near as Lugions. I'd entity next year. They say, Oh, I didn't do him in your relitions, so mike can try again this year. And that's happening like yeah, after year after year, plush yourself, but you like, okay, I feel like they're too immagry. I don't know a single person in Barbados are that has stuck our said. I've actually stayed well your near as it is for last year. You'd not want consistently for the all of an eighteen. You didn't. When you get in here. Other Lake, because he was here last year. Pretty sure your drink one. That's a point. That's a point. Okay, just to make ant and I stick into them. Not to have like fund of motivation and dedication is sim achievable because it's complate some stupid I think it's a lake. I want to I don't know the climb. Ever, it's mine whatever. So why would you meet? Because some people make God, got the money to do it, but not money. You know, we're never going to talk. Whatever I wanted you, but you can't tell somebody saw what does it bigin? Okay, realize, I thought I had a person. Then that's possible. Has a hundreds its feminals of mush more risk beer. If you think about it, like people meet earliest expectations, like maybe they put parts under this expectations for themselves and then expect themselves to eat. They don't reach on there late because you didn't see anything. That's attainable. That makes more sense. So they do for me drinking water. That's attainable. Like, are you fair enough? I drink water every single day. Yeah, but then even with the same pressures there somebody come and tell you you gonna your friends drink water to yes, know what, anything? I took to m nine coat h that's not strictly water. I never...

...said strictly. I said don't. You could basically saying that you want to put water anything and he's drinking water, but you, for you SCUTTS, cut food and water, but I want to drink water. Says what water did for me. I water about okay, I was I never said solely at the twenty two drink more water, and they did. That was the attable goal. But would profession things? That sounds it basically start to start down. Started Al Ready. You can die like who you are, because it is my channel. So I mean, Hey, my unfortunate I don't know how she got me cousin, but you know, Jesus by Hum second again. Yeah, save here. Okay, I did. I don't know right. anyways, basically this is going to be I don't want to it thought show. It's not a show. I mean on the intro that I had it as a podcast. And more call a podcast either, because podcasts are like really long. Pots are so long, but late. Let me go with the twenty minutes. So it's just a get feedbought and see what people are saying. But you goes for a virtual form and you discussed them other people. Fair enough, because my dready talking about you guys from different people anyway. Um, I mean we already passed needing years resolution thing and I'd already light near there as asue. But as your thing, I don't know that rules that realistic. Okay, and about the topic as well. Is what you can that you that we want to talk about this partly a horning epidemic and Barbados. I don't know. EFEM is a strong word for for horning, but because music is actually has made it a norm. Music, White Hole, music has made it unknown, because all and every sense but music, get your cycled. MMM, mom HMM, fair enough. Yeah, that's what was really popular. A lot of people like that so hard. I was like like they're familiarize, I'm times with it, and then they did took it Abrad meth that I'm so busic. So so, basically, music influences thing are out. Well, then it couldn't influence it. It couldn't influence it because art so late. Is that? Oh, I think it's, says I like a personal experiences, because no good, but late. All I'm saying is all right, it's like he'sn't hurt around her plan right. So everybody was late. Who I'M gonna pay that song with it, because then now it got complain. Everybody was like to late.

