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Leading from the Front!! | UReport | Wuh Yuh Say Podcast


Join Myself and two young Bajan leaders, Firhaana and Tyrell as I sit down with them to discuss the recently launched UREPORT, which is a tool for youth by youth in association with UNICEF. Have a look with the links below and check them out and support them as much as possible. I'll discuss anything given to me that may be a concern to persons today. Sooo.... LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS BELOW!!!! and maybe just maybe your topic will be in the next episode! 

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I guys are welcome back to yet anotherway say podcast, video, I'm here with Tara and for Hannah, and this isactually the very first ever way a podcast as going to be in person so andI' yeah. I'm glad to actually have you guys here,because I was obviously I was. I took pictures for you guys just decided that you're launchedreally and truly for your report, and I mean I got the grass of it, but I wasstill trying to focus as much on taking pictures for you guys so for the listeners and viewers. Whatis your report on? What's it about? So thanks for having US Christian, Imean He. Photos came out great by the way. So we're really happy about that.Your report is a global initiative by UNISEF and it is a social messagingtool and data collection system that allows us to take the views of youngpeople and share them in a way that is meaningful and will impact change so it what you report does is it sends pullsto young people's in boxes on social media, and then these pools are bloadedonto the report platform and it shares the views on topics that are importantto us. So, for example, we may generate pulls on things related to Covid,nineteen and education, or violence and communities, and young persons fromthrouhout Barbatas, just simply from going on to their phones can sharetheir opinions, their IDs, what problems they're facing and then theseissues are then highlighted for everyone to see and it becomes a toolfor us to advocate for change. Okay, that's I mean you got Realy pinpoitingabout youth and all the changes that need to be made, but I guess terrl foryou and Allo both or you Howyou Hollyg Li Gess, ecan, Star, youtor, Oudo, yourget into you, reportind the whole youth leaders stuff, like Oh, what broughtyou to brought you here. I also want to startwithsaying Tine City fourtos as well Atsiat job, but I think that when itcomes to you leade Shit, Inbar batls is a lot of taugt going aroung and I see it as well men. We talk aboutyou meleshate. We seeing the PEC SMS theses gover and over, and I think thatit is time like we trii Don on Saturday to bring mass numbers of young peopletogether to see each other and see that more than just Te, I'm just calling thefigure more than just it can fic is. Is Se only time and she wil in thatleaershit is not just aboot talking, but is the photography. It is the the moderating the MC is. Every singlething is not just about talking on TV, so I think that when we Hav those onehundred you fleeters there today, but not to the ousidly that it reallyshowed everyone that is more to it than whatyou see about getting into it. I think that iinki think that Personis, I organ op people, you just watch them scoppeople they want him. I want him for my organizision, I starteding in I,starting in you've, parimen BAC in two thouand, a thirteen I was pretty quiet.I started on really arduing and putting four points in te posin in twsanty,seventeen or sool, and then it was like everybody wanted me to do something. SoI think that it's just a matter of geting your voice, Oit, okay, anhow did you get into it yeah, so I Ihave worked with primarily the barbatus...

...association and Muston. Ladies for thepast ten years, is a community activist working on grass roots change andthroughout that journey it has allowed me to connect with so many differentyoung people and so many different organizations. And then I this rulecame up through UNISAF for project coordinator for you report and I totthe opportunity o play for it, and I was successful in then coming andleading the the initiative. One of my first Hask was really to put together astering committee of young people and that's then, how I met Torel and MetmetTe, ten other young, extraordinary young people who are part of Thi SterinCommittee. So that's really how I became involved in you report, but moreso. I've always been invested in having the voices of young people, especiallymarginalazy young people. I mean growing ut for me being a musclim womanof color, wor dresse very differently in barbatos. I never felt that I sawpeople like me. You know represented in decision making or having an opinion orjust sharing their voice, and so I connected very passionately with you report andwhat is trying to achieve, because it recognized that you don't like TorolsSA. You don't have to be on a stage. You don't have to have a Mike in frontof you to speak out. You can do it simply from your bedroom. At home andfeel that you're making a difference Imean, you just said how you don't Neento be in front of stage. You don't need to be good in front of a Mite but Maye both of you guys were holding likeon both on stage so along with the ten other guys, an men.I know I kno wrong Ho he went to school with me, he's a part of it. No and if I'm correct well, I know your isthat your brother, tire, okay, okay, well, I'm familiar with Himi throughcricket, but and obviously he's not doing his his own stuff. Now he's estill device, president of the guill and everything. So I guess that's something that y? U Youguys like to do or not familiar. You guysare interested in your family like like active activism and stuff like that. So how could you move forward? I guess toencourage more people to come on and speak because persons like Mi, like notO gn, to say myself, but ar or age you know, but they don't is eist going togo and tweet something, but to then come op and say yourself and be proudof what you've done, o? How? How can you go forward to encourage people?Because you have your report, but how you only get people to join si? Guess we can both get itit?Doesn't matter anyof, you culd, TAK it. So I think there this this question iskind of trofold in a sense, once it's about giving young people theconfidence to be able to speak out and to be able to, you know, be a partof the change that they want to see and one of the ways that we saw. That isrecognizing that in every single corner of Barbadas we young people are doingexceptional work within their communities, and we wanted this to thistool, is mat to be used by young people. Is that you report is a tool so inorder to help people recognize this is for you. We needed to have a diverserepresentation of young people so that, when you see you report your seeingyourself reflected so, as Torale said, we had over a hundred you ambassadorsthat we sort of launched the prothe. The report amongyoung people introduce you don people to it a we wanting to do that in themost inclusive way possible, and we saw that through bringing together over ahundred youth ambassadors leaders, activists influencers. You know localcelebrities and so want to come...