It was. It was a thing to be. Who Jest M us. Part of my girls are NAM pressed. He's supod. It was. It was made to be this glory fighting thing. So I think music players are really big part in it, but it's not, on the only thing. I think it's just like young people and be desire to be in something with the certain somebody. But even more right, may not you say that men don't be music, but you got like fourteen year old lighting cooler se or is a Oh this, this, this May. My thirteen year old wifriend has as as cheated our fashhorn to me, like I don't judge anybody's relationship, but lately past someone is fourteen years old. Can you tell me? But still, like me, I know if any fourteen year or anybody that watch this. If they get if they come in Tommy's lending comments, then as as after them. But I mean, I know, I know, right, not like that's my girl, but she wasn't in a relationship, relations for like a month, and like she would post all these things about him and apparently he formed her right. I don't know. It was at all. How broke loose and I didn't. I didn't, didn't understand it and it's who too shant with somebody else and she turned out her he's, I know, was just like what is not? I mean anything out for new years old is it don't count. That's nothing. And they drew it as well. It's really, well, okay, it is. I mean for the people that I don't know, because I got a basic people are surprised, like from England, sweet to them actually switch then at watter videos. So that's why I don't play. You know, really, I don't know. I don't want to say it's his is his instagram. Na. I mean I have to link him because let's have to give him his credit. He told me himself they have to give him his credit. So I mean it's just basically his definition of earning. You US earlier. Right, serious, but it seems like to tell you that does this is actually another special bed and word. All right, so, basically, the word Horn means to cheat. Are To be cheated on. Okay, so if you're significant other is cheating on you, you are being horned with the capital eat, and if you are cheating all your significant other, you are hardening with the capital each also. And, to be honest, Barban is really too small for all this harding to be happening. Basically, everyone knows everyone even do this. Call you back, Hey, girl, he's still coming over tomorrow. Oh my gosh, girl, I met this guy. He is so cute. I cannot whip you to meet him tomorrow, girl, yes, bring him, I want me. So. Do y'all know each other something? No, no, we down. No, no, no, no, he's not even pretty good. Wait, how do you have a number? Huh? Musically, that's basically definition flash eating guys it.

That's what it is people messaging me anyways. Um, so that this creedy epidemics still think it's a very strong word, but what it is because you can't fight, in my opinion, any because of our can see you. People are making it such this on be happening for generations. That could that kids are you're telling me. No, it has become an epidemic. Night is this big. This is not the happening for the everything. But reason what is become an academic is because you, music has for mean to w know, because you probable the sin away this. She hangs. Great, great, so like you, just music, but I mean money at on it. So I know everybody is like, like it's like, we really did tell you this, like you, who turned to truth, like I don't know what its minute. It's like if you like high, like sounds like to me. For more. If you relate, okay, and it's anything. Well, if you relate. Is Peer pressure also a cause of our own influenced? I think it is, because, like you have a significant other, but so, like I said, a girl's and late girl is like you can will to like pole to talk to me, but you know how you know you have a sause, some other friend at home, but it's like because your friends, like I want to talk to you, like calling over, are late, are late especially great. I don't know. I said guys, but I think that's bacal Whoa I didn't have happened many a time and I think like I put myself off as on because I don't say anything about it, don't stop it. The consciously know that they have somebody else at it. Be Is globoth ways and it's like, well, you friends, SA friends push you to do something here at this states, like keep pushing up with your egg. You eventually, when you get edging, a follow. Yeah, I'd never realized, right, I said, I that we talk for twenty minutes, right, and he's basically thirty when it is already. So I've mean, that means that as this is no longer at any minute. Well, I wanted it three, but twenty minute show. So I got he's have the shower on me and it's us. It doesn't fair enough. Mean is the same thing that we're talking about that before. But I say that for a last thing. anyways, great, actually use that you. I don't use appleton. School is done, okay, U E U US sorts organize any is there. You is so much young years organized. Seek you. Is Problem. You know. Nay, okay, you're the other side of the get as humanity, the education and no, I should be a separate than love. It Art. We Art, but so art education. Yes, so we don't talk art.

I the imagining education, which is why you should not know. To you people, I'm Gon for Education. Well, over seas, overseas, free, free. No, yeah, because I'm yeah, but I don't always know it. Free. But you gotta still do community work, she said. So when I don't let people not, this is it. You're in jail. To be honest to me, I don't know what you got the community work? Yes, yes, I don't, though. I mean I you think the bottles. It kicked up thim thing, you're my kicked up in. You were Nike Cup man, if you ain't too one thing, every single crazy. But I couldn't be all the plate events. That's very down. Are you in? He go? You got the card and let the OA. What do you think? He could then remember the card and a pin. He wasn't kicked up, but he went to the what's called was not looking. You stay there a little night is a lockame. Nobody want to be at hotelcn right, BECON. became a DECON, but not like one. If you got an icon, it be a little. You know, he got money and I don't work and people I don't know. I'm late. This reason. Why's it go? Howard? You know, but you don't have to say. You, though, didn't make my brother to you went to it and didn't. We came home to this or three day this. It's a sure nails blue. This is my safely found this. This you said to look cute, but I don't think I'm anyways. Speaking of cute, I don't know if this movie that is scoually coming out is going to be the best. The where you call it to Chrish. You know what's it? See people are watching. I hope the y'all see to liquors. I have not. HMM, you seriously have not seen this on side tape of Ol thing? Oh my gosh, a watching a man is a her for faction. Currently from him. He's funny. Thank he's losing his comedic tight Jimmy. Is There African? First of that yet? I thought this is gonna be a movie, right. I don't missing anything.

Each reil I watch it before. I have no idea. Wait, he's forced to go all years. It does in really other day, even the other day, real last years. Tell me, yes, read it is if it's at least once every con do it are night before after place. How is it late? Moving on, I don't there's a movie that totally coming out, apparently in the DRAK reason, but I don't know not what it is. How like how many is it gonna BE? The last bega movie? That was that came up as what? Hush? I don't know how to movie that come out a commonsense. Yes, you think all mine. I had the weird fucking hole. JEEZUS. Yes, it's the movie came out. I didn't want it either. We're watch it. We didn't want it. I am tread free, but I don't. That's been we've gone on that Man Hall teaser trailer. So again, another fairy action to it. I never see this in my life before and didn't see this is a documentary. No, it's not. Actually do it O. Yes, yes, more than really little grimy Mila. I thought about morty early hours. You Laugh about my escape jail and I'm so big night for good...

...drill. Are these documentary for it's two minutes that, hey, I got. Are All of these videos? You can't. I would not make to be interested home my guy. I don't know what I mean. He's possibly you know. Yes, he died. I think jail Uhhuh, but I was saying was but late. If you look at like obviously now that I don't know, somewhat interesting movie. It kind of does. I don't know if the too late rish one. It is better. It has gotten better over the years from Hush Hush series. It's hush camera work was not the best man, but it was good. It was a good story, a good story. But in terms of what you say, then after that, because you gotta call you different, began productions lose that. Then there was because yours is, which was probably one. If that's not the only, if I'm not the only Jon, seriously noble, as the best one, as the best one for sure. I think it's social. You know, it's only too it's on you do it's on Youtube. Have the DVD, say to actually fat see them. I only answer it because I thought me if I was in late U, sorry thing, and he was. He saw them sitting like this guy. One thing, because that it's not, as a say, not not mabe, who already snowball or thing. They and keep it and lay I don't know, valuable. How Valuable? All good. Yeah, it will become an how good this movie is going to be. Anything that he has a platform to do, it does. Does the thing. He has gone with arm International. In a way he has because their people are America, obviously Agians. I would see how watch it's like he has a really personality, but he's very lovable of Nikeable. He is one person that I think is going to pass him out or within him is Chris Arc Right. The life thing. The yes was his videos with the life thing are no get anything like what's I mean, he doesn't do on Youtube, doesn't face look. But and I think you should start bratching...