...together, who have already a platformand saying hey, listen. This is something for you to use, and this is.This is a tool that you can use, but t e'm further to that is to let person'storm that in using this tool, its simple, it's easy, it's easy to makeyour voice hurt and that that's what it brings to the table and ease to be partof the change at doesn't necessarily require you to have to schedulecommitments away from school, or you know, schedule commitments from yourpersonal or domestic judies like it's easy to be part of this, this Movementfor Change. Well, the party question I rememberspecifically, is any act Ho we get people. Oh, do we get more young peopleon board o? Do we get more own people speaking? I Din Know Me Sa speaking.You mean, literally speaking, Yo're, not just Voternoi puls. I can answer thatquestion only one, then you killing a sneer. I know the apeople seei go for ther head, which is what we make for the leaders, which iswhere you mean for Dajano, when you got people tit deer Jana with all thatinfluence or tritter, and the kind of Crowl that he has me. It meeds more people than not justthe opspoken yout eeders, but those who stick in e shadows come up gating, afew more confordable, a lot of people who de good work because you're sheeingyoung people they're not proao good work. So I think that the more young people promote good work,promote you report and, what's not, then other young people? Really I don'tgo to be ashamed. Te Jen, O to going for Anis doing it everybody's doing it.So let me do it and promote my good work and t that's what we berd thatyeah yeah yeah. I totally agree with you because there's so many people thatwould like I used. I would see the don't, have the followers ar theinfluence, all the people, but they have the good words you said and they put thework in, but they just they don't. I don't know if hit's that it don't wantto put the hustle or something in like, but they do have that work, and I mean,as you said like you, how you got Dejena, but you have there's. I leave athat function. There's like Jorna English. You have. I can't remember how many people everaise. Are they there was a room full of influences and like if I'm right,some of them didn't come either theywere connected online? Oh Yeah,yeah. You still woerdbe able to manage to reach other people through theinstagram life and I'm sure you like that had a good set of numbers thatwere faught over tuning it, and so especially with us as wery youngerpersons for the Ol people. I don't really know how you Social Mede, thatthat sort of way, what else can you do to because I meanit is about Youan OUSE LEADERS BOT? He still has you said you went for theheads. So how can we go for even more off the heads because you were able toget John Kings in and those Maico John King and Minisa CallinJordan? So, okay, we know reach the headhead ow. Can we get to meet MEA? How could we get all the waythere even abroad, because I mean there's, you report Barbaros and I youreport to makeup if I'm correct, but no thit needs to spread more, I guess tothe other Caribbean Countries Donot as well: okay, Wol, then so how? How do wereally get there? So you report. Currently you report ispesent in seventy two countries globally, so barbadus is one of thenewest. You know countries to join and have a you report punction, but, likeyou said, how do we? How do we reach people and that's essentially, what youreport is it's like a bridge between young people and the decision makers ina country, so once we start getting those polls and those sort of results,then we can go and clearly say to a minister with specific portfolios underlke. For example, the POL say: Listen, this is what young people are seeing.This is what we need. We can even norrow it down. Te Say this is whatyoung people insant James are seeing.