...facebook still becoming that that but like White, why not twenty learner say we're not doing that. Yeah, but no, Lords. That is better at him. I think he is. But Lords anywhere were actually studied like comedy and things. I think he's obviously he did his ole baby videos and web, but I think he's probably working like did it more professional thing as opposed to definitely lower mouth. Know it make it in Barbados. I remember. The funniest thing I remember is when it was on tongs on TV and ire was odd for some some of our move done barbarous and the woman that sounded I was doingy the odd. She said missings were sold now for the movie, but you can't really say that was the sort movie we got to too. Snos. That's not sold out. Three who's there's an is alympo me. I'm not sure that. I'm sure I look glow, emotional. I globe, don't know what. Try to glow. And then there and there's a live with well, good to driven, but that's why you just want to go late instead of thing place. The food better than in the PLUSS actually by far. anyways, got more to the glass. Your favorite topic. So she is. Someone told me to talk about females not respecting themselves in the Dunant of social media. It's yeah, you can, yeah, I don't know you here. I said it's tough. It real bad about if I don't want to have anybody in tool. I think that everybody. So where were they want to wear? They want to do that? Express yourself in this to me anyway, but I feel as though it's a much sometimes. I don't think that. I didn't know that you majority are all all social mediations. At people social media, because it any world out like that. Tryin, but we love you have actually because the pop social media platforms that moment. It would say instagram is the number one. I think so for sure, and then probably twitter, our SAP Chot. No, no, it's not. I don't know. I don't think sna try to day, but as you I think it may be thing for for the for the most the celebrities. Maybe it may be the name, because that was again it's not trying. So is a personal it's more profortable and you don't want to be if you want to send something or you pus story for your friends. You know, I'm sers not in come. I just come on, you bother and how a little. Most somebody's going to pick up on it. He's going to talk about it in their podcast. But so that's why instagram is probably no one. But I mean you, you tell me a messages asking me what we will have to flaunt at all. I'm no judgment. I'm not uging anybody that you could literally because I attations somebody else. Don't know the kid. You feel me late, but I'm listening every passion. So I didn't want to do whole. They want to make we expect themselves and how they want to show their bodies. But sometimes I just think not people will what females are females. Multi females are going to talk a female. I think that they can be really back a bit. I don't meet meals doing you. I don't think boys, men and no use. It'll Giz sometimes. No, I do understand that work by me in...

...trying to posting. I don't see men posting as much. Post as much, but like, I think not. We live in a society where females are okay, females Areli actual ladies, to a point where it's are these adulis are doing out through themselves not? I can't say it goes both you. is because females are a sex symbole. Late, they they females which try themselves at sex and more. There we go. Okay, you can, you can't say it's females are put themselves sles. So it's going to where before it was table to even pull a picture in the bikini, but now it's like every other pict on we play. Late is a girl and they hurt you beats. I'm not like, not like a didn't toppers call it like a flyher two piece? Is it really late? A quarter of a bill discovered, all your cheeks are old and late the turnle o the front is like this morning. I usually happens when ly go to beach or just to go to take a picture or go to a fact, a story. Why? Because when you are fat it's not even different. Different because when they're out of fact, great, anything. It's different, but not worth week. Because I know fact you are. We're getting my bod you looking, I'm about to and some whoo thing. It's all somewhere. So that mean you should we're a stew piece. I think what I'm trying to say is that I think not being some females, not all, because I'm ready didn't do it. Some female should just cover up a bit, nor when they're going to sertain. But it's if you're either be just gone it all, I don't care. But if you're Ayes are something, so just to like prevent yourself from the being blasted all some type of social even go to the beach just just they take pictures. Don't go on the actually when you water and then just's go to the beach on the Sun. Just say, Oh, I like the beach, but I don't know. I cannot all hate from this, especially if you're inside of fan, because if you're were in a fat coome to peace. Something slip somewhere and when you get a schools gonna take that. People take pictures, are tending all over the place and they were literally do a state. And this is all your going there trying to have fun. So that that's when that's one of the keep things that I like. I'm worridable as if you do for fals. I just think that being a bit more modest in the late lately, you say, woman, let you show me. Yeah, yeah, why is your opinion on the UN right? They have a advantage like with with because I girls were her type of clothing, and then, I mean, I obviously it was go both ways, right. It is that it is that a girl could dress and a girl could dras so she feels to dress like, if she feels as cool, a phone and wait, two triangles or her body make her like if she feels as though. Guys, the okay, Al as, like her her way, her avenue of feeling good, book pretty and all that stuff. The go ahead, like the your thing, but I don't think, I don't think that anybody goes out. Maybe, I mean no, we's gonna go in, but the intention of doing that, of course, but they it happens. So if you know that, if you know that it could happen, then just a look. But dress...