This is what young people in Chrisechurch Ar Sing, and this is the inequalities that exist between the two.How can we fix that and then, on top of that we can STI licen. We have a Cohorof eighty youth organizations on board with this already, let's see how we can partner and I'further this. So it's not us working in silos anymore, but it's finting. Youknow bridging those gaps like Torale sait, between different issues and andpeople working on those issues in terms of in terms of riching people. As you said, Wu Jon Cam be Frich.Minesicarty, Misi, Suddeni Suterland is fully onboard. I'm very supportive and, as far an a said, I wanted to mit thispoint on stage on Saturday to you know: Wt R, Van Sandia, brachaw, Onoresi, te Bagal,so Culi and the other students PROTESTINFHACC, I'm pretty sure shedidn't ask Te View. You know thevery angry. You know whatshe wanted. Statistics Right, and this is what you report is statistits, soyou don't have to assin more questions. Ninety per Nin, five percent and thepeople who did TCSC were sides fo ver there Grec irs. No much, no more talkabout a lot of people wre in Tol March. You know, we don't want Av. Yo Want Tat,and this is Al. We rich people wit, he starts yeah, I mean Nota you'velaunched and you have these tarts now o horro. What's the next step now to movforward, you've launched Youve encoures people to promoiter to promote yourreport and the influencers are Kno getting on board. So what's the nextTEP, so the next step for us is building Oll those poles so currentlywe're sort of doing a scot. So on Saturday, when we sort of launch withRo meeters, we ask them to our sort of vision, sort of vision board highlightspecific issues that they would want address in EPOS because e it has to berelevant to young people. The issues that we tackle, additionally, we'redoing some pools on our social media to kind of get those issues and a numberof organizations have also reached O and said that they're interested incollaborating on building pools. So that's our next step, you know reallybuilding out the pole, highlight pen pointing issues and then the next itwill be disseminating those porls and getting young people to respond to them. I mean it just came into my mind aswell after you both were US speaking just nobod. I'm sorry, if you guys werewatching and hey didn't say, but while are your rules within your report, youknow because there's this cost ter in committee, but what a you each do perse. So I'm the project coordinator, so myresponsibility is just the oversight of the entire project until also Aterel,along with the other ten staring committee members. We sort of divideour responsibilities into a number of areas, so, for example, we work onpartnerships and engagement. We work on communication and outreach and we workon research so researching the topics for the Poles and so on, and then it'sabout Paul the technical aspects, the back end of you report like actuallybuilding up those polls on the platform and con uploading them onto the website.So those sort of technical aspects. So there ae a lot of things, sort of thathappen behind the scenes and all of us sort of contribute to Gehang. The worddone: Yeah anmthat's a lot o. You have to probably go forward and now at to doand thisis all of you all the oher all or own. If a May House O Oldare you ofI'm twenty years ago, okay, se Yub did no thing. You were young gn to eiteryeah, and can you take a guest? If he's twenty, Ilike people to guess my age. You should pop up martion in thepodcast now so people respond. Well, I guess you guys can yeah take a guessright, though you could positive, viio or pouse sppase. If you were liftinglistening right, no Hasaly, yes don...

...below an see, but we me you'll find ouin a few seconds, but I'm gonna, probably Goang, say: If he's twenty older than Hande? No, you don't that's!That's the thing you don't don't go off of my height well. Can I ask how much years is between youand and your brother? Because then I could. I could dout ie yeah olde he's older, no, so youraunversity wow and she's fshe'soverseeing you in a sense, oh okay, so I mean is that was that a challenge? Iguess no Dainit noshe actually knows her team very well. IREAL XA FOM DEOwon Wen. She was delegating to ass. She knows who's good at what and sheputs you N that year end. It never feels it never feels. Okay so mean I O.I think you guys can do my o drop mof in six form. Inam Twenty six years old.Yes, boy yeah, I mean wow, I would ot have thought so I wouldhave actually guess in said T tesn Hundre and twenty two ga I'm happy okay,happy for that. But I guess, aside from all of that fromyou report and all that you guys are know the setting you're setting thesstandard for the rest of us, and I mean if I didn't necessary if Ronda hadn'tcome to me. I asked me to do that. I probably would not have figured it outas fast as as possible and I think a that's sometming that I is reallyimportant because, especially in Barbados, there's the EAN there's e whole thing: that's goingon this year with covid and there's there's blalaze matter and whatever itis, but this ar on Barbadian challenges, especially I mean there's Ou manthere's the whole thing is with Lord Nelson as well like that happened. Justthoughand I mean I don't know. If you guys attended that Ri you did okay. Well, I mean how wasthat far for you I mean what was your opinion on the whole thing. I was definitely protesting to have them remorved. I think- and I think this is one donetopic son super passionate about- and I think that it'ld be great for us totalk about this on your report is that at Secondary School I felt that I didnot know my history. I felt we went to school. We learn about the French, welearned about Porch Bes, we learn WBOT Spanish and we did not cultivate thatlove and appreciation for the legacy that you know. Our ancestors lave leftus, Africa, Indian. You know indigenous anditionous people and so on. So it wasonly when I came to ue and I started to do history here as electives that Irealize you know what we we in as walk as we think that weare and it's about time, that young people learn who ho we really are, andso I think the black lives matter movement. Any protest coming here.person saw as just remove all of Nelson and I think is so much deeper than that and that's one step of many many manymore steps to come and just having those discussions around the removal ofNelson itself spark persons to go and a look deeper at their own history andwho we are as a people. So I was definitely pro making Ouson down. I mean I would haveprobably taken it down other ways but iis what it is. We won't get it to a any troubleornything that, but I mean, if you want to, if you hade your opinions on it,you can you can get intoto, it actually didn't attain the removal it passed buyand I saw them drilling ou was no, but...

I was busy. I was really busy with Youl,Jo judies overly summer when everyone was protesting, but had they called meand told me they were taking him down a different way. I would have made timeOulei put those muscles to use to. I won't get to any of the actual waysthat you guys would have actually want to take it down. I mean I me, I saw teprotest that were going on ever since that was like woing on when, whenGeorge Flord, and that was that was month a month ago. So a lot of leadersall, but I mean look at thes the time it took to get that done. I think that's somethingthat a lot of us young people, I guess Hawe, not almost a a problem, but we have Imean we all know. I think we know that we have a sharter attention span, so weread stuff and it's like you really. You get to the point you move. Sothat's how the world is with social media, especially you have to get tothe point as quick as possible and move forward so like. How are you, too, using your report andtargeting the leaders? How are you going to hit that point and doing such a short spece o time tobreak down that time that I wasl takehim from protesting to taking them?How do you cut down that gap to be a locked shorter? I think this is where partnershipsbecome really vital and the fact that in Barbatis you report is beingimplemented in collaboration between UNISAF and the Ministry of view, andthen, by extension, you know, civil society and community organizationsmeans that we have a number of state holders. Tha are invested in doing workin different ways, so it's like we can advocate on multiple levels. You knowat a community level at you, know a government level development agencylevel. So I mean that's, that's the uniqueness of your report. Is it's notanother organization I's just a tool for everyone, who's already doing workto come together and be more strategic and how we come together. As I saidbefore, like we work in, we work in silos, you know. Had I not met Tarel, I probablywouldn't have known the work that he was. He was doing, but there's so manyopportunities for collaboration and that work so having you report meansthat we then fun a lour energies into very specific and tangible acts ofgovernment or of other partners. That say this is statistically. This is themajority of young people want this. So, let's see hopt, we can make this happeninstead of just individuals. Speaking out, you know Tuoutyeah, so I do thinkfor Han o cover O beses. Definitely and and partnerships is very important. Hehave as far Gan O, say Etu organizations on board Thas. As much as you want. I meaneverybody. Everybody is taking a whole list. The approach to this you reportand diminister again as deep love for he's keeping it very close. So I don'tt suspent that change your tar very long to come a boat. I Yo ant to uspectthat as soon as you're unhappy, if you're Si for ed you'll, do more F ifYoure unhappy it do as o it be intervene. So I really think that thisis go to work and we're attacking Wehad yeah. I hope it does what I do. Ish Youl hebeston. I will definitelyyo be supporting a'nd following so, I hope, see andyo'll becomag your reporter yeah. I will be yeah becoming you repor yeah eyeah. Yes, do do that, go and Follo Im, O instagram as well. I mean all the links will be in the discustionof the end. O video itill be an description for the guysthat are listening to it as well,...