...ably as a conscious thing and every how does it with I don't know this. I'm n her people, Miss Especially, do not know how to dress. Sometimes, who know? I feel. I feel it if a person believes that they say, if they put on like poking out some strips and close all that like and beautiful. I can remember every want. I go holds in my head, held her and I think that I think I love my best. Then go ahead, that is up to you, but I don't think anybody, as I think that no, nobody goes only conscious to so you not be considered of people our own as well. In my opinion, all the time, I think you should be conscious. So somebody walk around and you got children walking around list three or four years old or five years old, and not only fat. It's if you are right as you are right Poso, and that's a problem. I think people to be conscious of the environment. People, because every opinion difference. I think people to be conscious of the environment matter, but any end, okay, People's opinion on the environment. So like as would saying, if if they go in this like low turned the covered top piece and they don't go with the Conch, with the conscious decision, that, you know what somebody meant to put out me tonight just because I might have one. You think my home when you've late. Okay, if you're driving, you know, like in your conscious. You know that, like when you see your orange, like yellow, like everyone calling, you should except that you don't know her, drive because I'm here. You know you should go down. No, not true. Sometimes, if you are in the mid Huh, if you are in the if you're in the mid lake, about across the thing. The point story now, and I drive, so I know I've been driven it. But if it's only understandable, if you like, but this much left, are you alway about? Hey, you speed up the dust to get sure, yellow late, I really meant this thing, then then then as understandable. But YOU'RE gonna be late in the cross action. Boo. Are You gonna stop? But people have a lot of people on me nice different that you don't. You don't think of these things. You don't think that like the smallest thing conscious that you you're not gonna go thinking, Oh, somebody, I really should put on something properly. If you're Funy, cute over all, let me this skin be. You can go and be like, I'm cute, I don't want to shut me right. You can get that picture and then stay for your memories and you know, they go appropriately. Know, like it was a if it's a deep something right now, different right, as you said, im it. But if it's like, it matters a time and play. It's for everything is you see them, BIS bar. This is the social media to yeah, everybody's opinion differs, and if you did say that that I was up to you. But it does feel as old as just said. It's some pitch everything. That feels all when you're posting on social media, especially sometimes to become the more moderate of themselves, because if you pull something, if you pull something also, which many people automtily have this perception of you that you be easy. Could you feel me? Are you can easy to find advantage job or that you're a...

...certain like basically a friend of type of girl, and I use that word, I'll also be given h Emman to use that word. It's a garden cool like yeah, okay, yes, people, the only time that I would draw. Like there's a great posting the social media, because I need if you're going to play, if you're going to play a job, they're going to friend on social media. Basic Pictures, Liken' on your social media is like yeah, and a pair pressure also coming again. Your friends will tell you, Oh, you look good. Yeah, you could pose that he missed you if you see that. And so let me always type baking. So I just personally, I'm a I'm a very conscious first, I don't know, as both. Often you can't. Yeah, every fing went to me. You're like description, but because really hard to break to them because, like social, social media is such a dangerous thing, like never serviceable. Yeah, that's the thing. The more you put out there, as the more public you are, the more was word, interactive person, but yourself vulnerable. But like, the more you put yourself out there, the more of Um, people the same are talking about, like people could like fining the track you take of you, like this is show you, basically. So that was like a lot of females, for example, Kim Kardashi, and like she's a really big one that she's she publicized a lot, like I think n's who she basically was even even before she became the Kim Kardashians. Yeah, this is not to prey on somebody for their opinions whatever, but from you don't boy. Heyways, I think I've only topics for now. I said leave her thanks in the description. Over all her, even twitter, even though she now as much her on twitter. If the ground I would not like her stuff jot. She don't use it. So we good. All My wichs will be in the description, hopefully again back to get yeah, I'm going to try to get him onto this. Subscribe if you are new, and I will see you guys later.

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