...but more onswifely because they mean itseems Lik Youl, you guys are quite busy people. I mean you have a lot of thingsto do in terms of dealing with these leaders and KINDOF. No heads Butis isFriday, but that's true, you're right you're, very right for me, for me,especially Oeni mean, if you're going to Scoo. Here I mean you, you know youdon't already have much break right now. I mean this studyis study. We and thennext week, byng on straight to exams and go go ad. I mean mean how Ho whowis that going to guess for you? I guess a lot of people don't know bout, mymajor social work, so our fin a year which I a mean work, no, is actually anattachment. Sash Internship, I useally wor attachment because we don't getpaid, we just go and yet as much knowledge aspossible and they still sayd I'm at the RoyalBarbilis Police Force, family confent intervention unit. So meally working with better women,victims of abuse and what's not it's pretty taxing on hi mind, but I love it.I love putting mise skills to use and Againin al you knowledge that I can nd.It's actually making me a lot more mature, chiefing. Ten things a lot moreconfidential, so you don't see me as low as before I mean that's what he does. What areyou doing frm so me? I am a consultant. I WORK IN THEEAR OF GENDER and Communications. So yeah, that's my that's my work. I meanyou all Kik seam is it I mean Yeu said is Friday, but you still see that youhave a lot to do, but I mean you just said and Ime justcame quic fickly. To my mind, just know you said: Boul Knowledge. How important do you think that that isfor us? Youth O mean that was a broad topic that was like tweeted put oninstagram everything, especially or only bla matter, thing wat how we candrain no about our history and that's what you touched on a bit earlier. We defit that we don really learnd thatand hey had that in a previous episode where he talked to Harison Collegeteacher and he was saying bbasically anseing him how we can change that. So how valuable is knowledge? Do youboth think and how can you report help with that tomake people more aware and inform more people? I mean that is how you would goabout it in terms of finding the different topics and hen showing itvote. But how can you hop? How is Hole Valuale? Is it and Okayford so knowledge is very valuable and Ithink that your report has an really important rule to play actually last month in Brazil, I believe it wasblack history month and you report pracill did a pool around education andblack history and young people were able to respond and say what theywanted to see. So perhaps you know it's a case wherewe develop a poll. I mean around that and hear what young people say. I meanit's not at the end, it's not, but what I think Il want to watch. Aroul thinksaloneis, but what we collectively think and what we collectede we want. So wewill. We will work to get that out of your report and then based on what yousay, we will advocate and make sure that it happens. What young people wanthappens, yeah most definitely and as far on a touchy point about avlicacy. Ithink that we need to remember that avocaceis about being a voice bedevoice this. So we do have brothers and sisters and gasand what's not it fil evoice and we need to be their voice as well. So onwetalk about knowledge, knowledge. It certainly stops you from somongyignorant- and I thing is very important and I won't go into the history, butsomething as same as recently weve had a young lady runningaway from gas all right, morenow most your ladies in government,industry, school ther, defic, Ontin... windery wandering is then you runaway from hom, but people don't know where you're running from theyoo. Hereyou could be running away from a stepfather abusing you appear abusingyou sexually. It doesn't matter but m. When you you, basically locked someonefor wandering n Thi, I deviation we deviate fromsomething. Bad is a good thing. Sothen you meet lots on one up for doing wasbest for them. I think that they definitely need a voice. Afer rumors ofthe vegistation being changed ve SOM, but that definitely needs to change. SoI think that knowledge, a game, is very important cand. We need to know e Botgoing to these things rather thanth Saing, the Oun Lady Gong. I Ba man orsomething knowledge yeah. Well, I mean it is definitely key inm very important.I mean because, as what people always say, education is most important. So that's something that we should beforeravy focused on, especially as youth, and I want to keep you guys for to longmuch longer Butso. If you do have anything that you want to add orpromote anything nos he chance to do that. Just to follow you report on Instagramfacebut, an twitter, a you report, barbadas, you know like, like our pages,follow our post and the coming, we still be sharing more details on howyou can actually become a you. Reporter and also we'll be starting to send uppols, so just becom, ING, well and Rehalk to us were very responsive yeah.I think that for her to coverd it all jus follow Tye report barbatos as soonas possible. Forguys I mean that is basicallyeverything for this episode. I mean thank you guys for coming on and epeinga lot more aen and well a lot more aware about whats. What's going to begoing on how three as youth can move forward and make a change in Barbite,because I think that's somethingthat, you see a lot a lot of people, theyouth tend to want to run away from barbadles, but you guys arrealy stayinghere and sticking to. I want to make a change. So that's Oemen, that's reallyreally good and that's a good initiative. So thank you guys again forcoming home to way you say podcast! Thank you for Hainit was a pleasure and thean other events. I mean guys alwayssad going checkle. You Report on Facebook, instagrama twitter right. Thelinxs will be inthe the description, Don bedow and I will see you guys foryet an d another way. A PODCAST.

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